Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:35 am

Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars


Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nordcurrent UAB, Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars is a Lifestyle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th May 2021 with the latest update 25th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Lifestyle, Simulation, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


26,016 people have rated 4.0.4

You can download the game Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars from APP STORE.


Become the trendsetter in a modern world of fashion influencers. Compete with other players across the globe and show them who has the best taste in this glamorous dress-up game!

Do you like stylish clothing? Do you get excited about extravagant accessories or stunningly beautiful makeup and hair combinations? Then you’re in for a fashionable treat! Go on a shopping spree, and expand your wardrobe with the most exquisite clothing and luxurious bags, hats, shoes, and jewelry. Choose the perfect hairstyle and makeup, mix and match from millions of different clothing combinations, and find the most stylish look for your avatar!

Dress up to style a unique look for glamorous events and compete with other fashionistas. Vote for their looks, climb the leaderboard and your socialite ladder, and become the most stylish and trendsetting influencer. It’s time to take the fashion world by storm!

This dress-up fashion game features:

  • An ever-expanding collection of beautiful clothes and stylish accessories
  • A vast selection of makeup and hairstyles
  • Numerous fashion events to participate in, where You can win exclusive rewards
  • Roasting or praising other players’ looks
  • The chance to become a trendsetter and set the new rules of the game

It’s stylish, it’s glamorous, and it’s FREE.
Start your best dress-up adventure and join the glamorous world of fashion!

Updated on 25th April 2022

Various minor improvements to make your gaming experience better.
Be sure your game is up to date so you can have the best time playing!

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Pocket Styler: Fashion Stars Review

Although we enjoy this game we are troubled because overtime you can accumulate quite a bit of money but there are only a few items to buy with money each season. You have to end up spending quite a bit of money on diamonds – because most of the fashion items can only be purchased with diamonds. The game needs some option to convert money to diamonds. We noticed that you can convert diamonds to money, but not vice versa. This seems like a scam.

Pocket styler is a really good game we really recommend it its a fun free app and we just think that lots of people who love to create their own outfits that this is a fake for you people!

We enjoy pocket styler from our 2 Days of playing it! The game is very fun.

We have enjoyed this game so much! However, the ads have become vulgar; Complete with sounds and simulating adult situations. We hope these will be changed up so we can continue to play this game!

First of all we love this game . Second if you look at the bad reviews of the game shutting down or not working it is because the game does not work their style device, so make sure to look at that before you download the game. Third people sometimes complain about low scores when they use hot items but really it is not a automatic system that does the voting it is the players in the heart and collection items only give you bonuses they dont affect your rating at all.

It glitch everytime we want to redeem our double rewards. Hope it get fixed! We really like this apps.

We love how addicting it is and how fun it is, but after awhile it gets very difficult to play without having to spend real money on it. We use every ad chance we have to double our earnings and still cant usually finish all of the opportunities because we just dont make enough money. Really want to keep playing but we dont know man, its getting frustrating.

We should be able to sale items in our closet that we dont like or wear. Our closet is getting way too full.

We love this game, we play it everyday.. Probably sometimes to a fault. Only giving 4 stars because we think you should get some kind of reward whenever you get badges and we think items that cost money should roll out more often.. Even though we understand they still want to make money off the game. Overall fun.

This app is fun you get to create Outfits (with a limit) and post but the bad thing is we dont have any dimonds.

It is a very fun game. We would have given 5 stars but you do need to buy to win and not a lot of sales. But otherwise this game is fun and addicting.

We find this game relaxing and fun. We appreciate not getting stuck for ever in order to advance a level and no annoying ads.

Lots of glitches and freezes up often. Frustrating when youve spent money and diamonds only for the game to crash and not save your look but deduct your things spent. We’ve also noticed the stylist circle opportunities just vanish when it glitches so you, again, lose everything.

We love the game no doubt but in order to get good styles u have to put some real money in and us since im cheapy the cheap we dont want to so we click on the option that allows u to get double rewards that means watching the ad we watch and it does not give us the REWARD and happens too often we dont even get the NORMAL one its very annoying.

We like the game. We showed it to our daughter and grand daughter and they like it too. Fixes needed in Quest( example, no white.. You do No White and get no credit) Downloaded another game to get diamonds and they never showed. Other than that we are enjoying it.

There needs to be a timer for how long you look at the choices when you vote so you actually choose based off how good the styles look and not at random, because people just fly through because they need to vote to get tickets it becomes very by chance if you get a good score or not and while its a good concept it doesnt work as well in game.

We love playing this game but we hate that sometimes when we go to submit our outfit it sometimes freezes after it goes through the ads and then it doesnt submit it and we have to shut our phone off and back on to get it to then you dont get to double your rewards after that and it has ripped us off at times saying we need to finish purchasing our items when we’ve already done it and lots of times we dont have extra diamonds to repurchase something,it would be nice if you could get more things with cash cause we tend to have more of that then diamonds and Im not paying for extra.

We have been playing the app for about two months. Overall we find it to be good and enjoy playing it. Its better than most apps because it requires creativity. The app itself is easy to navigate and interesting to use. There are some ways it could be better. 1. Players are required to purchase clothes but some are too exotic and not something you would see a woman wear. 2. A player can use diamonds or dollars to purchase them but often required to use diamonds. However players are mostly given bonuses in dollars. A high rating is needed to get diamonds. 3. The rating system is not clear and styles often seem under rated while others are over rated. 4. Some requirements are odd combinations of clothes that arent worn together making it difficult to style a look. The game could become more popular if these issues were addressed.

We really enjoy styling outfits to fit occasions and we love fashion! We want to live this game, but Its very frustrating when others or even those assigning the challenge, dont understand the assignment! For example, the assignment might be, style an outfit for row boating and then the judging is full of formal gowns and high heels? Or kite flying and again crazy formal dresses and stilettos? Its just not realistic enough to be fun. Other than that, we dont have a problem with earning enough money or diamonds to purchase outfit pieces. This could be a great game, if the challenges had more realistic options to make outfits, match the assigned occasion.

We really enjoy the fashion aspect of this game but Im getting burned out and heres why: 1) in order to get diamonds in the events you have to use the specific items chosen for you there is not a lot of variety. We put gold hoop earrings on everything just to get higher scoreruining our look in the process. 2) the duels are like rigged slot machines because some of the outfits that have won the duels are so bad. We want to win of course but fairly!!! We’ve spent quite a bit of money because we were enjoying it but we think Im about done for now.

Items cost too much so it gets frustrating.

We love the game but sometimes it can get boring. But we love styling so its rare that Im board of the game. Also whoever created the game had good ideas so thats why we chose to give it 3 stars.

Since the download 2 days ago, not being able to double our reward or get our 3rd roll on the free page. Very frustrated! Please fix ASAP.

We now have over 130k in game dollars and still nothing to spend them on. What is the point of them if you cant spend them. Still almost impossible to get 4-5 stars to earn diamonds or clothing items. Definitely a rip off because in order for the game to be fun you have to spend a lot of real cash to be able to buy diamonds to use for items. One more thing if you want a high score put together the ugliest outfit, they somehow get the highest scores.

Be prepared all the bland looks get 5+ stars, literally shoes dress necklace gets the top stars, game is rigged.

We love it it helps you come out of your shel.

We love this game!! We have been playing for a while now and we love it!! But there is only one problemafter a while some of the places or events will not open. We will click on them and it will close the game. This is super frustrating and limits the game for us. Also, we always find myself short on diamonds or money. We suggest that money and diamonds are easier to obtain. Overall great game!

We look forward to playing this game everyday! Its our wind-down activity! We love it! We have been playing for awhile and yes there are times we have encountered some freezing and a few glitches. Yes we are asked to dress our dolls in some hideous outfits and pay an outrageous price for a outfit! We refuse to dress our dolls in those outfits or spend our virtual money and gems on the ugliness! We skip those events and wait for the cute ones! We have a great collection of clothes and can create many cute outfits that meet the qualifications! We have earned lots of virtual money! We wish we could earn just as many gems! Most of the cutest clothes cost gems which are harder to earn than the virtual money. Can you all consider in adding more clothes that cost virtual money and fewer that cost gems? Or can more rewards be gems, also!

We absolutely love this game ! Its high quality and it has so many different options for hair , clothes , makeup ,and eyes. We really do like the variety of clothes with all the different styles. We also like how every so often we have to make updates and we get new things like clothes and hair for our characters. One thing we think is annoying is when Im in certain places or houses the game doesnt load or wont work at all.

We are not leveling up for over a week. Everything else working fine.

We like playing this game a lot. Its a way to pass time and relieve stress. Our only issue is every time we submit a look, the game disconnects from the server. This happens frequently and it becomes very annoying and frustrating when we have to restart our phone and then go back to the game to collect our rewards. We miss a lot of opportunities to double the rewards because of this issue. Otherwise, its great game!

We love this game but the scoring doesnt seem to line up with designs submitted. We’ve looked at a lot of truly hideous styles that got great scores and stunning looks that got low scores. It seems like the ones that reward alot of diamonds for 4 stars and above are the ones that they give the lowest scores so you cant collect the larger diamond reward. We’ve spent way more money on this than Id planned on only to get ripped off on the scoring. They dont even explain how the scores are determined except by having all of the required items. Fun while it lasted but Im not spending another dime on.

We spend tons of money on this game we really like it but we have a big issue we have bought every piece of clothing the game has and you cannot get a good score unless you add a new item every single looks submitted they need a better method where you can get a few uses out of an item maybe five uses and it still be considered a new item for people like us that have done tons of money into it and now we feel stuck with terrible scores or ugly outfits because of the .75 increase you need to to win over a 4.00 star review.

We named the title like that because ever since we took a break and got back the game took forever to load like we mean FOREVER because it loads and gives you tips but for us we have to sit there for like hoursss so we can only give this a 2 star rating we’re so sorry!

This app take Ur money, no refunded if U buy something, and sometimes working good and another working bad Never answers U request for her back Ur money.

This game has a lot of possibilities. It is fun to style and to imagine different outfits for different occasions. Our biggest complaint is that its too expensive to play. In order to actually participate in the game, you have to spend real dollars. Its obvious that the designers and company behind this game are more interested in profits than in actually providing a game for people to play. Im deleting the game.

We cant even style our avatar because it glitches every time it stops and loads and wont let us get in.

Only downloaded for cooking fever.

We updated today and now the app wont even load!!!

First off this is our favorite game to play on Apple, but the reason we gave this game a 1 star is because the advertising of what you are to get for the different charges are false. Thats why its a 1 STAR, if Im paying our hard earn money to get the fake money to dress the ladies at least gave us what we paid for that is shown Thanks Ms Jackson.

First time playing so much fun.

This game is great to play, but you should add more events (like the Christmas event where you collect candy canes) to make voting a little more fun! Otherwise, 10/10.

We love this game! We play it almost everyday, one thing that we feel needs to be changed is that you have the "cash packs" where you buy cash for diamonds. But what about the other way around? Bc we have a lot of cash, but we’re using our own money to buy diamonds… We have pretty much everything that you could buy with Cash. We think that would be a great update!

We absolutely love the game but we do think the items are too expensive for the little bits of dollars and diamonds they give you. We dont have an issue spending money on it but we wish theyd lower the item prices or give more incentives.

We really liked this game but, we would like it even more if it was easier to get money and diamonds.

So the game itself is great. We love fashion designing and this is the perfect game for that. You have a variety of skin colors and race types. But you have to pay 5000 gems to be Asian. Gems are hard to some by without paying. That being said we havent spent a penny in this game and we’ve had a great experience. Adds arent overly excessive but they arent great. They show abusive dads and cheating men. They are adds for a merging game that have nothing to do with any of that. We recommend the developers getting new sponsors. The other thing is whenever we try to get double rewards its says our internet is messed up even though we have full bars. One time when it updated it took all our gems and money that we had been saving up for and we had to contact customer service in order to get them back. Overall its a great game with just a few bumps. Thanks for reading!

Fun game and has a lot of potential. But too many items cost diamonds and are way to expensive for what you earn for submitting a look. There needs to be a better balance. More options for required pieces. We get you want to make money, but you could make it a little easier.