Out There: Ω Edition

Out There: Ω Edition


Out There: Ω Edition is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Mi-Clos Studio, Out There: Ω Edition is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th February 2014 with the latest update 1st October 2020

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


329 people have rated 3.2

You can download the game Out There: Ω Edition from APP STORE.


5/5 – TouchArcade
5/5 – PocketTactics
9/10 ‘Gold Award’ – PocketGamer
Grand Prize – DevGAMM Moscow 2015
Excellence in Narrative – DevGAMM 2015
Best Game Design Award – Casual Connect EE 2014
Excellence In Narrative Finalist – IMGA 2015
Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2014 – TouchArcade
Best Mobile Games of 2014 – Game Informer
Best Mobile Games of 2014 – Gamezebo

WARNING : this game is hard ! Check the forum for strategy tips : http://outthere.forumactif.org/

You are an astronaut awaking from cryonics not in the solar system, but… out there… in a far and unknown place of the galaxy. In Out There, you will have to survive, tinkering your ship with what you can gather drifting in the void, and spot garden planets to refill your oxygen supply.

Space is an hostile place ; dangerous and mysterious adventures will mark each step of your travel. You will not only meet intelligent species that won’t care about you, but also deal with ancient powers linked to your destiny and the fate of mankind itself.

Survival and understanding of what is really at stake in the galaxy is the core of what Out There has to offer.

Music by award-winning composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable)

  • Game Center : 59 achievements, leaderboard
  • A dark and melancholic, hard sci-fi adventure
  • Explore a freshly procedurally-generated galaxy every new game
  • 350+ multiple choices handwritten game book adventures
  • Epic main storyline with 4 different endings
  • 10 spaceships with different specs to discover
  • Crafting system with 20 alien technologies built from 15 materials
  • Engage with alien life forms and learn their language
  • No combat ! It’s you against the environment
  • Eerie score by award-winning composer Siddartha Barnhoom (Antichamber, The Stanley Parable)
  • Fantastic pulp comics graphics
  • High replay value

Updated on 1st October 2020

  • Return of the classic OMEGA title screen
  • Fixed an issue with the synergy icons not displaying properly when switching view
  • Added missing translations for alien words
  • Fixed a bug when a technology is forgotten
  • Fixed a bug when popups windows prevented some interactions even when they were not visible
  • Stereo sound correction
  • Fixed some text adventures bugs
  • An alien can no longer be escorted to a planet that has been terraformed
  • The human icon no longer displays an alien
  • Return of the video intro when launching a new game
  • Fixed issues with symbiotic extension on some ships

Out There: Ω Edition Reviews

EZ to understand and play; with virtually unlimited endings based on player choices. Nice graphics Good time. Well worth a couple bucks!

Very nice story. Lots of imagination and possibility. The journal entries captivate the reader. New journal entries would make better. Thank you for the game. Still some bugs, but its ok. Cant wait for sigma theory.

We love this game however, there seems to be a bug where if you land on some rocky planets you attempt to drill and it wont let you. Theres seems to be an invisible confirm box slightly above the drill text box, once you hit it the character says we have the impression this alien wants to enter our ship but then the resource screen shows minerals as if you used your drill with no alien there. This sometimes results in a broken drill.

Out There is a masterpiece. It does so many things right, and avoids the pitfalls of other games. The whole thing is a labor of love, from the hand-drawn art to the gorgeous score, from the great writing to the fun mechanics of the game. We find myself coming back to this every time we want to get lost in another universe for a while.

The game is good and very interesting, but even when you played it like 30 times or so, learned most of the mechanics and act the best possible way, the game still randomly kills you – like, sends you to a star formation where you cant jump out from because your engines are not good enough (and youre stuck and have to restart) or you just dont meet a particular planet type on the way for a few steps and run of one of the resource (means, you die). Its like punishing you randomly while you didnt do anything wrong and you have to restart again and again. Its not right.

Pro: Absolutely wonderful gameplay; The storytelling is excellent; The UI is precise. Con: The sound doesnt work. Nothing no music no sound effects. Even when the settings for sound maxed out. Its such a bummer. We guess they never finished that part.

A beautifully made game that’s immersive and impossibly difficult. Great graphics, writing and music wont save this game from itself. Other reviewers have detailed the problem: gameplay is way too RNG!!

Clearly some folks like this kind of thing, but in a typical game you only get to travel to a few stars. You either just didn’t find enough fuel, oxygen, or took hull damage due to some random event. We just don’t enjoy playing the beginning over and over. Who knew?

Random problems with no solutions. It gets tiresome quickly.

We like this game but its too hard to read the text on iPhone 11 Pro Max (I have 20/20 Vision)

We were reading some of the reviews on this game and we saw that quite a lot of them, possibly the majority, complain about RNG. RNG certainly is a big factor in this game but that is also where the strategy comes in. You have to plan and account for inevitable bad luck. You also have to plan for good luck. We feel that if you prepare enough, then you can get out of nearly every situation in this game, by installing specific technologies or by storing extra resources. Anyway, we loved this game and poured a lot of hours into it. It is difficult to complete but when you do it gives a lot is satisfaction.

We love this game. Great challenging gameplay, fascinating story, and satisfying endings. Seriously, this game is well worth the money. Dont listen to the RNG haters. If you play the game right, only the most outrageous RNG will ever kill you. The game is all about managing risk and balancing it with reward. Taking big risks or not preparing for a risk and then blaming RNG is wrong. P.s. Always probe to 10km, youll thank us later :P.

The game is fantastic and worth the buy! Enjoyed playing this game long ago before the omega update and was pleased with the updates they have made. One problem we did have was it lagged once we upgraded to a new iPhone and was sadden but just had to wait a little for the great devs to Deliver optimizations :D! Now there are two bugs that we have gone through with the recent update starting with, when we want to drill a random planet it wont register then we press it a few more times and it acts like we went through dialogue and skips it like a missed event(love reading all the little events). Another was when we closed the game and came back later to resume and our ship had all bars at zero and screen prompt saying cancel and pressing it didnt do anything and ship was supposedly back at square one but could still see all planets we passed through. Other than that we’ve been enjoying the game and recommend anyone to try the game.

Thank yall for optimizing this for the new gen iphones!!! Still love playing this game.

We struggled a lot with this game initially it felt impossible and unfair. However it finally clicked with us and we started doing a bit better. One thing that helped us was realizing that you can choose a new starting ship that youve unlocked by selecting new game instead of quick start. Anyway, we really like it now. The visuals, the music, the excellent writing, and even the challenge/RNG making you sweat. We would recommend it. Gotta love when youre late game and all your 20 stack of Omega gets jettisoned and then an alien destroys your sun probe and your extra inventory slots are destroyed, along with the items in those slots being lost in space. Yep.

Dont listen to the naysayers.

Just want to thank the devs for picking them game back up. It was one of our favorites but when we got it on our iPhone X, it was improperly fitted. Not anymore! We cant wait to start a new run; thanks again!

As of now, the slowdown and choppiness present before is now gone. The runs like a dream on iOS 13+. We tested it on our IPhone 11 and IPad Air 3. With that being said, we are really enjoying this game. From the atmosphere to the music, you are going to be in for a treat. The story is the star of the show. Its a choose your own text adventure with a really unique art style. The game throws some resource management in for the survival part of the game. Traveling through space and visiting mysterious worlds consumes helium, oxygen, and iron. Those are your basic elements you need to keep an eye just to get around. Other types exist for crafting and events. People seem to complain about the difficulty. The fact that you can die at any moment is the draw of the game. You are exploring a vast alien galaxy…. Of course you are not invincible.

We have been enjoying this game for some time, what we can say is at least it isnt a pay to win game, we are willing to pay one flat fee for an app but not games that drain your bank account dry. We havent won yet but we love the soundtrack (so beautiful) , thoughtful storyline, the graphics and strategy of mining resources to reach the star systems, also learning technologies etc. We really do wish there was a way to save your progress or an emergency universal resource (omega) to replenish a depleted resource because if you die even once because your hull collapsed or your fuel is exhausted, its back to square one no matter what , no matter how far along you have progressed in the game, no matter how many technologies you have learned, we have never died so many times in a game in our life( its usually the fuel depletion that will get you). The default ships cargo hold doesnt have very much capacity, so you cant just ours as much as you want unless you find a derelict spaceship w/ a bigger cargo hold. There are surprise jumps that can possibly happen on little to no fuel but once you finish the jump you cant refuel , even if there is a gas giant there , you need fuel to launch the probes. We think the game was designed to be almost impossible to win intentionally, we havent even tried it on the hard mode and easy mode is anything but that lol. We still love the game ,dont get us wrong, but winning has become an endless challenge. We want to play the sequels next but we first want to play through the original. This is just an honest review, Im not uninstalling this game any time soon, we have had it for some time across different devices, Android and IOS, we still absolutely love it, Great Job Developer!

Please apply for korean lanquage.

As we do enjoy the game and its difficult nature, we do have one complaint. No matter what Im doing in game, randomly the pause menu comes up. This is a constant (every 3 minutes) annoyance. It makes us second guess even playing.

The game plays well enough, but too many features are just a tease. When we return to supply needing fuel or oxygen, we get hull repaired , but nothing further. We cannot store materials anywhere but on our ship. Hence supply is just a tease. A planet is described as rich in fuel, but gives less fuel for each probe, and usually does not give enough fuel on the first probe, etc.. Hence rich in fuel is just a tease. Likewise, rich in metallic ores, etc. Briefly, there are dead ends everyhere we turn.

So far we have over 100+ plays on easy and we still havent come anywhere close to getting any ending, every run will start out great until some random encounter breaks all our equipment and then we run out of fuel due to somehow 10 solar systems in a row not having a single fuel source, or any other seemingly unlikely resource shortage. Its a great and simple game, but that simplicity also means that most of the time you just literally arent going to win, period. We want to like it but in retrospect its all pretty dull, all the ships are mostly the same (the stats are different but as far as we can tell it only makes a difference of 10 resource use max) , no ship ever has enough space to build the upgrades that make any late game survivable, and literally on the easiest mode its just impossible to win even after 100+ tries. Fix the RNG and it could be good, hell even just make it so that theres a higher chance for good RNG instead of a 90% chance to basically die instantly and a 10% chance to find 10 fuel floating around, just something that doesnt make it feel like youre just getting kicked in the teeth with every warp.

Love everything about the theme of this but the fuel economy is simply unfun. Glad we only wasted a dollar. It is way too easy to run out of fuel because everything takes fuel and you can enter systems with nine to harvest repeatedly and then you loose. Really disappointed.

This is a fascinating concept, beautifully executed, with great controls and a wonderful story. Its a real shame that it just isnt fun to play. Failure is built in to this type of game so failing a lot isnt the problem. It is the fact that playing it just isnt fun. You play, you die, new game world generated, repeat until you get lucky enough to unlock better ships. But thats the problem. It is such a chore to do anything with the starting ship that it just feels like a painful grind getting anything else unlocked. What Im saying is that at some point we realized we had been playing for an hour and was miserable. We wasnt having any fun. At which point we wondered why in the hell we were even playing this. Just move on. It isnt worth it.

This one of our all time favourite games but we would really love it to be updated so it can fit the iPhone Xs max display.

So good. Countless hours of playtime. Love it. Will continue to play on the daily!

Its a nice challenge to complete and has high replay value.

We can’t find anything wrong with this game! It is so filled with depth, especially for an iOS game. This game is like FTL, except 10 times better. Definitely worth the money.

You will not regret for buying.

Its hard at first, but stick with it. It adds to the experience. The sound, graphics and gameplay are all top notch. We hope they make more!

Beautiful graphics, great soundtrack and actually a challenge to start with. Most games these days are WAY too easy. We love that this one really makes you think.

Not sure why this isnt more popular. Immersive resource management game that really made us feel like we were lost in space.

The game has a decent replayablitity to it that most IOS games don’t have, we enjoy it almost every time even with how frustrating it can get. We don’t come across any bugs or glitches, and that’s always a bonus in our book.

It is our favorite, most in depth ios game of all time.

Phenomenal game, super easy to pick up play and put down like 80 days or FTL but addicting enough to spend all night on as well. Received numerous additions/updates over the years , would love to see it get support for newer phones and use the full iPhone X/XR screen especially.

We won! At least on the Endless Traveler playthrough. We feel we should have been able to continue from there, or at least given a choice to continue. Id have to restart from the beginning and we had just gotten in the swing of it! Thats our only complaint. Everything else was awesome, we love love love this game!

Ill play the heck out of it and then get bored come back a couple months later and do it again.

We play it on Easy mode because that’s hard enough as it is. The game requires reading short narratives and your imagination but the writing is very good. We discovered we can connect complimentary technologies together by stowing them next to each other in your cargo hold. The dramatically increases their power.

Love this game, we only wish there was a new version out with more interactiveness. We will be on the look out.

This is really good game, had to switch to easy.

Completely random.. The gas probe sound completely sends our cat into a purring and kneading fit for 10 minutes. We’ve never seen anything like it and its adorable.

Yep. Out there will fit brilliantly into iPhone X! Both the device and the game will contribute to each other, design wise. Please add iPhone X support!!!:)

We sure wish there was cloud backup, so we could start and continue games on multiple devices. Otherwise, we love this game.

A pretty choose-your-own-adventure type Resource management game. Our favorite aspects of this game include: the flavor (it has a a good lost in space vibe), The aesthetic (cool comic are style with lovely coloring), The sound track (this is the best part of the game imo. Barnhoorn did a great job), and the variety of outcomes. Some of our gripes include: The RNG gods are brutal in this game so it may take you several tries to find the only thing that will allow you to beat the game, an upgraded ship. We played this game initially thinking it was a puzzle we were going to solve, that kept us interested for a while, but we eventually discovered that the difficultly primarily exists due to RNG (random number generator, aka luck/chance). You are so reliant on luck in this game that beating it will be a matter of making a run with right series of dice rolls. Theres very little one can do to improve their chance of survival. Resource burn is too aggressive imo. The devs might consider creating a normal/easy mode with slightly less severe resource burn. Though the difficultly (chance of not dying) does reflect the likelihood of the character making it back to his home-world, and maybe this is inline with the theme of game. It also very well replicates the feel of those old pulp choose-your-own-adventure books, which always seemed to kill us from what seemed to be the most innocuous decision.

Its so good that No Mans Sky based 80% of its gameplay mechanics on this little game. There are certain elements of luck that make it rather annoying sometimes. But we suppose thats generally the nature of toughen based games.

Please add iPhone X support!!!

It’s really obvious that a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this game. It’s not just some resource management thing for people who find comfort in numbers, nor is it just some kind of masturbatory sci-fi story with a little bit of interaction thrown in. It’s quite staggeringly in-depth. The music is awesome. The art is great. The only thing we don’t like is that after dying about twenty times (you’re going to die A LOT), we feel like too much of it is dumb luck. We understand that’s actually more realistic, but it takes away from the joy of discovery and exploration a little bit (which is our favorite part of the game). Really cool though. Worth it.

Needs to be expanded a lot. You wind up grinding out harvesting fuel or iron instead of interacting with the rich world theyve created. We like interacting with aliens and receiving Omega but we need the words to be learned in a dictionary or something. Also the bad luck and good luck happen way too often. Just sayin.

We enjoyed the game because of the management, challenging decisions, and breadth of content. We gave 4/5 only because this game needs several UI updates – drilling/siphoning is repetitive and we think there is room to improve the risk and reward system (you can skim a gas planet x1 fuel at a time with no risk but takes a while) – if we drill/siphon beyond ship capacity would be nice to be able to use existing materials so we dont have to juggle Managed a win scenario after 4-5 tries… Not sure if developers scaled the difficulty down recently, but we saw a lot of reviews claiming this was impossible to win when it is in fact only moderately challenging at best.

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