Pocket City

Last updated on August 1st, 2022 at 01:00 pm

Pocket City


Pocket City is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Codebrew Games Inc., Pocket City is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 7th August 2018 with the latest update 31st January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,379 people have rated 1.0.40

You can download the game Pocket City from APP STORE.


Build your own city as the new mayor. Create residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Build parks and recreation spots. Respond to crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive!

No microtransactions or long wait times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay.

Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay for iOS devices.

Note: Landscape and portrait mode can be toggled in the settings menu during gameplay, or by tapping the icon at the top right of the start screen.

Updated on 31st January 2022

Fixes lag/performance issues on iOS 15.4+
Please update your device to iOS 15.4 when it is released to fix performance problems related to WebKit present in iOS 15.0 – iOS 15.3.

Technical details:
Pocket City uses WebGL to render graphics. iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.3 contains a bug in WebKit causing a worse performance in WebGL. Pocket City instead used a canvas renderer for iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.3, but the performance was still sub-par. iOS 15.4 fixes the WebKit performance bug, and this update reverts Pocket City to use the WebGL renderer again. With this app update and iOS 15.4, Pocket City should be back at full performance.

Pocket City Reviews

We love this game. We have built countless cities.

It may not be as snazzy as some build it type games but Pocketcity definitely keeps you busy. Each location comes with its own challenges that you have to address, and the stats section will tell you exactly what areas need more attention. And when you make adjustments or improvements you can see the effects right away. Love this game!

This game has a whole lot to offer, it is very fun to play and control our city, and most of all natural disasters really make the game even more fun! We cant say more, this game leaves us speechless, we are surprised that this game isnt 40 dollars, just wow this game is perfect! Suggestion: please add pandemics and make it an option like enable or disable, and add protesters, if the mayor of the city is evil and makes there city have high tax make the people protest and the police can also interfere, the protesters should be mild, bad, and extremely bad (riots). It will make the game even more fun then how it is. Sincerely.

This game is awesome but the only downside is that you cant rotate buildings.

Our favorite part is that there are absolutely no ads. Gameplay is incredible and smooth. We just love it!

Thank goodness we finally found a game thats focused on having fun and doesnt riddle you with any micro transaction or in game purchases.

Really lite city builder that doesn’t steal your personal info. Super fun, well made game!

Highly reminiscent of Cities: Skylines! Its slightly more simple than CS, but for wanting to play it while on breaks at work, this fits right in our back pocket, hence the name, and we can have an outlet for our creativity in city management on-the-go! Its well-worth $2.99! And with absolutely no microtransactions, Pocket City puts all the other wallet-eating city builders to shame!

Got this game on a whim, wasnt sure if we were gonna like it. A few days later we love it and play it every day. Its got the zen quality of Minecraft or Animal Crossing but crossed with the perspective of a Civilization game. Great game to relax and listen to music to. Highly recommend!

We just started this game but we love it. Its amazing but we do have one recommendation. When your in the menu or for example building a road and when you confirm or cancel its exits the menus and you have to open the menu and click to what you wanted. Its just tedious when your building a lot. Anyways you probably wont see this and a bot will respond to us but the games fun, good job.

Wish we had more road option maybe single lane Maybe even have a bridge that can support highway flow Love this game.

This game is super addicting and so fun. The ability to make so many different cities across different regions that benefit from eachother is an amazing idea, and the fact that this game is super cheap and there are no ads and no micro transactions AND no long wait times at all? SO GREAT. We’ve looked for a game like this for years ever since we played the Facebook SimCity game like a decade ago. Highly recommend to anyone. Also hope they add more stuff in future updates because its so fun to mess with all the stuff you can place.

Worth more than the price. Cant wait for Pocket City 2!

We bought this game in october of 2020 and for a brief time it was great, then some update to ios or the game- no idea- caused the game to stutter terribly on all of our ios devices (even new ones we have gotten since then.) well the most recent update finally seems to have solved the stutter, thank you! Now the only issue is that the game doesnt recognize mouse events from our magic keyboard- but we guess thats why its called pocket city and not laptop city ;)

A rare gem. A fun game that captures the essence of what youre looking for in a city simulator. We actually want to pay more for this game because its good and you have to support the decent humans that will just sell you a game rather than litter it with micro transactions. This reminds us of all that is right with this genre of games.

Finally, someone has made a Sim city management game that is a one time only purchase, looks good, plays well, and is engaging on multiple levels. We havent even touched the multiplayer yet! Only thing so far that we dislike is that the player is unable to rotate the view or the placement of objects that dont take up a uniform number of squares (like the Ferris wheel). That would be a cool thing to see in future updates which is the only reason we include it here; in the hopes that it may be a thing later on! But without it, the game is a blast and takes us back to our early PC gaming days. A steal at $3; we strongly suggest it if you were ever a fan of early Sim games. Thanks to everyone involved for a great game!

Okay so we have waited until we got decently far in this game( as much as you can with a sim city style game ) and we have to say we love it. Really truly have had a blast with it. The one saving grace for us was when we found out you can purchase more than one piece of land at a time from the old man by clicking more than one. We have been playing hard mode and this is where the game shines. If youre looking for a casual sim city style game with updates buildings and graphics, skip easy or normal or whatever it is and go straight to hard. Your choices matter, your faults are not overly punished and you can back up and take a second look without feeling like you need to nuke your town orbit. The sheer ease of the normal or easy mode lets you learn everything about the game before going full in which is great! Im alittle confused about the balance of some of the qualifiers. Like having a 86% fire safety rating when you have 30 fire stations are completely leveled. But still. Great game. Great pick up and put down casual gaming on the go. What phone games should benot a consolelookin at you Fortnite.

Honestly, its hard to find a treasure as good as this these days. The content is so fulfilling and with infinite possibilities. We wish we could give 10 stars for the fact that there isnt any micro transactions or advertisements. Just pure enjoyment.

We’ve been playing this game on and off for years, and it never gets old. One suggestion, if possible, would be to allow games to be saved in iCloud instead of needing to keep track of a code. This makes switching between iOS devices a bit of a pain. Thank you for a great game!

We’ve played other city building games before such as SimCity Build It and none of them compare to Pocket City. Its just as it says on the tin. There are no long wait times, or any wait times really, for any action. You level up insanely fast and sometimes after doing nothing at all! Each level up is rewarded with money, XP, or a building. You have great incentive to keep playing through the quests that also give good rewards. You can control the flow of your income based on realistic concepts like sales, income, and property taxes. You can take out or pay off loans like an actual city would need to do. You can filter your view of your city to see whats really going on with things like crime, traffic, environment, or zoning. Ultimately, one of the best, most immersive city building games we’ve ever played. Dont regret this one at all!

We never write reviews because we have never truly been blown away by a game, that changed with this one though. It is worth paying for, we have spent hours on this game since downloading it, its one of those that is hard to stop playing. There are no adds because you pay for it, and that makes the experience a million times better. There are so many areas to explore and different achievements to unlock that really prevent this game from getting boring. We want to quit our job and play this full time, it has changed our life. We honestly lose myself in the game. We hope whoever else downloads this game has a life-altering experience as well.

Bought the game at 9pm, played it for a little bit. Looked up its 3am. Its addicting. Reminds us of city skylines but streamlined. No ads no paywalls. Great game for a good price.

A well-thought-out game that in Sandbox Mode lets you design your dream city (with all city properties immediately available) or in regular mode requires you to progress through 100 levels and more at one of three levels of difficulty you choose, unlocking city properties as you advance. Along the way the game offers rewards for optional assignments. There are a number of ways to customize the game. In Sandbox Mode you can opt for unlimited funds. You can raise or lower taxes as you wish. Natural disasters (from which you can choose to rebuild) let you progress faster, but you can disable these. Halfway through you gain the ability to alter terrain. Its not a mindless childs game in regular mode. You can run out of money or lose property to fire if your fire stations are badly placed, for instance. Unhappy residents mean revenue; unhappy ones mean your city stagnates. Terrain-altering, a number of decorative items, various businesses, and numerous housing styles let you really get creative in Sandbox Mode. The Delete icon lets you periodically redesign. You can choose a medium or large city map. The developers added a certain amount of whimsy. Your citizens spout everything from philosophical musings to cravings for pineapple pizza. Fire engines ram through cars. Thanks to the three difficulty levels, the game isnt too easy (boring) or too hard (frustrating). Its one of our favorite games and maybe the best five dollars we ever spent.

If you love city builders than this is the best one on the app store! The game has nice progression and silky little quests to get you going and actually interested in your city!

If you like sim city or pocket build type games, youll go crazy for this. Would love to see more detail and variation in future updates!

We were looking for a nice simple city sim for our iPad, this perfectly fit the bill. It is no where super complex like Cities Skylines but personally we like that.

We loved this game. We were a little weary paying for it bc we hate buying thing without knowing if Id like it, but this was a good purchase. This is a bit reminiscent of both SimCity and City Skylines. Our biggest annoyance was the road building mechanics. It was tedious and time consuming to plan out the roads in advance. We would like it if the road building worked more like it does in mini mortarways.

It is so fun and fast paced we feel like there is never a full moment. 10/10 Would Reccomend.

This is genuinely one of the most fun games we have played, though we’ve pretty much finished the casual mode its still fun to check around your cities but it could do with some new content. If this game is updated its patches. Good game, if you have spare cash get it.

We enjoy this game and props for not having it laced with micro-transactions. It is great that it does not require any invasive tracking or anything like that. Hopefully there could be plans for expansions or possibly even a sequel at some point in the future. There are also audio issues within the game.

This is a fantastic mobile city builder with no micro-transactions! Its super easy to pick up and play throughout the day and the graphics are really nice. We just wish there were more types of buildings and stuff to add to your city. The different zones can get a bit repetitive and we feel like there could be more options in the landmarks and fun categories which would add more to the game. Overall excellent but can be made even better!

First off we absolutely love playing this game. We spent endless hours in past decades playing SimCity, SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000, before EA bought Maxis and totally lost its way. Their modern games full of overblown design, microtransactions and terrible you know, simulation are garbage. Pocket City is by far the best modern game we’ve found in the spirit of the old games. But we want more. We know the developer has been working for the past few years on Pocket City 2, which looks promising but is maybe overshooting the target. We really don’t want something radically different from Pocket City "1" we just want more of it! I’d love to see more buildings, more quests, and maybe a bit more true simulation logic stuff from SimCity 2000 that’s lacking here, like property values being affected by proximity (e.g. Don’t put residential next to an airport or steel mill), properties being abandoned when demand goes negative, etc. This basic game engine is perfect just as it is it just needs more content added!

Hello there! Our name is Noah and our son loves this game and we dont mind him playing it but he has restrictions on safari and every time he goes on the app he always has to turn it off, could you possibly make the game not run on safari? We just dont want to make our son not play it and its a not the best to just turn it on, then turn it back off. He seems to love the game and we’ve played it and we love the concept but just change it please! Thank you!

Its a nice and quick city builder. We did like it quite a bit but a few hours in and youre basically done with the game. We think there are a lot of features that could be added to make it more interesting. Hopefully the developers plan on expanding further. We get the neighbor city is supposed to do that but its like starting over and doing the same thing again so its not as fun as it could be.

Such a fun game! Theres no waiting for energy to recharge, no endless in-game purchases to actually progress, and the visuals are great. Its honestly hard to put our phone down, and we find an hour has passed without even realizing it. The only issues we have with this app is the lag. When you zoom out on the city it glitches, but thats understandable. The one thing we wish would be addressed is when youre building, it sometimes freezes and wont let you place anything. This is often the reason we finally close out of the app, as it become frustrating having to continuously exit the build mode to get it to work, usually for it to happen multiple other times immediately after. Hopefully this gets addressed in a future update, but we will definitely keep playing and would recommend it to anyone!

Game works great until you get to a second city. Then the game halts over and over and over and over and over. Not worth playing unless youre in the first city after that.

Almost there in most categories, not there but almost there. High Traffic areas isnt shown by how many cars, you have to go to the view. We can build power at one end of the map and supply power to all over. The helicopter police and fire makes it too easy. No real neighborhood ratings if res built by indust it doesnt matter. Doesnt auto stop when attempting to build a street into another territory you dont own. We really feel like its not a challenge to really to win no way to fail kind of game. You stall the game if you forget to do things but dont really fail or have to start over. We dislike the remember aspect of the game, you build a bank but if you dont remember to upgrade then it hurts. You dont remember to upgrade a zone and it hurts. Hate remember this and thats. Im getting bored of playing only after 8 hours of playtime. We feel like devs on many phone apps including this one try so hard to accommodate too wide of an age group that gameplay is vague and easy. Like everyone gets a trophy just for opening the app rather then making good choices in the game that lead to good results. We dont feel like we’ve had to make a single critical choice that could jeopardize gameplay or require us to start over. In the end this will probably be shelved for when our kid wants to see us play a game and waste time on the phone on a plane.

UPDATE #2: iOS 15.4 resolves the lag issue, and we can confirm that it does. Unfortunately, our city is still gone that we poured hours into. Maybe this game is something we come back around to in the future, but after re-downloading to test the developers response about 15.4 resolving the lag we re-uninstalled. We just dont feel like starting over. Ill keep this at 2 stars as it shouldve been 1 star after discovering no cloud save ability the hard way. Thank you to the developer, for the response. UPDATE #1: we guess Ill be removing it after all. We tried removing the game and reinstalling it, only to find that our previous city is now gone forever. Was fun while it lasted. ORIGNAL: Purchased this game on our iPhone X a few weeks ago, and loving it! Unfortunately, we just upgraded to the new iPhone 13 Pro and the game is unplayable. It lags like crazy! The cars are staggering along the roads, and the worst part is zooming in and out. Zooming is delayed by a second or 2 and jumps all around. Im going to try some things, but if those dont work Ill have to remove it. Sad day in our city as the pocket mayor will just have to move on.

Used to be great, now its so laggy it doesnt run. Using the XS.

Talk to us when its not broken.

We bought this on accident. We thought hey its okay maybe its fun. It isnt. We dont even want to waste our time writing a review. ((I did request a refund but apple denied.

Please add iCloud save support.

Love that we can just pay a couple bucks for surprisingly fun managing game! Totally worth it in our opinion.

This game is absolutely phenomenal. We very rarely buy games on the App Store. And out of all of them, this is by far the best one we’ve ever bought. This game is so unbelievably fun. As soon as you think youre reaching the end of the game.

SOME GUY JUST SAID we hope nobody finds the bodies.

Its the most amazing game we’ve ever played! Could complete with titles as big as Minecraft!

The game need some new stuff like military bases and like trains that go on the ground steam trains and train stations we need that that would make the game a lot more cooler and fun and also you were so invasion event should be added to the disaster that would make the game a lot more competitive and we want more fun than to deal with you should also add passenger ships to the game if you do this we will give you 10 out of 10 stars.