Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield

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Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield

Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield

Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ARCANE TINMEN APS, Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th March 2017 with the latest update 12th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Card, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield ?

9,824 people have rated 5.6.5

What is the price of the Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield released ?

Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield was released on 18th March 2017.

When was the Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield updated ?

The latest updated date of Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield on 12th December 2022.

Where can Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield be downloaded ?

You can download the game Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield from Apple Official App Store.



Dragon Shield – Poké Card Manager makes it easy to check prices for trades, track your Pokemon collection’s value and stats, build decks, instantly translate foreign-language cards and find oracle-text and rulings. Manage your cardboard treasures like a Dragon!


  • Instantly Pokemon scan cards in any language
  • Real-time translation of foreign-language cards
  • Check daily prices from TCG Player and CardMarket
  • Find card price charts for the last 30 days


  • Organize your Pokemon cards into folders
  • Add custom folder images
  • Check folder price valuation and win/loss ratio over time
  • Export cards to .csv or text document
  • Sort your cards using multiple filters
  • Get folder statistics (Card Cost, Card Color, etc.)


  • Create your favorite Pokemon decks
  • Add your sideboard
  • Add cards directly from Inventory
  • Export decks to .csv or text document


  • Compare trade value between two players
  • See who’s winning or losing the trade and by which amount


  • See what Pokemon cards went up or down in value
  • Filter by date and format
  • See the top card winners and losers within your collection


  • Get weekly emails with your collection statistics for the Pokemon card game

Pokémon™ card images and character names are trademarks of Nintendo. All rights reserved. This app is unaffiliated.

Updated on 12th December 2022

Our Dragons found the missing back button on the Scan Screen :)

Poké TCG Scanner Dragon Shield Review

Very easy to work with good job.

This app is great and very clean and easy to use. Scanning is very fast too. Our only requests are being able to sort search results and being able to change the size of cards in your card inventory, maybe by letting us change the number of cards per row. Extra view options for search results would be nice too, where you could see the search results like you see your inventory. We would also love an automatic completion list for each set based on the cards in your invent. The text on card search option doesn’t always work and some cards will just refuse to scan, especially many full art cards but we’ve come across normal cards that refuse to scan. Wishlist also isn’t able to be sorted by current value which is a dissapointment. It is also weird that there is no option to mark older cards as first edition because that drastically changes market value. The app is incredible though and a must have for us! It makes being able to search through all of your cards a breeze. We definitely recommend.

Helpful and accurate and its free.

We are so inclined to give this app 5 stars. The speed and accuracy at which it scans cards is remarkable. Its also incredibly easy to sort and view your cards, its all very sleek and very convenient. The only reason Im not rating it 5 stars is due to the inability to mark cards with variants other than normal and holo. This becomes an issue in certain circumstances. In the case of Pokmon, some cards have jumbo sizes which are often worth much more than their standard size, or 1st edition versus normal in the case of older sets.

You have to pay for everything why cant there be a app where you can just scan or look at different card prices and not pay monthly.

We signed up for an account wit dragon shield so we could use the app fully. Havent been sent a confirmation email (its been a while) so we cant actually log in. This rating will change if the confirmation email gets sent and we can log in, but right now, its not worth the trouble. (I have had a lot of tech issues today, this is just adding on)

We have seen some crazy things on here for our cards. We have a collection of old and rare cards and wanted to find out its worth. The app was easy to use, fast, and reliable. Excellent, we highly recommend.

When we add to our inventory and we pick the scan feature we cant get back to the main menu anymore have to close out complete and restart.

Upon downloading the app we have to register for an account to keep lists and other basic things that should just come with the app. We registered our email and after we tried to log in, it said our email wasnt verified, so Im basically locked out. Neither of the screens work to scan the cards either so this app is pretty much useless.

The prices on the app titled Pokellector were not accurate at all, so we tried this app, and it was amazing!! We have used Dragon Shield sleeves across all of our decks, and they are by far the best, there the real deal, (sounds like a paid advertisement lol) and this app is 100% just as quality as there sleeves, top notch , and Im reading all of the reviews you get, and you guys actually take the time to respond to almost all of them?!? Unheard of!! Props to all of you hard working Devs! Keep up the amazing work!! So far we’ve bought your Matte Green, Purple and Blue sleeves, and will be getting more!! Plan on getting our first set of Matte Dual sleeves, and they look great in Pokmon cards. Again, thank you so much!!

SUCH a good app! This is exactly what we were looking for. Its got everything anyone would need. We just causally collect Pokmon cards for the images and have a binder full of them. This helps us know what we have on hand so we dont accidentally buy duplicates! We also love that it tells you how much the price typically is for the cards, theres a ton we have that we didnt even know were worth so much! Its great, cant recommend it enough!

But you have to have Pokmon cards but we LOVE ITTT.

We were about to give away our rare cards but instead we found out that they cost so much so we sold them and made 100$

This app is a good app if you like Pokmon cards it can tell you how much money its worth and has cards for sale.

We keep trying to log in or sign up but when we try it always says Account not in database. We mean what kind of app is this if it wont let us get to have all the advantages of having an account!

We’ve been scanning our cards and we dont know whats the point beside scanning them.

App wont scan full art/V Pokmon cards, and will only scan certain other Pokmon cards.

We got to see all the values and information of our cards including blaziken vmax alt art, charzard vmax rainbow rare, and arceus vstar secret rare and giritina vstar rainbow rare.

This is honestly one of the first reviews we’ve probably ever done on the AppStore and we have had 12+ years of apple products. We usually dont write reviews for anything but wow this app amazes us with how quickly it recognized our cards. Also we love the way the price changes based on the market of each card. Very easy to use and very very useful and handy. Great job team.

We really like every feature on this app, but we would like to make a suggestions. Could you add a check list feature to the decks? We would personally like it if we could see what cards we dont have and still need to look for.

The funnest game ever played is very helpful It has helped us scan our cards.

The only thing wrong with it is it doesn’t scan verywell.

Tried for the free trial as advertised, but our card was immediately charged – submitted for a refund and denied. Zero stars.

So we just got it but we HATE games that have in app purchases But we do like how you can check the value of your cards we would recommend this game to anyone!

We rarely review things. We literally just downloaded this, used the card scanner, didnt even have a second to try to adjust the scanner to capture the card at a proper angle and it just instant got it right and shocked us XD Then we saw a price on an Eevee card we had just confirmed was around $6, so it was accurate as well, and then we saw we could click on the card and it took us straight to TCGs website page for the right card to show us pricing. Our jaw literally dropped. Im so frustrated that we didnt find this so long ago, whenever this app came out. Within less then a minute of using this app we can tell this is about to make our trading and collecting life beyond easier and less stressful and hectic. We’ve spent more time writing this then using the app even ha. And we read another review that sold us on this and saw the devs reply and how caring and REAL their reply was and am so impressed. Hoping this app never looses the caring people behind it. We need more of that so badly with everything these days.

Not rating just asking a question, does this scan any card or dragons only. We have Pokmon cards and not all of them are dragons. Please get back to us soon.

Best app we’ve ever used in the world scratch that universe.

Dont get us wrong! The app is perfect in every way! We are one of those few lucky collectors who managed to get their hands on some Japanese Pokmon cards. And we heard that they go for a slightly higher price. We think its cool that the app translates the cards. But we think it would be even cooler if the app can also determine the price of foreign cards as well.

We cannot stress how helpful it is when we are going through our Pokmon cards, its great, highly recommend.

Best app ever scans everything.

Doesnt seem to support scanning full art/alt art Pokmon cards. Other than that works great!

Its good but it doesnt get all the newer Pokmon cards.

Its a good app but some of our cards it wont scan.

Is this not for Pokmon like the name suggests?? Kinda wondering what this dragon thing is ?? Someone help please??

We really love this app but we have one personal problem we have made 2 accounts and they are saved into our passwords but we cant log in or register! We would love to keep track of our cards but it is kinda hard when we cant log in! We would be so grateful if we could get some help on this problem. Thanks!

Awesome for organization! When will Lost Origin be added? Id love to scan our cards in :)

Okay so first let us say this is hands down the best Pokmon scanner there is, the fact that we can use the app to also scan our yugioh cards is one of our favorite attributes to the app! Kudos! We just wanted to know when will the sold stop being coming soon it seems like its said that for over like 2 years . Have you thought to add a sellers feature to direct buy through the app? That would really change the game , so to speak LGNDSOFJENNA.

Would be perfect if the app incorporated a way to add your graded cards.

Our Pokmon are stronger because we changed our deck.

This app is flat out amazing, and it has so many features to boot! It has the inventory feature, which is really cool because you can add folders and the colors are extra vivid. Seriously, you have to see how Charizard would look! Creating decks is so awesome, because most scan apps like this would stop at an inventory and scanner. But no! You can even simulate your decks while youre at it! Again, the graphics are amazing. A wishlist is available, too? Oh our god. We can put ANY card we want there and that is what we have been doing. There is even a sold option which we are excited to see come. The extra features such as the winners and losers are nice, and the scanner is really good and it doesnt scan everything while still being quite ok. And did we mention, creating an account unlocks all these features while being free! Most apps are, create your account for $9.99 a month! Its trash. But this app fixes that! And thats all we have to say for right now, and we would totally recommend this for beginners and Im only 2 days in!

You should add a feature where the cards you scan stay on the app but have a limit and if you want unlimited or whoever many you want saved add a payment feature.

This is an amazing app. However, where did the support for the Unlimited Version of Team Rocket go? There is only an option for the first edition now.

Amazing is all we can tell! Good job!!!

This app is so helpful whenever we need a quick comp for some cards and the scanning feature (while it doesnt work 100% of the time) is amazing for a free app. Love using this app and always recommend it to anyone we meet in the pokemon collecting world!

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