"PUSH" is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Maciej Targoni, "PUSH" is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th October 2017 with the latest update 19th October 2017

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


145 people have rated 1.01

You can download the game "PUSH" from APP STORE.


New puzzler from the creators of "Klocki", "Zenge", "Hook" and "Art of Gravity".

Like our previous games, its intended to be a relaxing experience, thus there are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters.
Your goal is to push all the buttons.

How do you do it? Well, thats the puzzle…

Updated on 19th October 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Bug fix

"PUSH" Reviews

It was very challenging and had us think a lot, we played for about 4 days and beat the game, but if you have trouble seeing patters, complex patterns at that this might take you a while but we do recommend this game.

Wish it was longer/harder. It was a great game and we wish It had had a longer run. Finished the game in under an hour and a half.

Ignore the One Star Reviews about no instructions. You dont need instructions to complete this puzzle game. Nor do you need trial and error or random keys. OK, you might have a couple of trial and error learning new puzzle pieces, but overall they are very logic intuitive. Overall its a short game, challenging at points, but not so much that its frustrating.

We have big thumbs and an iPhone SE (small screen). We found our thumb kept accidentally pressing the wrong button and would reset the level. Frustrating. We got a dollar store capacitive touch stylus that solved the problem. The game itself is great. We’ve played all the other games by the same team and they are our favorite puzzle games in the App Store.

Jai ador. An awesome game, just perfect. Here is a feedback for the devs: -The sfx are wrong played when we release a lot of buttons in a short time (because your releasing-sound-file is too long). [This doesnt happen when we press/push a lot of buttons in a short time.] -We cant play the game in portrait mode, which is sad. Because it seems like the gameplay wouldnt be affected, and its a bit annoying to have to use an iPhone in landscape mode. Just so good, the design, the shades, the animations, the gameplay, the creativity, the systems/mechanics, the colors, the entire game !

We like all apps of this developer. Nicely designed and simple.

Fun game to pick up and play. The game is based off of simple problem-solving, and finding patterns and sequences. The music is also reminds us of Blade Runner. Five stars.

Our only critique is the game is short, maybe 60 levels or so but hey, Im sure the developer with make more in the future. Aside from that this game is great. It makes you think. It has a geometry feel to it as well. We personally like the fact it has no instructions or tutorials. Youve gotta figure it out on your own. Very fun game!

We think there should be more levels. What if after all the red buttons are pressed, you have to make the block go into a cubic hole? Or you can add buttons with fractions on them. People will have to order the fractions to move on. We also saw the most dots on the buttons is 6. Maybe you can make the most dots to something like 15 or something.

This game is really fun and it is challenging. Its fun figuring out which buttons to push and we like the challenge.

After the thanks for playing level, is the next level beatable? Also love the game.

We thought it was a really cool game and the graphics are just awesome.

The puzzles aren’t hard at all. The game is great and relaxing, and very entertaining as there are countless new forms of gameplay always being introduced. So many cool concepts and ideas. And the best thing is you get to figure out everything on your own, which is super fun to do. Overall great game, just like all the other games by the same creators.

This is a brilliant game. Those who are struggling to get past the the early levels and giving the game bad reviews as a result simply lack basic logic skills. It is not the developers fault if you are bad at puzzles. Go play Angry Birds instead.

Everyone who says that these puzzles are "not explained" or "mindless" and literally just terrible at the game. Every puzzle is GENIUS. The way they add on mechanics is FANTASTIC. This is a completely amazing fantastic PERFECT puzzle game.

This game is great. Its not random at all. Its all about patterns and problem solving. We cant put it down, but we have to get some rest.

Please please please continue to make games. You make the best games on the app market. We’ve beat some of them several times. Love them all.

This is a truly fun, relaxing puzzler. It was never really what Id call difficult but after the first few puzzles, the answers werent obvious and figuring out mechanics/completing puzzles was quite satisfying. Definitely worth the cost of admission.

We cant stand all of these hate comments about the game. 1. Game is mindless- the game is not mi fleas an anyway. If you cant understand the order to push the buttons, try going back a level. The levels teach you everything you need. No need to push the buttons randomly until it works. 2. No instructions- Every time a new button appears, its usually a fairly easy level show that you can see how that button works. Yes even with knowing how the buttons work it can still be challenging, but you dont need any external information to beat the levels. Overall we had a really fun time beating this game over the past few days. We would recommend this game to anyone who wants a quick challenge solve.

We absolutely loved this game. Its such a natural progression between levels as you learn how to advance by trial and error. So much fun and and a great value.

We personally enjoyed going in with no directions and learning the rules as the puzzles went along. There is an element of logic in each of the levels, and none felt random. When new concepts are introduced, the level is simplified. Only in subsequent levels after the concept is introduced does the puzzle increase in difficulty when combining the new rule with previous rules. Having played several puzzles in a similar genre as this one, we are pleased that this is the first one that introduces a challenge without being unreasonable!

All the one-star reviews are very obviously from kids and/or those who lack the brain-power to figure out the game’s simple mechanics. IQ-test-style deductive reasoning is required, so it’s not for young children. Like some others, we could’ve wished it were longer, but for its low purchase price it’s more than worth the money.

This has to be one of the most mind-bending yet satisfying puzzlers out there. We especially enjoyed the final ‘push’ ;3 Learning each one of the mechanics as they came was enjoyable, and each was the perfect mix of intricacy yet simplicity. Overall, an extremely well spent 4 hours playing this game!

This games lives up to what it is. The game is very relaxing; the game is challenging, but there is no time limit no side challenges or quests and no star, so your not being tested at all. Its just you and the game and however you enjoy the game is all on you! Have fun!

If you really put your mind to it, theres maybe about 2-3 hours of content here. However, each level is well crafted and carefully thought out. Its definitely worth the dollar. Also no ads or microtransactions.

Having to learn the rules as they came and figuring out how everything went together without a time limit or limited moves, along with relaxing music was just THE best. We loved your last little puzzle~ it was cute and had us quite puzzled for a second. We definitely look forward to more of your games :)

The controls of this game are so intuitive and fluid. The patterns and rules you learn go levels reappear in later ones, and its clear how well each level was though through. Easily the best puzzle game we’ve downloaded, Id recommend to anyone who wants a fun and captivating challenge.

This is one of those games that once you start you cant put down. Its so easy to get into and since the controls are as simple as pushing a button (pun definitely intended) the only thing that can slow you down is your own mind. When new buttons show up you have to learn how they work by yourself, they arent too challenging to figure out though. This game feels a little short, but we credit that feeling to us rushing through every level like a madman. This game is one of those games you wish had infinite levels, and then when the you beat the last level its almost a shot in the heart, but every level was beautifully crafted and the aesthetics are spot on, simple, and clean. Keep up the good work and we definitely recommend getting this game if you enjoy puzzle games.

We really enjoyed playing this amazing puzzler. Would definitely recommend this game to others. Please make more levels.

Im liking the game so far but we feel youve missed an opportunity to integrate a sensory experience with the push of buttons in the game. One of our favorite games Alto integrates the powerful effect of haptics to great effect and we were expecting the same here. Alas, its a fun game but Id love to see an update with that feature added if possible.

You can and probably will beat this game in less than a day. The puzzles are not extremely difficult, and once you complete them, there is nothing more to be said about this game. On a positive note, the range of mechanics introduced keeps the game entertaining, and the level design is very well done and the average player should have no problem figuring out the rules the game works by. Its a relatively short game, and one you wont come back to unless to show it to a friend, but its a very nice way to spend an afternoon. Its very fun.

Push is an interesting game. It is combination of puzzle box and fidget toy. However if Push using haptic feedbacks it be more fidget like!

We very much enjoyed the entirety of this game. Although it is a short game its very fulfilling. Level design is well made. The early levels are slower but intuitive and help you get in the mindset of this is how you push a button. The middle/later parts of the game require much more brain power and will really test your ability to grasp new concepts. We didnt give it 5stars due to it being short ~65 levels with low self replay ability and an age recommendation thats way way to low definitely not for a 4 year old. A great and inexpensive game we would encourage any real puzzle fan to play this one through!

We loved the game, although the red block levels were more annoying than fun as it was tedious checking what position it was facing and going back to press (sorry, push(joke)) the turn and move buttons. Your games are really good, but theyre always too short.

Like all of their games, this one is just as challenging and fun, but is a bit short. The mechanics and puzzle is good, but without many levels to experience these puzzles on, there isnt enough to enjoy. All that there needs to be to make all of their games infinitely fun and replay able would be a level editor, but we also understand the pain of integrating one into a game. It still is only a buck though so why not give it a try!

Its a decent enough game, but we finished it in under an hour and a half. We suppose it was worth the $0.99 but if we could we would have bought something with more replay value.

So Im a student who puts the PRO in PROcrastination (I know that was an awful joke whatever), so we went searching the AppStore for a game to pass the time for a bit. As we began playing… We fell in love with it!! The game is perfectly intuitive and it may just be one of the best games on the App Store (no joke). However… It was too short. Once you figured out the patterns, breezing through the levels was… Well… A breeze. We finished the game the same day we downloaded it, and it only took a collective hour to go through (no we didnt complete it in one sitting Im not that crazy). 10/10 we recommend the game, but PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS. Otherwise… Im wondering if its reeeaaally worth paying for. But otherwise, amazing work!! Ill definitely be checking out your other games the next time Im procrastinating!!!

We really liked this puzzle. At first we thought it wasnt going to be very good. But the first few puzzles are really just to teach you how to solve the puzzles. After the first few they start getting interesting. None are terribly hard but they will make you think. Simple concept. Well done. Over all a very good puzzle game.

Fun and not completely mindless. But more levels and a level counter/selection would be great!

We like Hook, Kochi, and Push. Push is the game of simple but smart puzzle with the deep ambient soundtrack. Thats worthy for buying this game that match our style. Just like the previous game but having more complicated functions. Although this game is sometimes frustrating instead of relaxing. Taking too long for solving some puzzles.

It was an awesome game! If you like puzzles, definitely for you. However, it was too short. Only took us about a day or two. Please make more levels and update!

Great Idea: The app is visually stunning! Bad Idea: Having to query the web for instructions. Thats all.

Way too short, there are plenty of free games with way more levels to enjoy than this, loved the game but beat it in a couple hours.

Puzzle is about pushing buttons in the right order, but many of the symbols on the buttons and the patterns seem esoteric. You end up trying different variations until you succeed. When you do its not satisfying. There is a difference between relaxing and boring, and this game veers toward the latter. Zenge is much better, both as challenge and as a relaxing game.

But too short. Needs more levels!

This game is in need of more levels and a clean up.

Okay enough until you get to where theres symbols that dont mean anything and you have to guess the order you push them in. No logic whatsoever.

Our son went through the initial levels absorbing only one rule. Theres a balance between trial and error & discerning rules. If you can just randomly push buttons and get through, you wont be engaged and youre not going to wait to get engaged. We think game of the day should be more widely reviewed before being put out there. We also hate that Apple doesnt offer game trials or refunds.

If you enjoy endless and mindless trial and error, this is the game for you. What’s the point of establishing rules, then randomly discarding them?

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