Pocket GM 21: Football Manager

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:05 pm

Pocket GM 21: Football Manager


Pocket GM 21: Football Manager is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Jonathan Howell, Pocket GM 21: Football Manager is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 30th January 2021 with the latest update 6th December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Sports, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,462 people have rated 1.5.2

You can download the game Pocket GM 21: Football Manager from APP STORE.


Manage your very own American Football franchise. Make trades, draft your franchise Quarterback, hire backroom staff and win the Championship.


Use default players, random rosters or import teams created by the fantastic community. Every game is different and presents a new challenge.


Become the General Manager of a Pro Football Team and build your dynasty. Hire your coach, set your schemes, sign and release players, make trades and draft players. Coach your players from rough diamonds to perennial stars.

Watch each football game play out as momentum shifts from team to team. See your franchise win the Championship and stars achieve All Pro status.


Go all in to win, or tank for the #1 draft pick – it’s up to you! Build your Football Dynasty!

Join the community on reddit and help develop the game to be even better.


#1 Football GM Game on iOS, based on gmgames.org User Ratings in American Football Simulator Games category, as at 29th August 2021.

Updated on 6th December 2021

Can it get any better? Yes. Yes it can.
You wanted flexible contracts and that’s what you’ve got…along with some other bug fixes and improvements.


  • Front and backweighting of contracts now possible
  • Franchise tagging available for expired contracts
  • Max contract length increased to 7 years
  • Extending contracts allowed before final contract year
  • Restructuring contracts to increase current year cap space
  • General UI Improvements
  • Minimum salary increased to 700k
  • Free agent contract demands reduced to 1 year during season
  • Unused cap space now rolls over to following season (upto 10%)

Achievement Bug Fixes:

  • Def Scheme achievements wasn’t always recognised
  • Last to First achievement wasn’t always recognised


  • Added QB Rating to player stats
  • You can now hold down buttons when selecting holiday length
  • Top free agents should no longer go unsigned through pre-season free agency
  • Tweak to fantasy points calculation for QBs

Pocket GM 21: Football Manager Reviews

We sink hours into this game and our grades are dropping but we dont care. This used to be our backup to Madden Franchise mode, but now we play it even more for a few reasons. We like that theres no limit to how long a franchise can run. We like how simple it is. However theres a few things Id like to see implemented. More customization would be cool, like some sort of god mode where you could edit and create players, no salary cap, etc. Also showing players numbers, and being able to change that would be cool as well. Also, we think when playing a game, it would be nice to be able to sub out a player, like if a QB is not performing well, they would be able to be benched in favor of another QB. Overall, fantastic game!!!! Even without these things, its still our favorite app on our phone. Keep it up! EDIT: An option for dark mode would also be a great addition. EDIT 2: we think a reworked accolade system would be cool. Its a little vague right now, just listing how many of each award a player has. Instead, maybe a list of how many times the player has won mvp for example, and the years theyve done so. Additionally, we think super bowl MVP and conference player of the week should both be listed under a players list of accolades.

First of all the game is amazing. We think we’ve left maybe one or two reviews for games and this one is well deserved and its an easy five stars. There are a few feature ideas that we think should be implemented, but they in no way make the game any less enjoyable. Id like to see a better tracking method of transactions for instance trades that occurred on the players page similar to baseball reference or football reference (the websites) as an example. Just so we can know who we traded player x for in 2022 if Im in 2034 to keep track of our teams history. It would also be nice to have a team history, and a league history, that showed the teams that won the Champions Bowl (like their roster at the time) and to be able to search for former stars to see where they ended up or how close to the hall of fame they were. Those, we believe, are our only two comments however. Essentially the hope is to include more frivolities in terms of league history/decorations and that sort of thing. The gameplay itself is fantastic however and Im in 2042 and theres no signs of slowing down. Buy this game.

Im a little late to writing this review, but we’ve been playing literally since the game came out. We absolutely love it. We really cant wait to see what new features you guys come out with in the future. A few we would like to see would be no salary cap option, edit play sliders, etc. Keep up the great work!

So let us start by saying we love this game. The amount of time we spend playing this game is insane. Just this past week, we checked our screen time and we played for over 10 hours in a week. Before this game we always playing retro bowl, then finally decided the spend the 2 dollars and get this game and turned out to be worth it. Anywayyy thoo, we got a concept that should be taken into consideration. To be able to switch up your roster while a game is active. So for example, you have an aging quarterback who had a decent season and is taking you to the playoffs. But you also have a young rookie that you wanna develop, instead of having the rookie start the whole game, let your veteran qb gain the lead and about 3rd or 4th quarter put your rookie to help speed up his development for when he takes over the starting job. Also adding different character styles. Other than that, this game is phenomenal as it is our favorite football game, lowkey better than madden.

Just did a 4 hr flight that legit felt like 1 hr. Great offline time killer and uses your brain.

First, we would like to thank you for making such a great game!! We spend countless hours a week playing this game!! We LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! We’ve noticed we play the game so much but never gave it a review. We do have one request Please make a career mode!!! We WOULD SPEND HUNDREDS ON THE GAME!! PLEASE N THANK U?!

Best app hands downI spend hours a day on this. Love the new contract restructure + franchise tag addition!

We’ve played over 400 seasons now, absolutely addicted. Gets better with every update!

So this game is super but us and our friend play and wish we could be in the same league like play against each like its a online league like madden does. Another thing is we wish we could add our own draft class and customize the players if we want but other then that the game is great.

This is easily the best football gm game out there right now. We would love to see a game for 2022 and see if they have any new ideas.

Absolutely our favorite game on our phone. We found gm21 by accident and fell in love with these games. Gm22 was the first game that we bought on our phone and didnt feel like we got robbed of our money. We were wondering if there is anyway you can add a new roster roster spot to the new game model where you can designate a kick and punt returner. Or just a special teams part of the game. To really make it more dynamic. Just something we were thinking about after watching devin Hester highlights. Haha Thanks for the great game.

We’ve played but about every football since out there and this is by far the best, in year 2067 with 6 Super Bowls and we love it, its the only game we play.

Really awesome sim. Developer seems to work on updates often, is active and listens to the community and is open about when stuff is coming out. The type of game you can pick up a few minutes at a time or play a whole season in a sitting.

We dont see why many are complaining. This game is addictive and fun. Salary cap issues making you lose your star??? Be a GM and find a work around. Draft smart, trade smart and keep that franchise afloat. This game is amazing, cant wait for the next PGM23.

Wouldnt stadium food, ticket pricing, and rebuilding be cool? We just wish it was a more owner feel than general manager. Dont get us wrong, we love this game but Im just a greedy never good enough customer.

Awesome game that keeps us addicted for hours. Do you plan on making a 2022 version?

Its such an amazing set up. From playing to managing. The best Non consol Game for sure! Hope theres a 2022 or 2023 coming.

Been playing since the early on in the first version. Its always been great, but after all the updates it stands alone as the best football GM sim out there, IMO. Shoutout to the developer that has done an amazing job here.

It is almost impossible to find games that are not micro-transaction filled cash grabs for mobile. This game is a dream! Full game, no add-ons, no timed events or waiting and a serious management sim! A new free update has added even more amazing features! A sincere thank you to the developer. Outstanding game!

This game is well worth $2. In fact, Id say thats a complete steal. We could play this for hours without losing interest. A++ game for football fans. The only wish we have for this game is that we could be able to play it online with friends. Competing to build a dynasty online against our buddies would make this game all that much more fun.

Could we get a basketball version?

But this game made us quit wasting 60 dollars on madden this game is legit our favorite game its amazing try it out .

We love the style of game this app has become and we countless hours on this app. We believe you should try and do other sports like hockey and basketball or etc with the same style concept of app.

We know you want to make the game all realistic and stuff but the salary cap is ridiculous. We cant go one or 2 seasons without losing one of our star players or missing out on the opportunity to get a star player yes we know you want it aligned with real life things but you cant expect people to keep playing the game if we keep getting cheesed with salary cap we’ve seen multiple complaints online about it also and if we dont like a game we usually delete it and dont leave a review but we love this game and its the best GM game we’ve played but the salary cap is whats killing it. Were spending hard earned money to play your game the least you can do is listen to us. Just like how you did with Injuries can you PLEASE give us an option to take off salary cap so some people can play it the irl way and some people can play the fun way cause as of right now this salary cap problem is crazy and we played Pocket GM 20 and deleted it cause of the salary cap and bought 21 hoping we wouldnt have that problem 5 days pass of us letting it slide but we just lost our 92 linebacker 88 safety and missed an opportunity for a 84 receiver and that isnt right to be honest.

We love this game but one thing that would make this game or future versions (pocket gm 22) better would be to add franchise records like who has the most passing yards in philly history and add a top 10 with it. Same with all time. Id love to see the top 10 QBs in terms of Career passing yards as well as top 10 most in a season and game (that also applys to franchises as well and all positions) other than that we love the game.

We enjoy the game a lot but we hate that tiebreakers dont apply in this game it bothers also we hate that we cant change our characters eyes it bothers us but thats just a small issue the tie breaker being non existent is what really bothers me.

This is the best football management app we’ve played, only issue we have is at a certain point Im unable to use the trade block or sign free agents.. The game just wont let us, it has to be a bug.

We love this game but it definitely needs some work. We wish the player stats were more detailed and we hate that the awards given at the end of the season are based solely on fantasy points. Also theres a glitch where we cant draft punters or kickers. The game simulation also should include the name of the players as they make plays like gaining yards or showing who fumbled the ball. This is definitely a good game thats a few steps from being great.

We are enjoying the game but it unfortunately keeps crashing for us after one season. If it gets fixed we will upgrade rating to 5 stars. Not sure if this is a problem with our phone or the game since we have no other problems.

We’ve had 4 super bowl runs in a row and lost every one. And we’ve had other files where we make the Super Bowl. But we’ve never won. Why?

We love the concept of the game. It just dont understand how we can have a 86 overall team and win 5 games?? That doesnt make sense to me.

Edit: After a couple hundred seasons of chasing records we’ve come to the realization that it isnt worth your time. We develop MVP caliber players that get on pace to SMASH single season records through 7-8 games. We watch all of the games in the live format from then out and all of a sudden our QB cant find the endzone or the play calling is run-run-run on every series. We wish we could call our own plays for this reason. Something simple as run or pass. Also please add a league god mode where we can edit everything from player ratings to league salary cap and what not. There are times when we get too deep into a league and the cap gets broken or have players that start declining too early. Would be a handy tool to have to just keep things from getting so unrealistic after 50-100 seasons.

Started a new season at Draft with a loaded roster set, once draft was over, game crashes. When we go to load, new owner screen comes up, Hit Continue and game kicks us out.

It may just be our experience but we see this game as a strictly random success chance based purely off your teams overall score. Player development to us makes no sense and just seems out of place, and you cant even train to improve who you do have, like why? Worst thing for us is you cant adapt to whom youre playing against so on top of the random number generation youre stuck watching the same off and def strategy against every single team. Feels basic but glossed with stats to make it seem more complicated than it is. Just our opinion though.

Good game and good idea but the trade menu is horrible and messy it would be nice if players were separated by position and if you could change a players position like a OG to OT or a LB to DE or DT we would also like if there was a lot more cap space because it is hard to improve your team and you can barely keep a full roster with such little cap space. Otherwise really good game and Idea! Just some huge fixes would bump it from a two to a three. We bought it because we thought these issues would be fixed in this one but we suppose not. Please fix these! And we also realize that most of the other reviews mention these issues.

The creators made a game that requires you to constantly resim games. The ratings mean nothing, or the sim is rigged. Either way if you actually care about seeing the benefit of actually building a team (ie a legit result based off ratings), find another game. There are a ton of positive reviews here for some reason. We assume due to the GM portion.. Which is cool. Too bad that 99 QB you wasted time grooming never plays like one, or that 99 DE never gets more than 5 sacks in a season, or that. Never mind. Horrible game.

This game is awesome and just keeps getting better, the developer is committed to making the game the best it can be and listens to the community. Best $2 you could possibly spend for entertainment, we’ve gotten countless hours of fun playing this!

We have played a lot of sport team manager games, and for a NFL game, this is the best one. It has real team rosters, pretty good draft mechanics even thou we enjoyed the grading system better before the last update. Now it really killed the value of picks and players that are 79 and below, but it doesnt ruin the game. The only reason we didnt give it 5 stars is the fact that the pc controlled teams dont have to stay inside the salary cap. If at the beginning of the season you are past the salary cap, a box pops up telling you have to make cuts or allow the game to make them for you. The game controlled team keep there beat players until they retire mostly because they get to go over the cap, and its frustrating when you go to make a trade for picks, and you cant because the computer controlled team is over the cap. We think this a issue that needs to be addressed before anything else is in the game, and then it would be a 5 star game to us.

Loving it. Dont ever stop making these games or updating them, we play this game whenever im bored and we would love to see what else you can do with the updates and the next year!

We would love the game a lot more it the next update allowed for salary cap to be turned off.

Best simulation game out there. Download it and play it for hours!

We really enjoy this game, been looking for a football simulator like this for a while now, only a few suggestions that are mainly due to us being a bit of a stat head. 1. Save previous season stats – its always fun to look back at who lead the league when and how dominant certain players where in seasons. 2. Team HoF/Retiring numbers- although players dont wear numbers we feel like it would be super nice to add certain superstar players to your personal HoF since certain roles struggle to get HoF progress. 3. Fully Custom rosters – a much harder feature to implement but we think being able to make custom rosters could add a ton of replay value. A few other minor suggestions but the base game is amazing and we love that an Indie dev can make such a fun game for so cheap.

We’ve been on pocket gm since pocket gm 20 was on preorder. We love the games so much that we wonder if yall can make a pro basketball version too cause nobody seems like they can do it the right way.

We love this game its absolutely amazing and the best manager game we have played, we think you should be able to substitute a player during a game if there not doing good, just to add some more realism. Thanks.

We always loved NFL GM games and this mobile game is really good. Realistic stats. Great UI. Fun and addictive. One thing though, the draft classes always seem to be very low on some positions. Theres not enough QBs or TEs. Seems to be overloaded with WRs and RBs. It makes balancing a roster hard.