Pudding Monsters

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Pudding Monsters


Pudding Monsters is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ZeptoLab UK Limited, Pudding Monsters is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th December 2012 with the latest update 25th April 2019

Whether you are a fan of Family, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


390 people have rated 1.4.0

You can download the game Pudding Monsters from APP STORE.


Sticky, curious… and DETERMINED TO GET BIGGER!

"ZeptoLab looks to have another hit on its hands" – Guardian
"The most fun you can have with pudding" – Kotaku

From the makers of Cut the Rope, Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure with wacky characters and innovative stick-‘em-together game-play. It’s casual fun for the whole family!

The Pudding Monsters are on a mission to save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner! Growing into an ULTIMATE MEGA MONSTER sounds like the most reliable plan. Can you give them a hand?

Off the table, out of the house, and into the city – swipe to stick the Pudding Monsters together and save their friends!

Take advantage of the different monster species and their powers (like the Slime Monster, who leaves a trail of green goo), boost your growth using the cloning machines, wear pretty little cars on your head and much more!

● 125 levels with more free updates to come!
● Innovative stick-‘em-together game-play mechanics
● Unique monster shapes, wacky personalities and attributes
● Fun and educational, mind-bending experience suitable for all ages
● Great for kids and the young at heart – it’s all your children will be talking about!


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Updated on 25th April 2019

Taught Puddings 15 new gibberish words.

Pudding Monsters Reviews

We’ve had this game since we were little and we’ve always loved it! Its so fun and a cute little game.

We love it its fun its puzzling its cute its colorful its a jam! Make a second one !!!!

We remember like 3 years ago we used to play this gives back memories. This is a very fun game, entertained us for a long time. :)

We used to play this when we were younger and its still fun doing the problem solving!

This is a perfect distraction and well crafted with excellent background audio and feel. Well made, deserves to be more popular.

We would be really happy if there will be new levels cuz we love it.

We loved this! Add more to it! Like level maker, Trophies, and slime Maker! We are counting on you.

There are a lot of puzzle games out there of course, but none capture the charm and perfect difficulty curve like Pudding Monsters. We keep coming back every other year or so once we’ve forgotten all the solutions, but we sure miss seeing the screen that said more levels were on the way. Sadly it doesnt seem like there will be any more, but Id be first in line to buy them if the developer ever makes more.

We love everything about this game. Its not easy though,I almost gave up on a few levels.


So way back in the ours Got our pickaxe swingin’ from side to side (side to side) This task a grueling one Hope to find some diamonds tonight (night, night) Diamonds tonight Heads up, you hear a sound, turn around and look up Total shock fills your body Oh no it’s you again we can never forget those eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again Cause baby tonight You grab your pick shovel and bolt again (bolt again) And run, run Until it’s done, done Until the sun comes up in the morn’ Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again (stuff again) Just when you think you’re safe Overhearsome hissing from right behind (right behind) That’s a nice life you have Shame it’s got to end at this time, time, time, time Blows up, and your health bar drops and you could use a 1-up Get inside don’t be tardy So now you’re stuck in there Half a heart is left but don’t die, die, die Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again Cause baby tonight You grab your pick shovel and bolt again (bolt again) And run, run Until it’s done, done Until the sun comes up in the morn’ Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again (stuff again) Creepers, ya ours, haha Dig up diamonds, craft those diamonds, make some armor Get it baby, go and forge that like you so, mlg pro The sword’s made of diamonds, so come at us bro Ha, training in your room under the torch light Hone that form to get you ready for the big fight Every single day in the whole night Creeper’s out prowlin’, (Whoo), alright Look at us, look at you Take our revenge that’s what we’re gonna do we’re a warrior baby, what else is new And our blade’s gonna tear through you Bring it Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again (Get your stuff, yea let’s take back the world, haha) Cause baby tonight You grab your sword, armor and go (it’s on) Take your revenge (woo) So fight, fight Like it’s the last, last Night of your life, life show them your bite (woo) Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again Cause baby tonight You grab your pick shovel and bolt again (bolt again) And run, run Until it’s done, done Until the sun comes up in the morn’ Cause baby tonight The creeper’s tryin’ to steal all our stuff again (woo)

This game is super entertaining! We love it! Its a puzzle game where you have to get little pudding things to match together! We love the music too! There is one problem we would like to point out though It costs money. We mean yeah you get it right? We mean we paid for it its worth it but money. Yeah anyways this is super fun! – From your fellow Pudding Monsters player.

This game is captivating with the little jello-like blobs that combine in creative ways. About the time you begin to figure out how it works, you are on to the next level. Puzzles are just hard enough to keep you playing without frustration. It is kind of addicting. We keep resetting it and starting it again.

Used to play it several years ago, and rediscovered it when we were going through an old iPhone of ours. Challenging and lots of fun. Trying to collect all three stars in every level, but it does get harder and harder to do so. Highly recommended.

Dear Zeptolab Pudding monsters is GREAT, we think its as fun as cut the rope! Pleas make more pudding levels, but in the meantime we LOVE this game and the puddings.

Best puzzle game we’ve played. The puddings have a wonderful whimsical character. We wish that Zepto would update with more levels!

The puddings are too hot it is hard to concentrate on the puzzles please make pidddjnhs uglier.

This type of game is exactly what you come to expect from zeptolab. Everything about it is perfect, accept for a very short experience. PLEASE ZEPTOLAB, ADD MORE LEVELS!!

We have had smart phones since the beginning and we can still count on one hand how many apps we have actually purchased. This is one, this games is easy to play and understand, yet challenging and the graphics make us smile.

We’ve played through it at least 3 different times and each time the puzzles are still challenging. We also love the music.

Our boys had this game on their Kurio II pre-loaded and we always loved playing. Lets just day we enjoyed it enough that we did not flinch to pay the $.99. Have fun!

Still love this game!!! Been playing it for years over and over again. Love the music. Love the gibberish sounds. Great challenges figuring out the solutions. Would love to see new levels so we dont have to wait so long to forget the solutions before playing again.

We liked this game, we still do. But this one is a little different. There are no coins. This one isnt that bad, but we preferred the free version, and how that worked. If it worked like that, it would be a perfect 5 stars.

Its pretty short for a payed game but it is a really fun puzzle game.

We fully completed this game, but we need to reset. But, it doesnt work completely. It basically goes to the intro. If you dont, remove this app.

Although its a great game, it needs to be updated. Thanks.

Cant get past the age question. The OK button does not work.

You said you have more levels are coming after level 125 but you havent had any updates in 3yrs .

We really liked this game. We were waiting for new levels a long time before we realized there wouldn’t be. It was fun while it lasted.

We were the very first Pudding Monsters Speed Runner ever existed our Speed Run time was 30 minutes & 5 Seconds we think that might be the first speed-run of this game come out in 2012.

We love this game. It was cute but challenging at the same time. Really wish they would create more levels. Im playing it through for the second time because we enjoyed it so much.

Fun puzzle game. We wish they would make a second one.

One of the best puzzle games we’ve ever played hands down.

We forgot about this game and redownloaded it recently the graphics and quality of the game play are so high. It is really unfortunate modern iOS apps do not live up to this standard anymore.

No problems at all. Highly addictive.

… Just wish there were a few more levels….

Need more than episodes and more new challenges. Or bring out part 2.

This game is great, challenging, & addictive. We love it. We wish there were more levels to play. We heard that there was a new "outdoor" level that is now available. Why can’t we receive this? Please help?

This game is awesome but it seems to have been discontinued… We got it as a package deal with Cut the Rope but immediately found this more entertaining. If you guys aren’t going to add more levels please remove the more levels coming soon as we see that the last update was 2014… It’s now 2016.

We like the simplicity of the game play with enough creative thinking to complete each game with three stars. The animation is cute and will captivate kids at young ages for hours.

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