River Legends

River Legends


River Legends is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brian Chau, River Legends is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th April 2021 with the latest update 20th May 2021

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


80 people have rated 1.2

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“Sometimes you just need a relaxing pixel art fishing game, and this is a great one”

River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure is a single-player, pixel art fishing simulation with RPG and adventure elements. Learn to fly fish while traversing the virtual Pine Canyon.

“…simple yet pleasing angling mechanics…”
Rock Paper Shotgun


■ Explore the far reaches of a wild canyon in glorious pixel art

■ Pursue multiple species of challenging fish with realistic AI, each with their own fly and weather preferences

■ Master dynamic weather conditions and realistic water currents

■ Choose the best tackle based on water conditions​ – wet, dry, and streamer flies

■ Cast your fly fishing line with real-time controls

■ Master the art of landing tough fighting trophy fish, both trout and other freshwater species

■ Keep track of the fish you catch in your trophy album

■ Adventure into an array of fishing environments including forgotten canyons, dark forests, alpine lakes, sylvan ponds, and more

With River Legends, you can play at your own pace and choose your own goals. Try to catch all of the fish species available or just target trophy fish. Stick with your favorite fishing spots or keep exploring new regions as you unlock them. Earn new items to cast farther and to expand your fishing territory. Relax and cast your line in the best locations or hike to see the wonders of Pine Canyon at your leisure.

“…captured the essence of fly fishing in one outstanding retro gaming experience”
Alt Fly Fishing Magazine

Original Game Design, Artwork, and Development by Brian Chau

Programming and Software Development by David Dolynny

What are you waiting for? Cast your way into River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure today!

Updated on 20th May 2021

Review feature added

River Legends Reviews

This game is as close to real fishing as an app-base game can get. The more we play it, the more fun it is.

We were on a road trip when we saw this game, at first it was a belie hard but we started to reel in big fish and then it sparked our love for fly fishing in real life, so thank you for the memories.

This game checks all our boxes: -Visually pleasing and retro (bringing back memories of games we have treasured), – Simple controls, – Fishing in our favorite method for our favorite fish (fly fishing for trout), -hidden secrets in the game have been fun to uncover. All in all this is a game we have never known we needed. Thank you! It is a favorite!

At first we thought you had to continuously tap, not tap and hold.. Which made it nearly impossible to catch a fish! Our impatience made us leave a poor reviewmy bad. Great mechanics, adorable pixel art, fun fish fighting! 5 star!

If your a fly fisherman you will dig this game. The scenery is beautiful and the fishing system is solid. We would have appreciated a tippet added to the fly line but that doesnt change how fun this is to actually play.

Updated 5/6/21: Very responsive developer took care of our issue quickly and now we can enjoy the game in all its glory. Update 4/28/21: developer thanks for your quick response. We see you sent the link for the iPad version of this game, but why wasnt that available when the game was released? We checked after downloading this and realizing it was for the iPhone. And why isnt this a universal app if there is an iPad version now? We cant pay for this game again. Can we give you the iPhone version back and receive the iPad version instead? Thanks we were excited to get this game, Im a big fan of pixel art games. Just after we paid the money for it, we realized we just paid for a game that is built for the IPhone only. Thats a bummer, we like to play on our iPad 11 pro and its 2021, needs to have an iPad version for the price.

Great game, we want more species of fish, also want more lakes, and more stuff to unlock.

Controls are sometimes virtual buttons, sometimes touch anywhere, leads to lots of confusion early on. Weird that menu is in your tackle box. No indication on map of whether or not a location is accessible. Once we realized the reeling tension choices were not virtual buttons but touch anywhere, we were able to actually see the gauge and the fishing mechanic started making sense. Every cast is jarring because you dont see it fly through the air to its destination. Why did you decide to teleport the lure to its destination and skip an actual casting animation? Very weird decision. Just lots of strange interaction choices that imo present a high barrier to entry. Also, would really help with immersion if there was like a motivation for any of this. Quests? A story? Even a light intro that expresses a basic reason for wanting to catch a legend or whatever would have gone a long way to help us feel like there was a reason for any of this. Record of fish caught should be in like a journal and not outside the whole game in the start menu. Hey this journal sounds like a great place to move the menu and maybe a few settings. Maybe a shack we can put trophies in and upgrade? We get it you’re a small operation and idk how the heck games are made and maybe its a testament to the game that it makes us think of all the other things we want here, but what is vs. What could be is a real distraction. River Legends 2 gonna be off the chain.

Great game like it a lot, some recommendations we feel like we bought all the shop items real quick maybe add an upgrade system to the fishing gear and possibly add othe fish species, small mouth bass large mouth bass pike /muskies.

This game is so fun However a little too easy, we got every fish including the legend in 2 days. Casting is awesome and it is fun to see the fly float downstream. One suggestion maybe have actually bug hatches and flys to make the game a little more fun/hard This game is awesome.

It could use more content after the game ends. The gameplay also gets repetitive and always seeing the fish makes it less realistic. Also our biggest gripe is how the river legend was just a lake trout. We thought it would be something cooler at least we didnt ever think that was the legend till we checked overalll great game.

Love this game so far. However we wish the fish meter was on the left side of the rod controls. Our thumbs block the meter and makes it tough to play. Other than that the game is great.

We preordered expecting a simple game to waste our time. However, the game play is really well thought, not too complex and not too easy. We have unlocked 7 out of 8 locations from pine canyon and will continue to play. Overall, a really fun game with nice pixel arts and smooth fishing mechanisms.

Easily one of the top fishing games.

Thanks to Leo we just purchased this game and Im already hooked. Tight vertical lines everyone.

Im enjoying it! The controls take getting used to but its fun!

So as an avid fly fishermans we enjoy going out to the river in a weekly basis as an escape, but as responsibilities grow thats not always possible. Sometime you can get the same feeling from a phone game on a micro level. Now, if we are going to play games its usually COD, and while we enjoy fishing games they are always different from actual fishing. So we usually dont. This game however has very similar characteristics to actual fishing. And its the only one that is based on FLY FISHING. So we thought we would give it a go. Man this is exactly what we had hoped for: its fly fishing escape…. But if you only have 5 minutes for it. Now heres why we are saying this: Focus: You have to pay attention, this is not a game that you can absentmindedly just play in the background you had better watch what youre doing if your gonna catch something. Believe us we tried and failed horribly Skill: you need to know where to go to target your fish. You need to aim. You need to watch your drift, you need to play with your fly and adjust your bait ( though on a simpler level than the real thing) Luck: theres no two ways about it, luck plays a role in game and in life. If the RNG Gods say that fish is gonna bolt… Get ready, youre gonna swear a little bit. To us these are all the elements that make it a small escape from the day to day and very similar to the real thing… Well except in RL you will rarely catch fish that big or that often. But maybe in that one small way the game is better than the real thing. Thanks for the great game.

And the retro-8bit style is so nostalgic!

Fishing rpg / adventures are our favorite genre, and this fills that need nicely so far. The controls aren’t perfect and it feels a little empty – but that’s genuine Trout fishing!

Playing the game a bit, a couple recommendations from a fly-fisherman. First, shouldnt be able to see the fish at all times. Part of the excitement, often, is not knowing exactly whats in the water, perhaps you need your polarized glasses to get a better look. Maybe add to the allure (no pun intended) by reducing visibility. Another thing, gotta be able to style your character. Is it some guy out there or is it us with some waders, our new Simms sun hoodie, and some orange shades? Lastly, a lot of the fun is the cast. Maybe it should be that the line follows exactly what you draw, so if you get the timing right, you get the cast you want, otherwise you get hooked. A start to a brilliant game. Just a few thoughts.

Game does what it sets out to do. It is almost perfect but personally we think the UI needs a re-work. It is far too obtrusive to the beauty of the game. Or maybe we just got used to small icons shoved into the corners lol.

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