PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay!

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PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay!


PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay! is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Viacom International Inc., PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay! is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th November 2020 with the latest update 30th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Education, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


112 people have rated 2.2

You can download the game PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay! from APP STORE.


It’s another great day in Adventure Bay with PAW Patrol!

Join the pups in ""PAW Patrol: A Day in Adventure Bay!"" – a special adventure where your child practices their daily care routines and goes on rescue missions around Adventure Bay! Your child can team up with Skye, Rocky, Chase, Rubble, Zuma, Marshall, and Everest to develop universal early-childhood skills, such as responsibility and independence.

No job is too big and no pup (or child) is too small to learn their daily care routines! Your children can:

GET READY TO SAVE THE DAY – Your child can team up with their favorite PAW Patrol pup to practice brushing teeth, eating a healthy breakfast, washing up, and more!
DRESS UP YOUR PUP – Customize each pup’s outfit with the shirt, shoes, and pants they need for the day’s weather in Adventure Bay!
GO ON RESCUE MISSIONS – Receive rescue missions from Ryder and drive around Adventure Bay with the pups while avoiding obstacles and learning directional skills to reach your destination
FIND CHICKALETTA – Search around Adventure Bay to find Mayor Goodway’s best friend, Chickaletta! Find all 25 Chickalettas hidden throughout Adventure Bay, each with different costumes!
PLAY CATCH – After a day of rescues, your child can play catch with the pups before heading back to the pup house to prepare for bedtime.
GET READY FOR BED – Your child can practice getting ready for bed by giving each pup a bath, dinner, and help putting on their pajamas before going to sleep.

Learn to save the day your way with PAW Patrol! Download PAW Patrol: A Day in Adventure Bay, and learn the daily routine of a PAW Patrol Pup!

This game is recommended for parents and children to play together as kids learn to care for themselves in early childhood development. Your kids will develop independence and confidence by looking after their favorite PAW Patrol Pups, teaching them that even heroes need to brush their teeth every day.

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For users residing in the EU, PAW Patrol: A Day in Adventure Bay may include the use of persistent identifiers for game management purposes and installation of this app constitutes your permission to such usage of persistent identifiers for all users on your device.

Updated on 30th November 2020

Bug fixes

PAW Patrol: Adventure Bay! Reviews

You know what would be amazing content? If the cat pack, the mighty twins, Liberty, Coral, Sweetie, Arrby, Al, Rex, and the jr. Patrollers are in the game after the mighty movie.

We give this a 5 because paw patrol is not just a show on Nick Jr. Its a part of it.

If your sound isnt working, make sure your phone isnt on silent or vibrate. This game is easy and our kids love it!

The game is good is we think. Our 2 year old daughter cries and asks to select rider but hes not available . Is there anyway to make that available? She would be very happy thank you.

Our 3 year old loves this game! She figured out how to do everything within a day. You basically take your pup through a daily routine – wake up, brush teeth, wash paws, have breakfast, pic and outfit, check the weather. Then you take your pup on a mission where your child just drives to a location. Its SO easy for toddlers to use. After the driving, you get to play fetch with your pup before giving them dinner, a bath and putting them in their pajamas for bedtime. Our daughter loves playing this game and it reinforces the routine shes expected to do herself each day (brush teeth, eat breakfast, bath and pajamas). Its a really smart game thats built around what toddlers already understand and she loves that the paw patrol is doing the same things she does. She also loves taking care of the pups through this game. Very well thought out and easy to use.

Its you we like Its not the things you wear Its not the way you do your hair But its you we like The way you are right now The way down deep inside you Not the things around you Not your friends, theyre just beside you But its you we like Every part of you Your heart, your courage, your friendship Whether old or new we hope that youll remember Even when youre feeling blue That its you we like Its you yourself Its you Its you we like.

We like paw patrol you are amazing nickjr.

This Paw Patrol game is all about getting ready for the day, going on Rescue missions that Ryder gives you, and getting ready for bedtime. Our daughter, Skye and our son, Chase, loves it.

After getting the sound issue fixed, our son has enjoyed the app.

So our child is noticing a few problems with this app 1. The ears are upSo the one where the ears are up is really bothering our child like the only one who has is their ears normal is Everest Chase and tracker and Skye like its even with Rocky he has one of his ears bent and both of them are up like hes a werewolf 2. Finding during missions. So this one is about our child having to find items and Ryder should be telling them where to go or maybe every time they turn there should be fish or whatever theyre finding but its so weird they spent hours trying to find what turn it is and hate but either way this game is good.

Love this game its absolutely adorable. Though we have a glitch that whenever we take a pup out to drive, it doesnt give us a mission and we cant move onto the next step. Please fix this.

We are trying to Purchase the extra sets, but it keeps saying purchase cancelled. Why? Please fix this.

Downloaded for our 4 year old she played it a few times and loved it. Now the game wont load. What is the deal?

Having sound issues.. Really stupid.

Our daughter tried to play but it has no sound. Tried redownloading and still has no sound.

For this app to not be free, it has WAY too many problem. It keeps crashing, glitching, and making our child re-do what she has already done because of the glitches. Either fix it or refund everyone, because free games dont even have this many issues.

But buying a game where the sound doesnt work is annoying.

For a paid game, our 2 year old lots of fun for ONE day. Now no sound :(. We shut off our phone, deleted and reinstalled the app still no sound!

No sound on the app. Not a Bluetooth problem. Checked settings. Looked fine but no sound.

Our kids are so upset this has no sound. We have tried everything and to no avail am we able to get any sound. What a rip off.

Should have read the other reviews. There is no sound for iPads so our child could not hear the mission instructions or any music.

Our daughter doesnt know what is happening because there is no sound. So mad we paid $3 for this.

This app no longer works. How do we explain to our 5 year that Nickelodeon and the Paw Patrol pups are thieves?

Sound doesnt work. Tried everything. Dont buy.

Our son has been trying to do the missions with all the pups and none of them work. They just keep driving and he gets super frustrated.

Son loves Paw Patrol- he doesnt care for this game at all.

This game has the potential to be awesome, but theres no sound! It makes us mad because we paid for it for our daughter and she doesnt know what to push because theres no sound when the characters talk. And the sound on our iPad is on, so we know its not the device. We see this is an issue with other people as well. Really frustrating!

Seems to be a common problem with this game. The developer just responds with the same basic instructions but no solution to the actual problem.

Such a disappointment! Our son is a huge fan of paw patrol and when we went to play in the app theres no sound! Waste of money and sad for our little guy as he was excited.

Theres no volume on this game. We cant hear anything.

The sound will not work which makes the app pretty much pointless because it gives the child instructions on what to do.

Even after testing all possible issues sound will not work. Refund our money now or fix the issue.

No tiene sonido en mi equipo iPad Pro 12,99.

We will be happy if we get the palace pets Game its happier.

Our volume settings are all on and not muted but the sound on this app wont work so its basically unusable for our son.

Just bought this game and the sound will not work. Lame.

What a rip off. Just downloaded thus for our son and there is no sound at all. Even after we checked the settings, it still doesnt work! Should not be $3 if you cant even get the sound to work!

The only good thing about this app is that our son enjoys driving around; other than that theres no help as to what the mission is. And when theyve told you what the mission is, if you drive there it doesnt stop the car. Super frustrated that we paid for an app that doesnt work.

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