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PathPix is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kris Pixton, PathPix is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th May 2009 with the latest update 14th May 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


365 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game PathPix from APP STORE.


Fall in love with PathPix! Draw bright, bold lines of color to make paths connecting pairs of colored numbers. The length of each path must equal the numbers you are connecting. There’s only one way to do it!

Finish solving to see the miniature picture that you have created. As an extra reward you get a quote related in some way to the picture. Witty or wise, it will give you a little something to think about as you go on to the next puzzle.

Graduated puzzles, small to large, easy to expert.
All puzzles unlocked always.
Stuck? Use the new Check button and remove incorrect paths.
Pinch zoom to make squares larger or smaller.
One finger scrolling.
189 beautiful picture puzzles.

New to PathPix? Not sure which PathPix to buy? 
Here’s the lineup:

There are many different PathPix apps for your iPhone and iPad. All puzzles are different. 

—PATHPIX LITE: Wondering if PathPix is for you? Start here. It’s free!
—PATHPIX: Hooked? This is the next step, with 189 graduated levels, ranging from small, easy puzzles to large, advanced level puzzles.
—PATHPIX PRO: Are you an expert? Looking for a LOT of puzzles? Then PathPix Pro is for you, with 320 puzzles ranging from Medium difficulty to Extreme.
—PATHPIX ZEN: Relaxing and addictive! 99 beautiful puzzles, including an Advanced Levels section with 12 special challengers.
—PATHPIX JOY: Keep smiling! 99 puzzles = many happy hours of PathPix fun. Small to large, easy to advanced – you’ll find it all here.
—PATHPIX MAGIC: Magic of all kinds! 99 puzzles, small to huge, easy to advanced. 
—PATHPIX LAUGH: Lots more puzzles to tickle your funnybone. 202 puzzles, each with a silly joke or quote related to the puzzle picture. Small to large, easy to extreme.
—PATHPIX BOO: Silly – spooky – scary – fun! 99 puzzles for Halloween and other dark nights. 
—PATHPIX XMAS: 99 puzzles with a Christmas theme to get you in the mood for the holidays. Whether you are looking for sentiment or silliness, you will find it here.
—PATHPIX LOVE: All you need is love! 99 puzzles, easy to advanced.
—PATHPIX MAX: Some of the biggest PathPix puzzles ever. 114 GIANT-sized puzzles, over a million squares total!
—PATHPIX ART: MAXimum fun – 150 HUGE puzzles based on famous paintings, including the biggest PathPix puzzles ever made.
—PATHPIX THANKS: 99 puzzles for Thanks Giving. Easy to Expert.
—PATHPIX EDGE: Live on the edge! None of these puzzles are rectangular. 180 puzzles, all different shapes, from teeny to gigantic, easy to expert.
—PATHPIX ALICE: The original Alice comes to life as you puzzle your way through 42 truly gigantic, colorful, and FUN illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Puzzles are based on the classic Tenniel illustrations. Complete book included. 
—PATHPIX TIME: 99 forward-looking puzzles to welcome the New Year and beyond. Small to large, easy to expert.
—PATHPIX HEX: PathPix with a difference: the paths wander about on a grid of 6-sided cells (hexagons) . Warning: twisty paths make for tricky puzzles! 179 puzzles, easy to extreme.
—PATHPIX BUBBLE: Classic PathPix on special grids with squares and rectangles of different sizes. Paths can be wild and wacky. The theme is Water, oceans to raindrops. 160 puzzles, easy to expert.
PathPix is based on the PC game "PathPix" by Kris Pixton and KpixGames

Updated on 14th May 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

New! Check Button gives you the option to remove incorrect paths.
Updated for iPhone X and iOS 11

PathPix Reviews

Fun, challenging, ad-free, help when you need it, and some great quotes when you solve! Its our new favorite.

Fun puzzles. Well-made app. Highly recommend!

It makes us so happy when an app we’ve been using for years gets an update. We love this game; every time we get a new phone, we happily start again from the beginning! The new flashlight and check buttons should help us solve those few puzzles that have stumped us in the past :) Thanks, Kris, for the shiny new update and the years of logic puzzle fun!

Id love to see bundles of puzzles that have a max of 8-9 long strings. We appreciate on one level that the puzzles get harder and harder. But sometimes Im not into doing hard puzzles. We like to do easy puzzles. Wish there were more options for easier puzzles.

Everything fun about puzzle games, with a satisfying ending every time.

Great mind- bending game. We have all of the Pathpix games. Please make more!!! We really like the Max ones that have short connections, like 9 maximum. Keep up the good work!!

We love this app, going through them pretty quick though, hope you add more soon.

Very enjoyable game. We can’t put it !! Please make more!

We have had PathPix since it came out for the PC. We are glad we can still play it on our mobile devices, since we switched to a Mac several years ago and can no longer play it on our computer. The mobile version is simpler and faster to play and gives us our "fix" without hauling out our ancient laptop.

Thank you for a fantastic game! We especially appreciate that it isn’t dependent on a timer/speed. We love the variety you offer in difficulty and subject.

We’ve been playing these fir years and they never get old! Make bigger ones!

Good variety of difficulties and pictures.

The hard levels take some brainwork and all are fun.

Tried the demo then had to buy it and we can’t put it down!!! LOVE IT!!!

This is all we’ve played on our phone for a month now. Brilliant concept, perfectly implemented. It’s rare to find gems like this.

PathPix purports pretty poignant problems, places points; players paint paths per pulchritudinous pixelated panoramas. Plus, perspicacious people’s philosophy punctuate puzzle pages. Praiseworthy.

Great game which keeps one mentally at work.

We’ve been playing Pathpix games every free moment we get!!

We find this game very relaxing. The quotes at the end of each picture are an added bonus. Our granddaughter enjoys playing as well.

Love love love this game. Consistently fun and challenging puzzles. Unique and innovative design.

We have been playing this game for some time. The puzzles are a little challenge but not so hard they can’t be figured out. We have completed all the puzzles and have started over and are working through then again. Will be looking for new puzzles. Thanks guys for a cool app.

We just want to say we love all the different versions of PathPix. They are great for making you think about things.

Tried it, bought it, addicted. Recommended to others, they’re addicted. Love!

Not too hard, but still challenging and the amount of puzzles you get for the money is great!

The games are challenging, but not too hard. Great new type of puzzle game! We highly recommend it!

We love this game. We need more puzzles and pictures to solve… Different themes…

We are fast approaching the second time we’ve finished each of these puzzles, making this the best dollar for dollar iPhone game we’ve ever owned. The game is very relaxing, and we love the quotes that you receive as a prize for finishing each puzzle. Well done!

We started with the lite version & liked game enough to buy the full version soon after. This game is easier than those we generally enjoy, but not so easy that it’s boring, plus the game is well designed & works flawlessly. Path Pix is a very appealing game & we DO RECOMMEND it.

Addictive game goes from simple to complex! HELP ME, we CAN’T STOP PLAYING!!

One of our top favorite games!!! Highly recommend!!!

We’ve been playing this game since 7th grade. We finish all the puzzles then we delete the app and reinstall to start all over. All time favorite.

A great game with no timer to enjoy in spare moments. Addicting.

This is a great app and an awesome game. Great way to kill time and well worth the money because it lasts longer than any other game we have bought. The quotes are awesome ranging from funny to philosophical.

We’ve never been more satisfied paying for an app. We couldn’t get enough and after completing 169 of these things we just really want a few more hahaha.

We love everything about this game except that you can’t shut off sound. Please fix this. Other wise it’s very addicting.

We don’t play this game every day but when we so it’s so much fun and challenging.

We had a lot of fun and frustrating hours trying to complete these puzzles. Highly recommend to anyone who loves puzzle games.

One of our most treasured games. We intend to purchase them all. Please keep making new extensions.

Please make more puzzles and apps we love them all and we got all the ones you already made. Please make more. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!

We love these pathpix apps!! They are our favorite apps ever! PATHPIX MAKERS… PLEASE MAKE MORE, we WILL BUY THEM.

Having a lot of fun with these.

We already own all three PathPix games for the iPod platform. Since the puzzles are the same for the iPad, it would be really nice just to be able to upgrade for the iPad and get the forty puzzles that are new for the iPad.

Now the app finally runs silky smooth on our iPhone 4!

Our whole family loves this app. Our 7 year old has decided it’s his favorite, and keeps trying to steal our iPod. The simpler puzzles are a great way to teach logic to kids; the advanced puzzles will stump adults for an hour. We’ve been playing this for months on iPod 4g, and not a single glitch, crash, or slowdown. From other reviews it appears there may have been issues at one point; looks like these were fixed. Great way to keep your brain active while stuck waiting for a bus. Well worth the price!

Absolutely the best – never get tired of it!

Loved it. But sad to have finished them all :(

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