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Pinochle+ is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by, LLC, Pinochle+ is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th December 2009 with the latest update 14th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,209 people have rated 8.8.2

You can download the game Pinochle+ from APP STORE.


This is a no-ads version of the first and most popular pinochle app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Play single- or double-deck with configurable options including meld bids and shoot the moon. Pinochle Plus is updated frequently with user-suggested features and AI improvements. To try before you buy, see our free, ad-supported Pinochle app. If you prefer, our other pinochle app with no advertising, Pinochle Gold, has more card backs and tabletops to choose from, and adds support for several languages.

Pinochle is a card game played with a 48- or 80-card deck of 9s, 10s, jacks, queens, kings and aces. The game consists of a repeating sequence of bidding (for the right to name the trump suit and optionally to pass cards), melding, and trick-taking. Players score points by melding various card combinations and by taking tricks.

In this version, one human player (South) plays with a computer partner (North) and two computer opponents (West and East).

BIDDING: Each player bids the number of points she thinks she can make with her hand. Player to the dealer’s left is required to bid, and bidding proceeds to the left. Players who pass are out of the bidding for that hand. A typical high bid is 35 points (for 48 cards) or 60 (for 80 cards). High bidder names the trump suit for the hand and optionally exchanges cards with her partner.

MELDING: Players get points by showing various card combinations. A run (or straight) in the trump suit is worth 15 points. Aces in all four suits is 10 points. Pinochle (queen of spades and jack of diamonds) is 4 points, or 30 points for double pinochle (two of each).

TRICKS: Play begins with the high bidder, and proceeds around the table to the left, 4 cards per trick. Each trick has a winner, who gets 1 point per ace, ten or king.

SCORING: If the high bidder fails to make the bid (his team’s total meld plus trick points is less than the bid), the bid amount is subtracted from the team score. Play continues until one team goes out.

Updated on 14th January 2023

Minor bug fixes.

Pinochle+ Reviews

Just love this game. Hardly anyone plays anymore. So now we can Play all the time! And no ads !!

Is there a way to play online? We really enjoy your App and it allows us to keep playing our favorite game. It is extremely difficult to find people that know how to play double deck pinochle in our area. Keep up the great App.

We play this game often. We’re a single deck player. The meld is ridiculous. Dummy opposing team seem to get all large meld hand. 45 meld, 27 meld. Ridiculous!!! Opponent always has the aces. Our dummy partner doesn’t bid correctly and how bout an update with the option of NO auction bid? Takes all the fun out of the game. It’s hard enough to get a run, then they get 26 meld. Fix this game and make it fair. How this gets on the update is crazy. Find out who did that, and who approved it, fire them both. We give 2 stars just cause we love pinochle. 2 stars is pushing it for us. Get people who really know how to play the game to redesign it. Offer no no action bid.

This game is good with a few caveats. There is no building strategy. (i.e. Your partner will not try to build 4 of a kind during card swap among others). Once you get used to the AI strategy you will do very well. Very entertaining.

Super program with competitive on-site bidding and strategy! Great Airborne!

We play it at any appointments where we have to wait!

This by far is the best APP game we’ve ever downloaded. It has absolutely kept us from going crazy with all these COVID-19 lockdowns. We spend hours playing it.

Terrific game. Beautifully designed. Lots of options. Lovelyfont.

This game is terrible! Your partner passes their 2 trump cards, one of which is a nine and 2 more random nines. WTH! Also, your partner (north) doesnt continue to bid when theyre holding a run????? The frustration is too much!

The game plays okay, but cannot bid.

Home team cannot win at all almost always the other team knows what each other has while the home team has no clue.

Good app, however; recommended tips to improve it are for the most part ignored.

Very well written software. We feel like Im playing against real people. Buy it, you like it.

Needs to allow players ability to not play bosses when they want to. After east and west have play north and south hold the bosses and need option to get trumped out so there bosses dont get trumped.

Terrific game. Beautifully designed. Lots of options. Nice font.

This is one of our favorite apps. Thanks for continually updating the app and adding new features.

Generally we like this app, but theres no provision for strategically using tens and kings when theyre the high card. Instead of holding them so they can take a trick, the app ALWAYS uses them as schmears. Its very irritating to lose a hand or even a game because a high card was wasted on schmearing.

The game is well laid out with plenty of configurations and options for making it the version you are use to playing. But dont expect to win very often. The reason: your system managed partner does not use the same algorithms for bidding or playing tricks that your competitors use. This can be extremely frustrating some times. It is no where near as aggressive at bidding or calculating when playing tricks than the competing team. And often your partner will make plays that no experienced player would make. So play the game is fine for fun if you dont mind loosing most of the time and dont consider it reflective or practice for a real game.

Can the app allow 4 players to interact and chosethe other players? What does drop down menu mean showing other players with points? Nod-40.

East, West seem to always get runs and 4 aces, or some other large meld group.

Some people play where the failing bid pointS go to the other team, not count as negative points. Game goes quicker yes, but…. Another cool rule is where 5 10s of any suit count as 50 points for meld This is the only time 10s count for anything, which pits them in play a little and sometimes you dont want to lay it down in melding because you opponents then can see where the 10s are. Another optional rule is if anyone is dealt 5 9s and no meld there is an auto redeal. These would be options in settings, so, we think it would be cool to see some of the options for play… Great game, thank you MRICHARDSON.

We enjoy playing this game, it reminds us of growing up, our family played it constantly. However, there are some obvious errors/mistakes that we have noticed in the bidding, passing and even playing, by the three computer hands, written into the code.

We learned how to play Double Handed Pinocle back in our Air Force Fire Fighter days back in 1993. We had coworkers who showed no interest in teaching us younger guys the game. 8 years later and we were playing every shift we worked. Now we have to play on this app. And our partner is useless as a player. But we do have a winning record. The meld passing needs to be more concrete not so inconsistent. 12 isnt close to 20 meld. But its still a great game!!

Enjoy often. Would prefer to have live game!

Very enjoyable. Mechanical at times. It would be nice if the three computer played hands had a programmed trump counter enabling these hands to be played properly.

We really like this app and would like to gift it to a friend, but share as a gift is not an available choice when we bring it up in the app store. Why not? Im happy to pay for the gift with no ads, but this option not there.

Please stop the ads. We purchased the plus to avoid them… We do like the app though.

Extremely lifelike. We play it all the time.

Great game… But the only suggestion we have is, the partners need to be more aggressive bidders . Other than that… Great game.


We’ve been playing single deck, bidding starts at 15, each side needs at least 10 of 25 counters to score anything. 250 points win. Its very difficult to win when: 1. Your partner plays and bids poorly while the opponents not only play like experts but each seems to know what the other has: i.e., Unauthorized Information. Your partner (North) may refuse to bid in the rare case of holding Aces round and an opponent may name a not so good 3 or 4 card suit as trump and find 4, 5, or 6 trumps in other opponents hand. Hard to win playing 3 against 1 even when theres no cheating! 2. Opponents are dealt far more good hands than you and partner. Sometimes, 8 or 9 out of 10 hands. Youre dealt no good suit and no or one lousy ace so usually either the opponents get bid and you dont score and if you do bid you get set. Opponents get Aces round and Runs many time more than you and partner do.

The new font in the Score box is hard to read and is too small. Please enlarge the size of the font and choose a font easier to read.

It has all the whistles and bells to play any type of game you want!

This is the most WORTHLESS app for pinochle we have ever played! Partner is continually playing as if it were your opponent, 95 percent of the time opponents have at least 12 of the 16 aces. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!!!

We play this game every day! We love it!

Excellent color scheme does not hurt our eyes. Love the game!

The meld from your partner is always incorrect and your partner never give meld especially when we open the bid.

Partner never leads trump, too predictable. Also will outbid you with nothing to take tricks just high meld score. Opponents alway put ace on anything you lead and never set up partner. But we still play.

We have found the opponent plays better than our partner in this double deck game. Our partner once had double Aces around (100 points) with 3 Aces with a run. Partner passed without a bid! However, it is the closest double deck pinochle (do not play with passing) to the real game without the human factor! We do enjoy it even with the horrible partner.

This is a great game! However, when the opponent is cutting a suit, why is it necessary to give them a counter to cut instead of a non-counter. For example: why play an ace instead of a jack in a suit when we know the opponent is cutting in a suit? Also, why give away ur trump suit towards the end of a hand when u have a suit the opponent is cutting only to draw that last trump from the opponents hand? Why not play the suit being cut instead to draw their last trump suit and keep the remaining trump in your hand?

We do not like the annoying pop-up between hands while playing double deck pinochle. This is new since the upgrade. Love everything else about the game.

This game is getting worst every week.

Opponents get hands that would never happen in real play. Frustrating to play because it’s not real.

This has to be the oddest setting for the north and south hands. We find it plain disgusting. The program before was fun and exciting and this one is not fun. Plan to remove it from our games if not changed.

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