Ragnarok Origin

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Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin

Ragnarok Origin is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd., Ragnarok Origin is a Adventure game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 8th November 2021 with the latest update 20th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Ragnarok Origin ?

298 people have rated 1.0.9

What is the price of the Ragnarok Origin ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Ragnarok Origin released ?

Ragnarok Origin was released on 8th November 2021.

When was the Ragnarok Origin updated ?

The latest updated date of Ragnarok Origin on 20th December 2022.

Where can Ragnarok Origin be downloaded ?

You can download the game Ragnarok Origin from Apple Official App Store.



The popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online comes to mobile as Ragnarok Origin!
Become the hero of an epic adventure set in a fantastic open-world environment!
Immerse yourself in a vast fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and epic characters. Explore massive landscapes, legendary kingdoms, and mythical dungeons in this open-world role-playing game!

Welcome to Ragnarok Origin, where your fantasy adventure comes to life!

  • A life of adventure awaits you in Ragnarok’s open-world MMORPG!
  • Cute high-quality anime-style graphics
  • Customize character growth through unique build combinations
  • Join groups of extraordinary heroes to discover the secrets of Rune-Midgarts!
  • Collect, train, and evolve powerful mercenaries to fight by your side in overwhelming monster battles!
  • Explore an open world filled with diverse kingdoms, empires, epic castles, and cute characters, all filled with a rich narrative and history!

◈ Endless Build Customization ◈

  • Customize and upgrade your weapons, armor, magic spells, and more to refine your play style and defeat your opponents
  • Take your character’s power to the next level by levelling up your abilities to overcome dark dungeons and powerful MVP monsters that you’ll encounter on your adventures!

◈ Fantasy RPG Story Campaign ◈

  • Discover adventure, fun, and even mysterious secrets hidden in this magical world
  • Choose your path and embark on unique missions, events, and daily quests
  • Collect and grow mystical cute pets that help you on adventures
  • Meet unforgettable friends and defeat powerful foes along the way

◈ Dynamic Action Battles◈

  • Hundreds of weapons with improved animations!
  • Sensitive controls allow swift response to changing battlefield conditions
  • Fight in multiple magical and legendary arenas throughout the kingdom!
  • Choose your RPG battle strategy, learn new attacks, and prepare your potions for battle!

◈ Mercenary System for Solo Players ◈

  • Hire mercenaries with various talents to join your adventures!

◈ Community Social System – Let’s play together! ◈

  • Form lasting bonds in the community!
    Adventure with your friends in real time!
    Enjoy the unique raids, challenges, and stories with your friends!
  • Play an important role in your team!
    Everyone plays an important role in the Ragnarok Origins party system.
    Which role will you take? Tank, DPS, or Support to make your team stronger?
  • Enjoy special community content with guild members!
    Get together to enjoy guild feasts, guild matches, and more!
  • Let’s party!
    Dance together with your friends and guild members.
    Don’t forget to enter a weekly surprise draw at the weekend feast!

◈ Express Yourself ◈

  • Show off your unique style with hundreds of cute outfits, hats, and accessories
  • Earn points for upping your fashion game
  • Use the Wardrobe to get dressed any time, anywhere!

◈ Explore A Beautiful World ◈

  • Vibrant high definition graphics with 2.5D and 3D camera options
  • Find epic adventures all over the continent of Midgard!
  • Unique music in each town to set the mood


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokOriginNA/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ro_origin
Instagram : https://instagram.com/ragnarokoriginna
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/MrGW7Kft7m

Updated on 20th December 2022

  • New Sky Set
  • Auction Optimization
  • Time-Space Abnormality Optimization
  • Christmas Events

Ragnarok Origin Review

The game was cute we guess but we got these random texts from people who we didnt even friend and who sexual harassed us in that so we ended up deleting because of the that chat and how they dont use # marks!

Cant login to play it. We think it has a lot bugs we keeping disconnected from the game.

Start the game and it will beg you to spend money.

  1. When you first start the game, theres no option to change your skin tone whatsoever. 2. Baphomet, one of the first enemies, is an actual deity, worshipped by many. Burning and inaccurately recreating a deity is just disgusting.

For a game thats been released in Korea, this game does have way too many bugs. Also GMs are terrible in retaining paying customers. Quite a few have quit due to their lack of customer service.

Good game very good game but can you add more jobs??

Controller support would be a great addition to the game!

For some reason we cant give back feedback on the actual app pls fix this but this game is hella fun and good to play.

Please add controller support!

We’ve been playing and having fun and would only have to deal with a little crash here and there but now?? Now its crashing over and over and not even letting us play! TTwTT.

This is the best game to play we literally just got it and Im already on level 49 !!! But us honestly we think at the beginning you should have some more hairstyle choices when you first start the game, and also half of the outfits we try to obtain it says not obtainable!!!! And that is a problem because you can want a cute outfit and its not obtainable!!! So please fix this and Ill come back and give it a five star review, thank you and have a wonderful day!! – Aleah.

Hi! We’ve never tried this game before but all we need to say is that the intro is really cute and we love it but after that we tried to log in with google and Facebook afterwards and all it said was, your game client version is too old please update how can we fix this?

Im trying our hardest to try to get in but still no luck we tried sending a ticket to you and still says error Im sorry if this sounds bad but if you could make a new sever so that everyone can play without trouble of full severs thats okay please we just want a new sever not just for us but to everyone whos having the same problem.

Good game but when you get it it takes 15 minutes to load problem :( but other wise it works. Maybe a quest ever 24 hours is good.

Idk if this is possible but can we like date characters like Lucy or that bunny girl? And if thats already possible how do we do it?

So, When It Was our First Time Playing This, It Was Ready. Then When we Started It, It Said: You Have Disconnected. But our Wi-fi Was Working Just Fine, So we Tried Closing It, It Did Not Work,UnInstalled The Game And Installing It, Same As The Other One, Didnt Work. So Could You Update The Game Please? Thank You.

So we guess we like the game its just there are a few bugs like our character turning around every time we talk to a nft or our pets going through buildings those glitches, we havent had a big glitch yet so its been alright except there havent been much players online lately, Im in a guild and no one has been online which confuses us as they prob just joined a guild and left the game but other then that its been pretty fun well although we still dont know how to get nyan berrys, do we have to pay for it? Or is there another way we just dont know?

We would play the game we enjoy it but game forced closed followed by buzzing we decided to try it again but the game just froze so we just uninstalled.

Fun game, but as others have said, it crashes a lot (and/or disconnects). Im on the latest iPhone playing in the USA. A family member plays as well, and it crashes a lot on their device. If they fix the disconnecting and crashingmight be ok.

So disappointing when you re-download a game thinking the problems have been fixed and theyre just worse. First it would crash for any reason now it wont even let us log in! Keeps saying our game client is too old when we just re-downloaded the game! Everything is up to date and it still doesnt work. Pls fix it cuz it just makes Ragnarok look lame when the OG players know its amazing.

We enjoy it to a certain degree because its a cute little mmo, but for some reason, someone said lets put lvl 90 mobs right next to the beginner zone we have died more times than we can count because they decided to code in aggressive lvl 90Evil porings that kill on sight and one shot you. Who said this was a good idea??

Hey it wont let us get the new update and play.

The game was alright. We played at launch for like 2 days then stopped . Came back recently to see how its doing, and the game was crickets. There was almost no one online. Finding a party for dailies was an absolute mess. So we just continued doing our story quest, which we think is pretty good to have there when multiplayer content isnt possible. We think this game wouldve benefited greatly just having a simple PC port rather than being incentivized to play mobile or even a emulator. We also think all these Ragnarok games thats out on Mobile are hurting eachother. RO Origins came out after ROM: Eternal Love , but yet it feels the other way around ? Yall are managing too many ROs at once and it shows. Just focus on one please. You guys just released a Ragnarok mobile game with NFT in its title. Cmon Gravity , NFTs ? Really ? All Im saying is this game couldve been better if the team(s) that works on Ragnarok just thought about the players. More than likely couldve netted more $ too , assuming thats what yall care about .

Game wont even let us play. Keeps saying our game client is too old, despite us literally just downloading the game 3 minutes ago.

Os this game app no longer available? When launching the app it crashes an dive us the following error message! Response error, please try again later, Update error. Would you like to retry? Same message in our iPad Pro and iPhone 12!

Didnt even get to experience the game. Was stuck at the loading screen at 100%.

This game is fairly fun. We like the combat, the graphics are nice, story seem ok, but there is one, major issue. Very early in the game youll need to go to an area that has some level 3 monsters and some level 90 monsters that are aggressive. Youll die instantly upon getting sent to that zone. Everything you try to do there leads to getting killed in 1 shot, but thats where our current, low level quest has us going. It got to be too frustrating, so we quit playing. We also found it odd to interact with NPCs. You have to tap on them, rather than getting an action icon. We play on iPad, so tapping on something in the middle of the screen when our hands are at the sides is a bit awkward. We also found the camera very, very, very sluggish when trying to move it out from behind the many, many trees that will block your view, and we didnt feel like we could quite zoom out as far as we wanted, nor tilt the camera, leaving us feeling like we could never see where we were going. We like this type of game, but this particular game leaves a lot to be desired.

We stopped playing this game in February while the game was still thriving, we’ve just returned in November to an empty game. While playing, we’ve only seen a few actual players compared to the hundreds that used to be online at all times. This pretty much eliminates the possibility of taking down MVP’s and pretty much all aspects of the game that require you to join a party or play with other people. From what we understand, Gravity has released other Ragnarok games and it looks like they’ve cannibalized their entire player base for Origin. We don’t understand why they would pump so much money and effort into this game, just to undercut their own efforts. It’s really sad to see this happen because it seemed to us that they finally released a proper successor to Ragnarok Online. In its current state we can’t recommend this game to anyone anymore because of the sheer amount of things you’re unable to do because of the lack of other players. We really hope Gravity can get their priorities in order so this game stands a chance of returing to it’s former popularity.

We really admire this gameBUT a big but lol They are like lazy with fixing issues and bugs like that is the biggest problem also they prefer to focusing on servers then another why!! Plz help us have better experience we mean the game was so fun and better with lowest technology in the past!!

We completed the tutorial, picked our class as a mage, and then the next quest is immediately level 20. Like what? It leaves you off at level 9 or something like that and leveling up is really hard. The events page is filled with payed packages as well. Very pay to win, please respond.

Why not add black people to the game why is it only light colored people also why only add straight hair theres no curly ones to show that you are a person of color the graphics are good but not having no opinion to choose a black character is kinda weird what do you have to say for yourself? Ill fix our review when we see changes.

You copyed tow!!!!! And graphics are very bad and bad storyline.

Pay to Play Was good at first then became boring and limited with new updates. Became gacha focused and made it impossible to get any of the outfits without paying into the gacha system. And the free outfits were nothing compared to the gacha outfits. Events became pay to win. Only P2P players were in the top ranks Was a wonderful game and would have been amazing to see how it developed. But almost a year and a half into the game and Im done trying to keep up.

The game constantly crashes, you cant play for more than 15 minutes before it crashes and then when you open it it crashes almost immediately. You cant really get the majority of the outfits unless you pay way too much money for the majority of people to afford. We get games use in app purchases to gain funding for future updates but this is ridiculous.

If you spend money on this game you will regret it for sure and wish you didnt spend any at all! Trust us.

It said we had to update our game client.

We cant play this game because the poor service wont let us we were so excited when we downloaded it but theyre is not service :(

We played this game for months. It was actually great fun, and very nostalgic if you played RO back in the day. However, we contested an accidental charge because the game continued to say there was an error/it didn’t go through. All the while the charges did go through after multiple attempts trying to get it to process. They called it fraud, they deactivated our account. We spent a good amount of money on a game we can no longer play. We went through the right channels and tried to plead our case to the customer support and they simply told us to pay back what we contested or we’ll never play our account again. It’s actually pretty unbelievable.

Been a Ro online player since 2002 and its been 20 years. We’ve experienced many versions of Ragnarok game and this one could be a better one if they do care about players. Roo NA is surely a pay to win game like many other online games on phone. But this one is unique for totally no efforts to hold a basic low-cost player ground. The drop rate for the cards, refine success rate, accessories drop from mvp all set at low rate. And they kept on adding features which u need to pay to catch up. While low cost players are having trouble achieving first or second +15 gear, whales are hitting +20 for a set. Many players left after facing the gap between whales and others, knowing your game experience is limit to the level. Roo NA management team also doesnt treat players who pays good cash fairly too. The top level cross server Champion tournament is like a bad joke with players cant respawn or frozen. Top level MVP the only resource to receive the current highest level accessories are dropping wrong items making entire physical classes cant get their accessories even you had a drop with rare rate. And the gm giving different solutions according to their mood for such bugs. Not to mention the current so called Roo 2.0 launched in haste. Tons of bugs are constantly posted through discord and tickets while no solution or at least a positive reply to handle such issues.

Cant get into the game, keeps giving us an error message asking to update the game. We deleted the game and tried downloading it 3 times and still the same thing.

Blueprints and fragments to make a weapons and equipments is too hard to get and you’ll force to use real money instead of farming specially if you’re newbie and no friends to play with.

This is a free game with lots of bugs. Every time they update the game, it introduces a new bug instead of fixing the previous ones. They dont care about costumer service at all. You get stronger by throwing in cash. But if youre patient enough like us, you can enjoy this game without spending a cent. Just lower your expectations and enjoy the nostalgia it brings you. NA server is less toxic than SEA, that we can say.

Only 30 fps available and the graphics seem worse than they were before, please revert!

This is better than Eternal Love.

Just started playin RO Origins a month ago. We moved over from Ragnarok Eternal Love and find Ragnarok Origins a WAY better game! The storylines is in native English and not some terrible Google translated version from a Korean server as they are in Ragnarok Eternal Love. The graphics are great and some storylines even have voiceover. Our game hasnt crashed at all as some other reviews have claimed. It seems like the developers listen and do a great job making the game stable, playable, and enjoyable. If we had to make a recommendation Id say to make the party match function better or allow party content to be played solo. Oftentimes its impossible to find a party for lower level instances. Also, the pay aspect is a huge barrier to entry into later game content. We get that the game has to make money but perhaps there is a more effective way to do that that wont jeopardize gameplay. Keep up the great work and we look forward to continuing to play.

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