Perfect Time!

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:03 pm

Perfect Time!


Perfect Time! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD, Perfect Time! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 2nd October 2020 with the latest update 25th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


20,674 people have rated 1.0.75

You can download the game Perfect Time! from APP STORE.


Perfect time spender that will fill every free moment of your day.

Perfect Time is an amazing Puzzle simulation that requires patience, timing, and focus – only with these qualities you will get to the next level! We know you spent hours watching these ASMR videos on social media, but, have you ever tried it by yourself?

This oddly satisfying puzzle will require you to tap fast, or maybe not that fast? Are you Perfect enough to tap at the Perfect Time?

Updated on 25th November 2021

  • Bug fixes

Perfect Time! Review

We love this game its so fun relaxing and when Im stressed we play it and it relieves our stress and its so fun and we love it its so amazing and the good amount of challenges.

We love this game it is so much fun and it helps you learn to be passionate! But there are to many adds so that part is not fun. But this game is still so much fun.

Now this game we amazing we can tell so much love and care went into the making of this game. The adds (for our standards) arent bad at all most adds being optional for in game rewards. If you are looking for a fun satisfying game that you cant stop playing its this.

This game does have a lot of ads BUT If you turn off all Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you can play free with no ads so just a Little hack for no ads you can also try this on other games but some might not work cause you need Wi-Fi for it but about this game this is like the funnest game ever Im on level 42 right now but now the time your reading this Ill probably be on level 200 but lets see everyday we go on our iPad we click this game And can you please sub to our channel KyPlayz Its a k on fire logo.

It is a very good game but at about 215 the levels start being repeats.

Love this game. Sooo relaxing.

It requires one to think about the whole problem.

Veronica is a female 15 year old girl who is a very bossy girl, gets what she wants and thinks this is her world and every one is just living in it. She also loves topaz and has lavender eyes.

We love this game it is great for stress relief and to calm you down so that is why its great for kids and we really like it also it is very satisfying so that is why we dont like it but love it.

We really like this game because there are basically no ads. But the hints dont work. Hopefully there will be an update and they will fix the hints. You can get through like 100 levels in like 15 minutes. We really like this game.

This game is pretty fun. Only problem is that there are a bunch of bugs and glitches, but they dont really affect the game a lot. Other than that, this game is great.

Less ads pls this is cool though also we are 16 yes.

We love this game but it is little to easy in one week we are on level 1000. But beside that we totally recommend this game if you are bored or one an airplane so you have something relaxing to do. And This game is perfect for people that are not feeling good because it is something fun to do. So we give it 4/5.

The title says it all needs more levels.

Good game the only problem is whenever an add finishes the game freezes up and we have to restart it. Otherwise good game.

The levels need to be a little bit harder.

It repeated after level 203. :(

Great game. Really enjoying it but the ads are making us want to delete it. It has a remove app option and we would pay to remove them but the option is not working so Im stuck having to watch ads every few minutes.

We love these types of games but with so many glitches it makes it pretty ridiculous in a TIMING game. And could you possibly have MORE ads!

We like the game but some parts arent lined up well but either way perfect time is a very good game.

We like this game but its not that satisfying as it looks and it no SATISFYING IF YOU DIE ALL THE TIME!! But its a great game.

Not worth the time spent in ads.

There are several ads all throughout the game, its unbearable! The game is not very exciting, its just the same thing over and over again until you decide to stop. The drive and motivation to play more is gone after 15 minutes and 20 ads that have the worst skip options, if you can even skip them. This is so basic its not worth the time, makes us feel like Im wasting our life away watching boring game ads and playing a boring game. Uninstalled after 15 minutes.

We like this game and o give it a 2.5 because first when we do it wrong but when we want to try again their is a add everytime we get to a new level and second is because THEIR IS TO MANY ADDSSSSSSS.

The game itself is pretty fun, in fact maybe quite a bit too easy. But otherwise its a fun game about timing certain objects to fall at perfect times. However, this app is clearly made for kids. And it seems like only when im using this app we get TONS of ads for explicit games, and the ads that we see will glitch or bug and not let us close them after clicking the x button or the skip button when 5ish seconds pass. Game is decent, but the ads are repulsive and make us regret ever downloading this.

Paid to remove ads on our old phone under the same Apple ID. Got this phone and reinstalled the game. No matter how many times we try to restore our purchase, even when it says it did so successfully, it doesnt work. Not very happy.

Every single time we play we get a add one second boom already an ADD so one we can sue you :) friendly reminder make add a minute away from playing it and we swear if we don’t get our robux OH it big time for you.

We got past 2 levels and our screen froze. Every other app worked and that one didnt. We thought maybe to press the hint button and nothing worked! Then it asked us to rate it and here we am. Fix this please. We swiped the app, nothing. Restarted our phone, nothing. Left it sitting for 5 hours, nothing. We looked at the reviews and nobody else said this. If anybody else is having trouble with this please say something.

Too many adds, bad gameplay and very glitchy.

Too many advertisements gross.

Despite the fact that we do happen to like the IDEAL of the game, the game gets to easy and has no point. Even though we got through a descent amount of levels it still hasnt managed to a actually get a little bit harder. And the levels are not ideal to getting harder each level up. You would think that it would get harder but this douse not occur to our experience of playing the game Perfect Time.

Way to many ads you literally have to watch an ad to play watch an ad to play this level like we cant play 2 levels without a 45 second ad.

First u have to hit the next button numerous times or just close out the tab and start again! Second, it is soooo glitchy! Thx.

This game seems so fun but every single time we get on the app, it kicks us out and takes us to our home screen. We would like it if you fixed that problem. As of right now that leaves us with a rating of one star.

The hint tab is in the way.. It should be over, out of the way to only use if you want Thanks.

This game is great, not to many ads and fun levels. You get an ad about every 4 levels which is not bad.

Great game BUT. Who puts a hint button on the playing area of the screen?! Place it in one of the corners! We’ve accidentally hit that hint so many times that we’ve lost hints when we dont need a hint. Please rework this design.

Surprised there isnt an ad after every turn our favorite game so far. There isnt an ad after every turn.