Pinochle Pro (Ad Free)

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Pinochle Pro (Ad Free)


Pinochle Pro (Ad Free) is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Black Panther Software LLC, Pinochle Pro (Ad Free) is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 13th September 2012 with the latest update 8th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


34 people have rated 2.12

You can download the game Pinochle Pro (Ad Free) from APP STORE.


Tired of playing pinochle games with unintelligent players? Then this is your game. We have painstakingly tested and improved the artificial intelligence. Pinochle Pro is the best 4 handed single deck pinochle game available for the iPad iPhone and iPod Touch.

—– Finally, a great pinochle game!… "Oldsoul12"
—– I play this game every day! love it! "sabinlvr10"

  • Partners bid when they have a good hand, pass when they dont.
  • Partners know when to over bid you and when to not.
  • Partners know when to break up their own meld and when not to.
  • "Ive Got the Rest" is a great option to toss in the rest of the cards if you can take all the remaining tricks.
  • Give it a try and if you find ANYTHING that you are not satisfied with, Please let us know through our support email. We very actively make improvements

Additional Features

  • Features animated characters that talk and respond to the game! Play against Jed the cowboy or grumpy old Grandpa Bob. Watch your opponents get frustrated when you win!
  • 5 animated characters in full retina support
  • Settings to match how you play the game including – passing 3 or 4 cards, allowing peek or no peek, and more

Check out the free version of the app for a chance to try the app out before you buy.

Updated on 8th January 2022

iOS 15 support and minor bug fixes

Pinochle Pro (Ad Free) Reviews

We’ve been playing this game for years despite some of the little flaws. However, the most recent update has really screwed up the game. In some cases, the card that was lead out doesnt show, leaving us wondering what in the heck the card was, and what card we need to play to follow suit, or trump, if need be. Would appreciate getting these idiosyncrasies fixed.

Have had the free version for a while, paid version better intelligence.

We agree with the previous reviews on the weak points of the game-getting passed nines, also not getting passed nines of trump. Plus your partners risk assessment and play is generally poor. However, it is a fun time waster and way to learn the game quickly. We would also like to see the pinochle scoring app updated to play on the recent IOS. Occasionally we actually get to play with humans.

We play the game a lot, and mostly enjoy it. Its really frustrating, however, when your partner bids over you then passes. We bid, say 26, left opponent passes, our partner bids 27, right opponent bids 28, we pass (because our partner appears confident and we dont want to run the bid too high unnecessarily) our partner then passes giving the hand to the opponents at a bargain rate. If this was with humans, we would have screamed bloody murder. When our partner overbids us, he is required to bid at least one more time. We’ve signaled a strongish hand, and our partner must continue. It seems like a simple fix, and I, for one, would really appreciate it.

This game is fun but the system for passing cards is nothing we’ve ever seen in real play. Often as the successful bidder our partner passes 3 nines when there are much more realistic passes. We also think the hand distributions are skewed. It seems we often get 3 or 4 nines in a deal.

The AI needs to have the ability to not go for it when they need too many points. Sometimes when we bid and need only 12 points, it asks if we want to go for it. But the AI always goes no matter what when they bid. It is ridiculous and unrealistic.

There is no opportunity to see your results from a hand. The totals should come up for an OK. Also the score area is VERY HARD TO READ!!! Also frustrating when partner sends back one or two trump nines and keeps kings and queens of non trump suite.

This game worked okay before the iOS update. Glitches when the cards are being played not leaving the table. Now the game is slow, and the cards never leave the table. Please fix this!

We want to like this game. The Bots make this game so frustrating at times. The programmers have Queens basically being the weakest cards so the Bots pass cards in this order: Trump, Aces, 9s, Jacks, then in some order Kings-10s-Queens. You almost always get 9s passed to you. Not just 9s of trump, 9s of anything. You can easily be passed 4 9s on one hand. It takes the fun away from the game. Otherwise, game is fine and works great. We like the options you have to decide how you want to play, etc.

We started out liking the game but kept noticing the computer was cheating by sloughing and then trumping on the next hand or putting am ace of trump on your ace when it had the king and 10 in its hand but we thought maybe we were seeing things until now because we have a screen shot of a double pinochle in the computers meld and our hand having a jack of diamonds in it.

Love the characters but we are tired of losing. We wish they gave stats on how many killer hands the opponent gets as opposed to our team. We are not afraid to lose but some games we get crap every single hand. The other games we get crap most hands. We are deleting.

Great game until last update. Now scoring doesn’t work correctly and achievements cant be reset. Too bad. We loved it. Nothing worse than getting a double marriage and having it only give you 9 points and then going set!

We don’t think the developers know how to play pinochle. Why would our partner pass us nothing but nines when it has Trump cards and aces galore? They need to improve on that and slow the game down.

If you love getting 9’s and J’s every hand this game is for you. In a double deck game you can get 5-8 (out of 16) on many many hands. We can easily go 2-3 games without ever getting a hand to bid on.

Ever since we updated our phone we cannot see the cards in the tricks except for our partners. We have to guess at what has been played. Really stinks since we have the Paid For version.

Absolutely terrible! No rules. Nothing like any pinochle we’ve played before. We lose tricks even when we play highest trump card. 400 pinochle three times in one game is absurd. Son’t waste your money.

HORRIBLE!! This is not the game we played as a kid. Why not tell up front what version this is.

We are really enjoying this game. It has been keeping us interested.

Love the card game and this app allows us to play anytime, any place.

This is the best card game we ever played we highly recommend it !!!

We really enjoy this. Realistic play.

Game is good and partners play right. Like to see more aggressiveness.

Fun to play. No glitches, just passes 9’s when not appropriate sometimes.

Good practice game. Would like to know how to play it with others.

We love the app BUT whenever we call for Diamonds or Spades your programming has the partner ignore "protocols" but instead passes for getting a pinochle or double pinochle. To the detriment of the partner they are passing to. EXAMPLE: we won the bid, called Diamonds , we received a Jack and some Spades. Imagine our surprise when we led with our Ace of Diamonds and our partner played the other Ace. We have seen this happen on Ten’s and other cards as we’ll. True Pinochle players will tell you that you pass all Trump regardless if it is a double of them "except 9’s" then other Aces’s, then you pass pieces of the Pinochle. You jeopardize the power or control that you need when you have the bid by having the partner not pass you cards. In addition, the computer players lead their off suits with 10’s which means they are fishing and loose the point to someone playing the ace. But then turn around and play a non pointer in the off suit. If they fished with the non pointer they would then have the pointer left for taking the next round.

Love playing with these characters but they need to reprogram what cards to pass… They pass 9’s sometimes to you when you win the bid and these are not trump 9’s… Please change this, but we do love " we get the rest" …

Wish we could see what the last hand was that was played. We’re trying to learn and that would have been helpful. Should have tried out the free version before buying. Thanks.

Fun time killer, nice to play pinochle when we can’t get real people together for a game. Nice options to adjust rules. Would like to see option for "take a bid and make it to win" – cannot "meld out" to win the game. Computer players sometimes win without ever taking the bid.

Our experience with the application is pretty good, but our "partner’s" face is pretty grumpy lol.

Fun to play. Somewhat predictable but still quite enjoyable. AI still needs a little work. Sometimes when we want our partner to play an ace that we passed. They will let the trick go by even when we lead to them. Other than that its pretty good.

The card play is fair. For paying for a game, it crashes too often. Please fix….

The number of double pinochles that the computer manages to get are incredible. And we feel like we rarely ever get dealt a good hand. We’re lucky to be dealt hands where we’re one card short of a run, let alone two. We’ve probably played 8 full games and ended up with a run twice. We feel like our only purpose playing is to lose tricks to everyone else. That’s no fun.

It is a good time waster but it seems they hands/cards you get are the same. We agree with one review you should be able to win through a bid and just meld out.

We would love this game, but there’s no sound! Anyone have this problem?

The interface is bad, the animation is cheesy, the cards are at an odd angle, and your partner passes you ridiculous cards.

This game is awful , it passes the nine of spades when you call diamonds. Need to fix it!

This app crashes constantly. In addition sometimes it will not reload unless we delete it and start over losing all the historical information. We strongly do not recommend this app.

Really enjoy the game! A little more conservative bidding… The animated players get set to often!

Great pinochle game! Our only complaint is if you don’t see trump called then you don’t know what it is until after you pass cards! Also would like it better if our partner did a better job bidding…. Shouldn’t keep bidding against us after other team has passed. Also it would be nice to have the option to play with real people!

Other team gets double aces with run almost every time compared to us only some of the time. Besides that love the game. Really like the players talking.

We really enjoy this game. We’re glad we paid the extra for the updated version!

We love this game. Very true to how our family and we play. We love the characters and the gameplay. Couple suggestions to make it a 5 star app: have a leader board and add and tracking of overall record. Also it would be great if after each hand, the game told you what the ending score was. To those who mention that there is no reminder of the trump suit, you will notice that the cards in trump have a blue outline.

Seems to us the game is biased against human player. The many many times we’ve played it, the characters get much better hands. We are not able to bid very often because our hands are so awful! Is this by design, we wonder?

Need a better way to keep track of trump. If you miss or forget it, can’t find out.

Game is fun. However, when our partner names clubs or hearts trump, he keeps his pinochle instead of passing it. Also, he leads with counters knowing they will be lost. A non counter would be smarter in most cases.

We love playing this game, and our kids think the characters are great!

Very fun game. The personalities of the players make this a unique and engaging pinochle game. We play in a card club and it is funny to see the similarities between these digital players and our club members.

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