Real Haircut Salon 3D

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:03 pm

Real Haircut Salon 3D


Real Haircut Salon 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD, Real Haircut Salon 3D is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st October 2020 with the latest update 28th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Family, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


5,992 people have rated 1.41

You can download the game Real Haircut Salon 3D from APP STORE.


Ready for some Real Hair-cutting Experience ?

Try to match your clients’ desired haircut in this real life Barber Shop and Salon feeling!
Clients and special clients are waiting for you! They want you to give them a perfect look!

Improve your Salon, Trimmers, Scissors and more for an amazing customer experience.

Enjoy and take out the barber inside you !

Updated on 28th October 2021

Performance enhancements and Bug Fixes

Real Haircut Salon 3D Review

We hit restore because our game got bugged and froze and we lost everything on the app.

We want a game where you only cut hair on your head.

Its a good game but cmon, 40 second ads?


This game is cool game we played all the time in our room and it actually reminds us of being a real hairstylist.

You guys should make a new type of barber game its so addictive.

We love to play this game when Im bored, we recommend it a lot.

We like the game overall but Im tired of doing the same hairstyles over and over again it gets repetitive and,we need new people and new types of hair textures.

This game is ok but there is a good bit of adds and OMG we keep doing the same haircuts and the same people and the same surprise us things with her is ok but its the same people and we have been doing everything thing right it says IM WRONG you cant change your little barber thingers ugh and when you cut a little bit of the side of the hair it like cuts off almost the hole splotch of hair. Games good but sometimes annooooooooooying.

This is a fun game but it needs improvements, some hair cuts wont allow you to cut all the bit off etc its annoying.

This game is so glitchy and has the worst graphics do not recommend.

This game is kind of disgusting because you have to get hair out of peoples noses, it really isnt that real tbh but still it was a good idea.

It keeps bugging out and a lot more.

Either we cant load into the game or its takes forever to load in.

Paid for the ad-free version within 2 minutes because we could tell it was going to be a nightmare watching them back to back. Pro-tip: The ad free version has just as many ads. They get to take your money and continue to make money on ads, how ethical! We dont ever leave reviews, but hopefully this saves a few people some hard earned cash!

We couldnt even load the game TERRIBLE at ye devolper is TERRIBLE the FPS is like a 1 for this TERRIBLE TERRIBLE GAME.

This game is the best game ever you can do watever you want and dont mind our bad spelling and die hair with hair die!

It lets you mess up but that is fine because it lets you do another customer. We think it should have one upgrade though:Let the barber get money from the customer by watching them give it. Otherwise this is a good game,Please Accept.

The game has adds every 5 seconds.

Lots of ads a lot of glitches bad quality.

Everything as advertised and better from the ad!

Hi we got to say this game is so cool we have so much fun cutting hair and building our salon please you have to get this game is so fun we play it every day. So please you have to get this game have a good day.

This game is wonderful we absolutely love it! Whenever you are bored this game would be a great game to play , for any age!!

There is multiple problems first there is to many adds and second it glitches everytime it freezes and then it doesnt so developer please fix the add problems and the freezes problem overall it is a good game and one more thing when we trie to get something with an add it says there is no more ads and when Im done with a level there is a add so developer can you fix all those problems.

This game is good but theres to many ads, its laggy and whenever we try to get a decoration or a new tool for a ad it wont let us and say ad unavailable and our internet is fine and we close the app and try it again and it still doesn’t work.

Its a good game its just so boring cus after each cut theres a 39 second ad so its not enjoyable.

The game is far from real. The cuts are preset, and the tools are not smooth at all. What a waste of time.

This game is so bad the buzzer gos where it wants it turns when your cutting the hair coloring is so off doesnt take for the places your spray it this game shouldnt be able to download wow.

Game is good but freezes every time how u supposed to play wen it freezes and we got an iPhone.

We havent played it but the thumbnail is promising. Very good.

We were loving the game and got sooo far we even bought the no adds . Then it froze and for days it wouldnt unfreeze . So we uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and lost everything including the No Adds Purchase poorly created . Why have a restore button that doesnt even work . Smh.


Pretty good app so far, and we want to give it 5 stars, but we have two things that need to be changed. One, if we mess it up, it automatically fixed it, but they give us a bad rating. Two, we get the same people several times in a row. We like doing people up, but we hate doing the same things twice. Please limit the inappropriate ads. Your age rating says 4+ so children play this. The game itself is not inappropriate but some of these advertisements are crass. Please aware of your audience and the ads you allow or change your age rating.

It started out really fun and we got everything rebuilt and was making a lot of money and now that im almost too 100k it wont even let us play the game it just goes to the home screen and we cant do anything.

This morning s probably the most laggy game we have ever played on any device. And after every level, there is a commercial. We literally could barely get past five levels in an hour. Our phone was plugged in, and we had really good WIFI connection. We just deleted the game. We hate it. Horrible graphics.

We give this game a zero because we delete the game download it again we have to restart the hole game this games is bad two the hame is disturbing three it is low coulaty we play games that have better quality.

Hi miss you and miss miss Christmas we hope youre.

Love the game, we think u guys should add some features like being able to brush their hair and make the girls look pretty:) and sometimes the cutting isnt very accurate and we accidentally cut where we didnt mean to and we cant fix it lol :) but overall great game.

Great at advertising, poor at gameplay.

We have it a five star Becuase its so cool and you can learn many things.

Take the ad away for free bet the game will be way better.