Pitch Cards

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Pitch Cards

Pitch Cards

Pitch Cards is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Harden Consulting LLC, Pitch Cards is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th July 2011 with the latest update 26th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pitch Cards ?

18 people have rated 3.1

What is the price of the Pitch Cards ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pitch Cards released ?

Pitch Cards was released on 9th July 2011.

When was the Pitch Cards updated ?

The latest updated date of Pitch Cards on 26th November 2022.

Where can Pitch Cards be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pitch Cards from Apple Official App Store.



You can play 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, or 13 point Pitch! Customize player’s names, personalities, winning conditions, options to keep low, pass the kitty and many more.

You can now play multiplayer through Game Center included. This allows for 2 to 4 players to play together in any version of Pitch! You can also use the built in voice chat feature to talk amongst your friends!

Updated on 26th November 2022

-Minor bug fixes

Pitch Cards Review

Duplicate cards will show up randomly. Computer players will make very poor decisions.

Keeps your deuce point or gives you their deuce point. Not a bad game otherwise.

There are so many errors in the app logic… Five point pitch, players dont always play suit when they have it, score keeping, etc.

Not only do you have to play for the game itself, but you have to pay MORE for a non-functioning multiplayer!!! Terrible!!!!

You have to leave a review before you can play 10 point pitch…. After you already have to pay for the app itself!

Very fun app, not sure what acgrazier was referring to, maybe he doesn’t know how to play pitch. Exactly what we were looking for!

Our wife and we play a lot of pitch, so when we travel we thought it would be nice to join her as a multi-player. Well, $4.00 later and it does not work. Save your money for some sodas instead.

The AI in this game is still a huge joke. First: when the deuce is played, it will sometimes go to the team who won the round, regardless of who played it. Second: your partner makes ridiculous plays. Why play the queen on our ace, when he has the jack or some other point card? Third: when we have the other players on ‘risky’ why doesn’t anyone else bid and we get it for four by default? Also, when we bid only four, how am we not outbid? Seems like something’s wrong. Fourth: when there is a player who is out, why not skip that persons turn instead of pausing like they are going to play? Really slow gameplay. Fifth: in a real game of pitch, if, after the cards have been dealt you have no face or point cards, you can call misdeal. Why not in the game? Happened to us a half dozen times and of those, twice we were STUCK with the bid, after which we were set because we had no way of helping!!!!! Game needs to be fixed badly!

We are not shocked to find no players available for the multiplayer version, but we are disappointed. Our bigger disappointment is that the cutthroat versions does not offer a ‘pitch’ option. It did not cross our mind to look for such a feature before buying this app since being able to ‘pitch’ is the source of the name of the game – being able to ‘pitch’ is a fundamental strategic tool: without that option, it is kinda like playing basketball without the baskets.

Horrible app. Should of read reviews before we purchased. Computer makes dumb moves like when you play the ace and your partner has the 3 and it’s not played dumb move. Waste of money!

We want our money back. After playing for a while the game crashes when you try and start a new game. Do spend your money on this app.

Do not buy this if you want to play multiplayer. After paying $2.99 and another $0.99 there is no one to play with! Do not waste your money on this app.

Keeps crashing… Allows multiple players to make the same bid and then gives it to a random player… Otherwise it’s pretty good when it works correctly…

Being able to play faster is nice. The scoring is a little off though. The 2 should always be a guaranteed point and it isn’t always in game play. For example, we were playing and there were two cards left to play, the 2 and the 3. Our partner played the 2 and other team played the 3 and somehow got 4 points and we did not get the 2. Higher card doesn’t take the 2, whichever team plays the 2 gets the point.

The old version, with all the bugs, was at least playable! This is so slow. We will not be playing until there is a way to speed up play!

Loved older version even with crashes. New version real real slow to play.

Low joker takes the trick from high joker … So that needs to be fixed. The slowness is a factor but not unplayable. What makes the game unplayable is that it crashes mid-play so often we have only finished one game out of about 10 :(

The update doesn’t even fix all the bugs and it’s so slow! We used to play the old version all the time if we were bored but now I’d rather stare at the wall bc it’s frustrating how slow the cards deal out and play.

The new updated version is too slow. What is high and low joker? The rule we know is the first jack played is high. You should also add the option to play bid to win. Which means you can’t win unless you got the bid on the last hand.

Very slow and excruciating to play with the popup messages. Nice update but hard to play :(

Awesome app just like playing with friends!

We like the game. We don’t like how your partner doesn’t always play fundamentally correct, like not throwing you a point when you are going to get the trick. Then again, we’ve had real life bad partners also.

When you pass the left jack the game freezes up. Fix it JEFF, STAT!

Our biggest gripe is our partner tends to outbid us when he has crappy cards in the suit he chooses. We’ve had him bid 9 with a queen as the high card. The programming needs to have rules that disallow the partner bidding once you bid except in extreme circumstances. Other than that, we have had little issue with stability or any of the other reported complaints.

We love the game and play it all the time but it freezes sometimes when off jack is involved.

Every now and then the game will not recognize a card played but overall game at is good. Only complaint would be that your computer partner will often out bid you with a horrible hand. Would enjoy being able to play other real players.

Love playing Pitch. How about making 11 point? Thats the game we are used to playing. Also suggest making the winning total flexible. We always played to 41.

The instructions say that you can play 13 point as long as you enable the off trey. There is nowhere in the app to enable the off trey :-(

Terrible. Developer description says poor reviews were before upgrade. Well, here’s one AFTER the upgrade. Computer players bid 4, 5 or even 6 without a single point card in hand. Game often shuts down for no apparent reason and reverts to a much earlier save point. Total waste of 99 cents.

This app needs much more work. The AI does always play the way it should. In a partner game it’s important to have a good partner. Also, the animation needs to slow down. If the player loses the bid, the game jumps to the first card being played. The instructions are sorely lacking. They don’t explain anything. Lastly, the order is wrong. The Jokers are higher than the 10.

Alot of bugs in the game. The game will skip you even if you still have live cards and then make you play the next round. Your .99 cents would be better spent on a can of soda.

Almost seems like partner deliberately sluffs on your leads but throws away points when the opponent leads. Complete waste of $.99, save your money!

What a piece of crap! Our teammate and we finished two points behind our opponents, yet we were declared the winners. Crashes have not been fixed. Computer apparently doesn’t know strategy. Save your money!

The computer (your partner) is completely stupid and plays sluff cards when it should play points and plays points when they have sluff and common sense says dont because the opposing team has the high card left, out. Frustrating as …. Partner also plays a high card(non point like king or queen) on your ace when it has points and should play those causing u too loose points later in the hand and also causing u too loose another lead and possible points in the upcoming hands.

Locks up, partners are dumb in bidding as well as playing , double shoot doesn’t work, no mis deal setting, locks up mid game and have to restart while phone to get out of( done it several times) wish we could get a refund cuz it blows.

This latest update made it SO much better!! Great job! What would be cool is if you could add a shoot the moon, where you automatically win if you get all 10 points, but you have to bid shoot the moon. And also a misdeal button if you get dealt no face or no points. Or if it could be done automatically that’d be cool.

Awesome game! After latest update the game is even better than before. No longer glitchy. Better team play. Better features. Our favorite card game!

Gameplay is awful and not at all fun to play. App crashes on us often making it even worse.

Freezes up all the time…. Can’t get thru a game… Even after the update.

The promised update hopefully addresses these problems, but until it does, two stars. The computer players are awful. Points sometimes don’t make it on the board, which screws up your bid. And it would be nice to have a wireless multiplayer option. If at least the first two things are addressed, then it’s a four or five star game, easily.

Game crashes constantly we could deal with poor play from partner and opponent but we’ve been able to complete ONE game since purchase without it crashing. Please release a new updated version without the bugs.

Many bugs, freezes often, and computer partner does not play intelligently. Very frustrating. Have had times where points are missing, so it’s impossible to get your bid. Partner won’t cover the trey while holding high trump. We love pitch, we wish this worked better.

Freezes during play. Need to close app and reopen, have the choice to resume game, but all points acquired are lost. Great idea, just wished it worked properly.

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