Project Winter Mobile

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Project Winter Mobile

Project Winter Mobile

Project Winter Mobile is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hong Kong Bao Chuan Software Technology Limited, Project Winter Mobile is a Family game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th August 2022 with the latest update 31st October 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Project Winter Mobile ?

117 people have rated v1.7.0

What is the price of the Project Winter Mobile ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Project Winter Mobile released ?

Project Winter Mobile was released on 30th August 2022.

When was the Project Winter Mobile updated ?

The latest updated date of Project Winter Mobile on 31st October 2022.

Where can Project Winter Mobile be downloaded ?

You can download the game Project Winter Mobile from Apple Official App Store.



The most popular social deception game on PC is finally coming to mobile!

It’s a game about collaboration and betrayal, survival or death.
You will try to survive a deadly blizzard with 7 of your teammates,
Search for supplies, call for help, and escape from this white hell.

Of course, it’s not just bad weather that you need to be careful of,
And the traitors lurking in the ranks,
They will do anything to stop others’ survival,
Maybe… there’s a dagger hidden beneath the smile.

Updated on 31st October 2022

Halloween Event
Now candy can be found near the cabin, collect it and exchange it for holiday-exclusive crates in the shop!
Watch ad in shop and get free artifact coins, don’t worry, AD will only display after you press it.
Monthly VIP
Purchase and get artifact coins everyday.

Reduce gaming demands on phone hardware and reduce heat generation.
Fixed an issue where the ground item and the mission objective were too close to interact with the mission objective.
Display the corresponding prompt information for different situations of modifying the nickname.
Fix the problem that the game gets stuck after being crushed by a helicopter

Project Winter Mobile Review

The gameplay and setup is just like PC! This was created beautifully. Its sad not enough people play though for a server to be up.

From what we experienced in our play through of this game, its the go-to option for if your finding a game similar to among us, its fun, great graphics, and is the top game to play with friends or family we would recommend this game to hardcore gamers who are looking for a find the anonymous killer type of game.

We love this game from a player in China.

5 Stars for Controller Support!

Us and our close friend downloaded the game instantly when we saw it in the AppStore but were quickly let down,we couldnt access a lobby and we played the game on console this game is so fun and on mobile its so convenient to play we just hope you guys can help us find a solution we would very much appreciate it.

Extremely difficult to find lobbies we’ve returned to this game because why not The first thing we noticed is that there is barely anyone playing which is a bad sign and theres no really English lobbies unfortunately its all just Europe in Asian people sure we found one English but we think like two of the players not even English and theHost seemed like they had a basic understanding of English but clearly wasnt very good at it we understand we think this game will just die on the sleeve you try to get it on the mobile and you didnt push hard enough and now your game is pretty much dying reminds us of another game.

Its a shame. We waited for this game to be released on mobile and it fell short. No US servers had any activity, the servers you could get in had ghost hosts. This format where a player hosts a server just doesnt work well in the mobile world. Click ready to play and wait for the teams to fill in.. Just a suggestion.

We cant even join a game after the tutorial it wont let us and no one can join our game.

There is never a lobby to play in! Therefore you cant play really Except for that you can do a practice, but its pretty boring.

Theres no one on the game thats very trash for mobile.

We couldnt play. Quick join doesnt work. We had high hopes for this game and they were killed bc of a lazy error. Great job turning potential fans away.

The game seems cool on paper until you realize that literally nobody plays this game. While we believe that there is quite a sizable player base on the PC/Console version of this game this one is dead.

Cant play because we cant get into a room.

The game does not work on iPad 9.

Honestly if you try to make a game like project zomboid on mobile Id be the first person to play it this game is super advanced for phone a phone game and the fact that its not blowing up like crazy is annoying. Im mad at the fact theres not a lot of people who make good phone games, but you/yall are good at it.

Please add controller support would make this game %1,000 better!

This might be in every game but it wont start.

Once you have controller support we can play this.

The game is good and we were ready to play it when we heard of it coming out but the main problem is that the rooms are either not working or the host is a AI and so nothing happens.

Unfortunately we can not select no stars. So far we have been unable to play the game. Cant make it past the tutorial since trying to quick join fails. It has done this since day one. Seen a patch note they was supposed to have fixed it? Well still cant join. And cant even join manually as no one ever starts, try to create room, no one joins. How can you progress if you cant even complete the tutorial because of bugs.

Needs full controller support.

The homeowner doesn’t start the game.

This is our favorite game not only on PlayStation, but on this too. On the go!

Pretty good like the original and all but like lower graphics especially since theres beginner room and we havent played since we played but it was really difficult to find a lobby to actually play we did manage to get one though but we I find it weird that theres a beginner mode and no it is not easier you literally died to the 15 minutes storm that literally so easily like it just drains all your hunger and then we just drained your heat not only does it slow you down but then it just kills you really fast we assume this is when only one player is left and theres no traders for the game wants to hurry up pretty boring without the traders and having a play a couple games in order to even have access to such fine we want to actually deceive and be deceived.

We’ve been looking forward to the launch of the mobile version and was excited when we woke to it pre-downloaded on our device, but it looks like the server is down on day one and is getting maintenance for the next 18+ hours? Maybe just dont launch a game until its ready instead of not being able to do much but watch a timer on launch day. Bummer.

The game overall is really great.

Its a good game but every time we join a lobby the owner of the lobby be AFK so we can never actually play the game.

All the room leaders are bots, and they never actually start the game, so you cant even play the game.

Project Winter Mobile is a 1/5 fetch quest simulator with a sprinkle of among us somewhere in there. The difference between the actual #1 global title that is Among Us and this? To put it simply $$$$$. Among Us spoiled the world with its affordable $5 gets you every customization monetization model. Project winter mobile charges $13 for a spin of the slot machine(loot box) for a chance to get something cool that will make you stand out. The battlepass has soooo many levels to it but no way to earn back the $6 currency you spent to unlock it like every other battlepass in gaming(like daddy Fortnite invented the system to do). But the worse way they monetize the players in this game is the initial popup youll receive where this game asks YOU the player to share your user data across all apps with corporate China Boltrend Im not really excited to have our personal data sold to people by American companies like Facebook and Google let alone one from China. Ill pass and so should you. Also, Boltrend bought the license to so many franchises like Phantasy Star, Disgaea, Atelier, Fantasy Life and it employed a short term business model of smash years of content into months of real time down players throats, that require upwards of 50-60+ hours a month to even complete, get all the money and then shut the games down. Ignore all players and what did they use all the money they got for launching and killing so many games? Project Winter, they actually developed this game which is why youll find 13+ tutorials voiced by the community manager Pey.. We guess asking YouTubers to collab for tutorial showcase videos wasnt in the cards. Use what you got we guess. This wasnt worth all the damage youve done to hundreds and thousands of displaced global players and we hope global user data goes for a lot because we dont see this being a smash hit.

Really was looking forward to this game. Sadly, its unplayable. After you do the tutorial, it lets you go into lobbies with other players. Heres where the game falls flat. There are hundreds of lobbies. Problem being not one of the hosts is actually present. Its almost like the creator made a bunch of fake lobbies to draw players in but no one can actually play because the hosts are all fake.

This game is so bad that we have been trying to play the game for over an hour and got 1 whole lobby and we had to friend people just to get into the game. There is no clear instructions on what the actual way knowing how to play game except a real poor tutorial that fails to explain the crafting mechanic. The game makes it seem you just find parts but rather you craft parts and fix things to eventually fix radio to win. We guess theres a traitor thats trying to kill everyone else and people can vote him away we guess.

Next time public the game when its ready to play. Wasted our time enter many room with just bot host. Keep trying many others room but cant even play a game in more than 1 hour.

Its drastically different from the console an pc version has a pass an in-game purchasable cosmetics an you can buy ingame currency we hope they don’t do this to the other version because its obviously targeted to younger audiences for the money.

The car was nice until we started driving it. We started playing as soon as the servers were up since we heard nice things about project winter on PS. We wasnt too disappointed but it was things like not being able to mute anything just threw us off. The games got cool things too like, daily rewards, custom characters, and easy gameplay once you get used to the controls. That doesnt mean Id consider the game good yet or recommend it to anyone ( especially when trying to play in public and someone with a mic starts talking and you cant turn it downWHY?). The game definitely needs WAY more improvements but for now, Ill keep it off our phone where people cant blow it up.

Who thought that it would be great to have HUUUUUUGE bezels on both top and bottom of the screen?!

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