Pile It 3D

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:28 am

Pile It 3D


Pile It 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Pile It 3D is a game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 14th September 2020 with the latest update 25th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


12,447 people have rated 2.3

You can download the game Pile It 3D from APP STORE.


In Pile It 3D you are presented with colorful balls that need to be sorted: you do that by putting them in different tube to guide them into the right position at the bottom.

Sounds simple, right? Well, things get twisted pretty quickly because the tubes are knotted together. You have to think carefully about which tube to choose for your balls in order to succeed in this game!

With superb graphics and super satisfying mechanics, this brain game is sure to relieve you of all the stress in your life immediately. As a bonus, your IQ increases by 2 points for every level you win on the first try (this is a fact).

What are you waiting for? Get your thinking organ in gear and start playing the trickiest game of 2021!

Updated on 25th October 2021

  • bug fixes

Pile It 3D Review

We think this is a really cool game for everyone because it has really good things,levels, and so much more fun stuff.

Ok so its a good game but there are way to many ads, like way to many.

Umm the game glitches a lot when we try to open it up to play it and the loading screen goes gray or black for a while then shuts off completely.

This could be a really fun game but its nothing but ads. We finished the first 20 levels just to see if it got any harder but it doesnt. The actual game take 5 seconds or less to complete, followed by 10-15 seconds of ads. We understand that free games need to make money, but this is ridiculous.

This game might be great. We only made it to about level 10. It has potential to be fun and relaxing. But not when you have to watch an ad in between EVERY level. We get it, the app is free and thats how they make money. But every level, especially the early ones that are so simple that our cat could solve them, is absurd.

This is a great game if you like watching ads. You get about 5 to 10 seconds of game play and 15 to 30 seconds of ads after each level.

The game is painfully simple, and there are ads between everything and everything else. Not simple 5 second ads, but excruciatingly long ads that go on forever, and then go to ad play mode, and finally take you to the App Store, and then come back for the last five seconds, meaning the ads have to be closed 5 separate times, and take a lot more time than the game itself. Its too much, and even counterproductive even to the advertisers, as one quickly moves to a less frustrating game.

Ten seconds to complete the level, then thirty seconds of ad! Too much to sit through for such an easy game, and NO we are not paying to remove ads!!

There are a crazy amount of adds.

Before we even started to play the game the ads popped up. Had to watch three ads before starting the game and more ads between each set. Also the game doesnt make sense. All you do is push a button. No strategy required. Mind numbing. Im deleting this stupid thing now!

Too many ads- after almost every level. Its annoying.

1-2 seconds of gameplay followed by 30+ seconds of ads. Dont waste your time.

Our son has been trying to play the game for 3 days now. It opens up to a black screens and wont let him play.

We timed it 5 minutes of play, 15 minutes of ads.

Seriously! After each individual game you play, theres an ad. And then more ads, on top of more ads, before another game begins. We actually spent more time watching ads, than we did playing.

Dont waste your time. Too many ads.

So many adds and the first 100 levels are stupid easy.

Potential to be a great game but way, way, way too many ads. We are deleting it.

Could have been a good game but once we purchased the game stopped loading. Total rip off of 3 bucks.

We had this game for 5 minutes and deleted it. It kept closing out and couldnt get back in.

Downloaded the game because we wanted a game like the ads where you had to sort the balls properly. Played first 15 levels, the balls were all blue only which meant youd press a button a couple times regardless of skill level and win the level, then an ad would play. Was waiting for multiple colors to show, never did. Lame game. Dont download.

We dont know if it ever advances to more than one color ball (like the ad), but after enduring 500 ads while playing a few levels of the easiest game ever designed, Im giving up. Dumb.

One ad for every move. Hung in through level 10 but left with no indication that the game would ever become challenging enough to give us a desire to play let alone pay for ad free upgrade.

Would Have Gave It 5 Stars, But Way Too ManyCommercials, One Or Two we Could See, But 4 Per Mission Is ridiculous.

Fun to play when you arent watching ads! Have only about 30 seconds of actual play time before youre hit with an ad that changes screens multiple times to get you to touch the ad to open another screen and plays sound (without permission because our phone is on silent)!! Over these games and all the ads! Even if this game offered a paid version without the ads, we wouldnt pay for it cause the game isnt that great, count the spots and tap the button that many times..

Played the first 38 levels before giving up. A single button spammed each level and that is all. False advertising (showed a puzzle??) and repetitive gameplay.

More time is spent clicking thru ads (at least 5 clicks per ad) than playing the game. We understand that ads provide being able to test the app doe free, but already over level 20 and not enticing enough to justify time-play-to-ad ratio.

Dont bother unless you like constant ads.

The game works and is simple enough, but there is no challenge to the game whatsoever. There are no decisions to be made, no timing puzzles you have to consider, no strategy needed. We got to level 56 and all you have to do is look at the number of balls the level requires and press the button that many times. Thats it. Nothing else to consider. And of course there are ads after every level and sometimes you can watch an ad for a more complex level, but those still dont take much thought. Fun for maybe 5 minutes, or until you get bored of watching ads every 10 seconds.

Way too easy. Only one color for a long time and no skill or thought required to complete those levels. Also way too many ads.

Not only do you have ads to unlock anything and everything, but you have forced ads if we say no. Thats cheap. But worst of all, your game doesnt even respond to all our taps. If we tap the button 5x in quick succession, it only sends 3 balls. How am we supposed to stack combos and get higher points if it wont respond? Sad app all around.

Boring waste of a game. There are tons of ads that you will be spending more time watching than actually playing the game. There is no challenge at all one color ball to drop. You literally just tap a button enough times to fill the slots. Dont bother downloading this horrible game.

Push a button, thats all. No puzzle, no way to lose. Just push a button.

Im 27 and a plumber and we were looking for a game to play when Im off of work this garbage. BTW Im from the BRONX.

The gameplay is okay and Id probably rate a four star for that. Most phone game sound bother us so we turn them off. There is an option in settings to turn the sound off but it doesnt turn all sounds off. The chime and other sounds when completing a level are off but the sounds when releasing the balls and collecting coin bags still play. If you are going to give the option to turn sound off it needs to be all sound.

Frustrating to play a game that takes a couple of seconds and then have to watch an ad that is at least twice as long. Game itself is fun enough, but we will uninstall.

Too many ads for us to enjoy the app and see if we like it because every single time we win a level theres two or more ads just to get to the next level and Im only on level four and seen 8 ads already its annoying.

Played 30 levels. Wasted our life so you dont have to. 30 levels in, there is one button, you hit the button for each dot on the board, no thought or strategy involved whatsoever. Absolute scam. Creatively and morally bankrupt. This is a cell phone game. We expect cell phone games to be bad. We expect that these were games were completed in 20 minutes. This game doesnt even reach that level. This isnt even a game. This is the equivalent of the demon-ghost of John McCain taking a dump, scooping it up, adding it to a chocolate pie recipe, baking the pie, taking another, bigger dump on the baked pie, feeding it to your mother, and then kicking you in the balls. Dont download this.

We are at level 54 ND we haven’t done anything but press a button. Nothing like advertised. No challenge, no thinking. Absolutely no creativity in the game.

This game was lackluster as we tried to make it through the first few levels. Either 2.99 which is way too much for this game Or watch an add after every level!! Each level takes like 5 second then 20 seconds in ads. We deleted after 10 mins. Absolute crap!

We’ve been playing for 4 hour. We’ve seen 2 or 3 App adds before we could go onto the next board and on some App adds Id be locked in an endless lope. Of we wanted to blow our time we would rather watch paint dry on the wall.

This game might be challenging to a 3-year-old. But nobody else. Not worth your time.

The game idea is great and all but the way the creators pulled off, is not. All you do in the game is just press a blue button as many times as there are blue dots. And every two levels, that only last about 3 seconds each, there is a 30 second add leaving you with more add time than actual play time. Dont get the game its a complete waist of your life unless you watch adds in your free time.

We I was level 23 and yet it was soooo easy also we saw the ad we thought it would have two colors but no it was ONE.