Reveal The Picture Quiz Answers


Reveal The Picture Quiz Answers

Reveal! The Picture Quiz Answers, Cheats, Clue, Solution for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and other devices. This game is developed by Koko Digital. The previous name of this game is Reveal 2.

Reveal! is fun, fast, and super simple – just scratch the image and guess the answer!

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Reveal Male Actors Answers

Reveal Male Actors Answers

These are the answers for Reveal Male Actors with Cheats, Solution for iPhone, iPad, Android with screenshots. This game is developed by Koko Digital.

  1. Will Ferrell

  2. Jim Carrey

  3. Ben Affleck

  4. Brad Pitt

  5. Will Smith

  6. Jude Law

  7. Bruce Willis

  8. Morgan Freeman

  9. Daniel Craig

  10. Harrison Ford

  11. Tom Hanks

  12. Matt Damon

  13. Eddie Murphy

  14. Ewan Mcgregor

  15. Vin Diesel

  16. Ian Mckellen

  17. John Travolta

  18. Kevin Spacey

  19. Danny Devito

  20. Hugh Jackman

  21. Gerard Butler

  22. Mark Wahlberg

  23. Russell Crowe

  24. Colin Farrell

  25. Liam Neeson

  26. Bill Murray

  27. Ben Stiller

  28. Robert De Niro

  29. Nicolas Cage

  30. Owen Wilson

  31. Tom Cruise

  32. Mike Myers

  33. Michael Caine

  34. Elijah Wood

  35. Samuel L Jackson

  36. Al Pacino

  37. Adam Sandler

  38. Colin Firth

  39. Johnny Depp

  40. Gary Oldman

  41. Shia Labeouf

  42. Ben Kingsley

  43. Orlando Bloom

  44. Ryan Gosling

  45. Steve Carell

  46. Jeff Bridges

  47. John Cusack

  48. Willem Dafoe

  49. Jamie Foxx

  50. James Franco

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