Passpartout: Starving Artist

Last updated on January 9th, 2023 at 10:00 am

Passpartout: Starving Artist


Passpartout: Starving Artist is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flamebait AB, Passpartout: Starving Artist is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th November 2017 with the latest update 23rd December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Family, or Education games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,674 people have rated 1.27

You can download the game Passpartout: Starving Artist from APP STORE.


Even you can become a great artist! Wrestle subjectivity as you attempt to sell your art to rude customers in order to progress in this confusing art scene. The only thing threatening you is your expensive wine and baguette addiction! Will your art end up in the Louvre or on your parents’ fridge?

Passpartout puts you into the shoes of a French artist trying to navigate the beautifully confusing art scene. Paint and sell your own art to survive your expensive baguette addiction.


  • Paint your own masterpieces! Even you can become the next Van Gogh!
  • Battle with subjectivity and try to charm a variety of self-proclaimed art connoisseurs without losing your "artistic integrity"!
  • Survive your wine and baguette bills. Will your addiction to baguettes be your downfall?
  • Unlock fancier galleries and customers!
  • Experience the French art world through a living puppet theater!
  • Includes an amazing soundtrack by our favourite groovin’ dinosaurs Synkronosaurus

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Updated on 23rd December 2022

  • Stability Improvements

Passpartout: Starving Artist Reviews

Its good but the pc version is 100% better and if you wanna play this game on mobile it would be good on ipad with stylus.

Es un juego muy entretenido y divertido us gusta como los extras del juego te critican.

We’ve been asking our mom to buy us this for three years and she finally said yes this is amazing.

We loved this game and still love it but it needs more acts. 3 acts for a simple game is NOT worth 5 dollars so please add more acts to make it more fun. It gets boring redoing it over and over again its just gets boring. Over all its a pretty good game but was not worth 5 dollars for 3 acts short acts to we hope the developers will read this and help so people will download this and not be disappointed at the end. Thanks.

It so fun to play we love selli.

We found this game super fun. It wasnt too hard to beat all the acts and trying to draw with details was super interesting. We wish there wouldve been more acts but it does make sense for it to end at the aristocrats. We totally recommend this game as it is worth the $5.

We love this game, the concept, everything, but once we reach the end of the second act, we have a glitch where two critics arrive, and as soon as they critique our art, (a new tool becomes available, that we cant obtain,), and then the app closes. Every time. Getting a bit old.

Okay, we really love this game, it’s really fun. The drawing side of it is really good, all the brushes work smoothly. But, we don’t know why but whenever we try playing it, the game instantly crashes. It’s used to work fine before. Please fix this! We’re not sure if it’s the games fault or our fault. Idk lol.

It really is an amazing game. The animation and art style is so unique and well designed. The concept and execution is really great. There are little details with the sound design where if you tap on certain areas of youre work studio itll make a sound effect. The only issue is the lack of replay-ability. If youre paying real money for a game, its a commitment that should be worth it long term. But once we achieved every ending possible, it just became repetitive and boring. If there is a way to add more endings or secret faucets to the game, that would be super cool. Otherwise, great game and Im glad we had the experience of playing it.

The game is great but we are on act 2 and we can barely get anyone to buy our drawings super hard other than that its a super fun game! Its been a day. We were on act 3 and we lost the game and had to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Please make some sort of checkpoint it would be appreciated.. We have to start all the way back at act 1.

We played it for a little while and we found it fun, but now when we try to get back in to the game, it just cuts to three quick images: a brown screen, the main menu (I think it is at least) and the curtains.

We love this game to pieces but… The crashing every 1 to 5 minutes is absolutely infuriating and we keep losing pieces we draw because of it… If it didnt crash it would get 5 stars, not until it changes though.

Theres no real story to it and its just repeating the same thing.

Its a bit pricey for such a repetitive game. Although its fun the storyline isnt that long and endless mode gets kinda boring. We paid $6.00 for this game. If the price ever gets lower then we would recommend it, but otherwise save your money!

This game helps us get out of our comfort zone and try new things, it does this because each charector has a different personality! We also like the little challenge of not being allowed to erase. Great game and we would really reccomend to play it!

This game is simply wonderful. We found it very enjoyable on our first play through. We made it to the studio and got our own museum exhibit. BUT! Lack of replay ability you say. Exactly! Fun game but replay value is lack. We have no complaints but replay is value lack. Thanks.

We like this game a lot, we played it for a few days last year and we rejoined it today but we were on the 2nd act and Marie asked us to go the castle with her so we accepted the offer after it went to our screen and when we went back Maries offer wasnt there we had to start over but its ok.

Its not laggy. Its a funny, amazing game! It was worth the cost! It was our birthday when we got this and we were glad we did! We are a great artist so this helped us more! It was fun seeing them despise the art you made because of the funny sentences they would say!

When we first bought this game we thought omg this is great!

It is really good game, we love those games so much, but we wish you add more colors or add a thing that you can mix colors to have more colors, since if you want to draw you don’t have many abilities, so plz can you reply.

When ever we draw for long the curtains close and it just stays there and then the person who draws throws his art into the trash and burns it is the game hacked? Or is it like that because it is really annoying can you fix that oh and when that happeneds there are sad sentences like lost and alone or no money nor fame it just makes us feel sad and we cant draw and we love drawing we have to leave a refresh the game but thank you for leaving our art still there so can you please fix it?

It keeps crashing during Act II is there a refund option ?

This game is beautifully made and all that jazz but it keeps crashing and we loose all of our progress. Just a thanks and we want a refund.

So we know this is typical news for you but the game is so buggy! Now lets say George is standing around and the critic walks in frame the guy WALKS INTO POOR GEORGE and GEORGE STARTS SPAZZING OUT. Next is that spay pain… Tis TRASH WHY BOTHER?! Its like a puppy chew the spay.

This is a really good game,, its just for us it crashes a lot.

App keeps crashing! We really want to play but it seems the issue hasnt been fixed since last year by previous reviewers date stamps. Im playing on an ipad and Im not sure if thats the reason why. Please fix this flaimbait.

They dont even like on art that you made and they are so harsh. They do not even a have eraser!

K, so, we’ve seen many of YouTubers play this game, and it looked amazing, so we decided to buy it. The first hour was fine, and we enjoyed it, but then our game crashed, and it wiped out all of our progress. Whatever, we must be low on storage, so we deleted some photos. But then, after we made our first painting, our game crashed again! And again! And again! It could only get so annoying. One other annoying thing is that there is no undo button! Its not as bad, but it still annoys us. Anyway, good game otherwise, great concept, and very fun.

We just got the game and am permanently stuck on chapter 2 l. We reach the end of the chapter and the app shuts down. We have checked that we have more than enough space and cannot think of any conceivable reason why the game should be doing this, especially after paying $5 for it. We’ve really enjoyed the game and the progression, but the crashing ruins it.

This game was amazing at first, But then it started crashing and wasnt saving our work. And when u lose the game and lose money, it just has the curtains.

Ok, so, we’ve played the game before. Its so fun! Amazing concept and gameplay is amazing. But…. We havent been able to get into the actual game without it crashing. Developers, please fix this! Im so excited to get into the game and have fun!!!

This game is so addictive!!! Now we’ve only had the game for 2 days so Im not sure if it can get boring or not because the AI keeps repeating the same words. But for 5$ this is a great game and we would recommend it!!

We think this app is very well-though-out, and beautifully made. A lot of the people writing reviews seem to think there is only one plot throughout the game, but theyre mistaken. There are several, such as the passion route(angsty, loud colors), the craftsmanship route(cartoons, clean lines, muted colors), the realism route(details, good color combinations). Our point is, there are many routes and endings, and this app was very much worth our five dollars.

So we’ve been dying for this game ever since jacksepticeye got it zoom by 2 years we got the game and it crashes or kicks us out every 1 minute please release and update for Passpartout on apple 6+ SE please thanks(btw we spent five dollars on this game the update better be good. Or else…)

We love passpartout and think its an amazing game. We give it a 4.9 rating because there is one problem-on mobile there is no eraser. Other than that,I face no lag problems and love the game! Please notify us if you add an eraser. Thank you!

This game is super fun and it is fun for us because we love drawing and everything about it we love it even though we thought it was little short the game never disappoints me.

Absolutely hilarious! This game is great for all age groups and provides a good laugh!

This game is the best EVER. If your trying to decide if you should spend your money on it, it is totally worth it. You can play on multiple devices, and it no longer crashes! Overall its a great game, concept, and animation. If we could we would rate it at a 120% out of 100% . There are struggles, but whats a fun game without? Overall, just yes.

We love this game but it keeps kicking us out idk if its a bug but keeps makeing us frustrated.

Add a back button for drawing we would not like to restart it please.

This game is super cool and its a great idea! We loved playing it for the first two days we bought it. It was around $4.99, we believe, and the characters and animation is great! The idea is very well thought out; however, we still have an issue. Yes, you can start your career over after youve finished and got to the gallery and you can choose an act (critic, we guess) to begin at, but does it just repeat? Is there anything that adds on after you finished each act/your career or can you just keep on playing the same thing over and over again? If not, can you please add something after you finish your career or one of the acts or at least lower the price of the app? Yes, the quality and idea is worth $5, but it gets boring if its just gonna be the same thing over and over again. Thanks! (I still love it, it just wont last for us very long and we feel like it should cost a little less).

Thats a game is really fun but the thing that we hate is when you glitch out. At the end is a pretty good game.

We have been playing this game and we love it. We just wish there was a way you could look at all of your past drawings.

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