Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 05:00 pm

Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room

Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room

Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WEBELINX GAMES DOO, Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 28th January 2021 with the latest update 19th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room ?

8,347 people have rated 2.0.8

What is the price of the Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room released ?

Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room was released on 28th January 2021.

When was the Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room updated ?

The latest updated date of Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room on 19th April 2023.

Where can Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room from Apple Official App Store.



Join Fiona, a brilliant journalist, and a detective agent on a special mission! Assist her in solving all the puzzles in order to escape the room she is trapped in.

The creators of "Rooms & Exits" are proud to present brand-new features in your favorite puzzle escape games. New looks, more excitement, and an immersive story that you won’t be able to put down.

An entertaining and challenging room escape game with many levels to exit!

Find your way out of the locked rooms, look for hidden items and examine them, solve creative puzzles and break codes to find a way to escape. Use your observation, concentration, and memory power to find a connection between clues and break free. If you want a fun, yet challenging puzzle escape game, this is the one for you! Download Rooms & Exits: Escape Games free and start your escape adventure now!

Begin with easy warm-up levels to prepare for more challenging puzzles.

Amazing graphics and animations will enhance your gaming experience.

Each level has a unique and original design that you will absolutely love.

A perfect mix of engaging puzzles and unpredictable challenges.

New escape room levels are added regularly.

The game is available in English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Turkish, and Japanese.

Download Rooms & Exits: Escape Games and get ready to engage your whole brain in the most creative way. Have fun with this amazing mix of clever puzzles that will leave you thinking and gorgeous graphics that you will enjoy.

Updated on 19th April 2023

  • New and improved design to make your experience more enjoyable
  • Easter surprises for the most persistent
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Rooms&Exits Puzzle Escape Room Review

This game uses a lot of clues like real game. Lot of fun and teases the brain.

This game is so much fun and really makes you think.

Love the game but need more levels!

This is a great game. Wish there were more levels. Its challenging in all the best ways. Hope they come out with more levels. Keeping just in case.

We really love the game!! But need more levels!!!!

If youve ever been to an escape room this is as close to it as one can get inside the palm of a hand. The rooms actually challenging and after solving the room it provides stats compared against how well others did. We think thats a nice touch. Ads are reasonably placed and can watch ads to get more power ups. Overall nice game.

Super fun. We wish there were more levels.

For the love of god, will you PLEASE move your hint button???? We have wasted HUNDREDS of coins because our palm has accidentally pressed the corner of the screen where your hint button is. Or at least ask if the person is sure that they want to use their coins for a hint, like a two step process. This isnt fair:(

We like that this game isnt so predictable and easy. The one negative is that sometimes when we use a clue, it shows us something that we feel like we’ve already been trying to do for a while, but it didnt work until we got the clue. Sometimes we know we’ve tapped numerous times in a location, but we still dont trigger the item or puzzle. Maybe its us.

The concept of this game is awesome. The only thing we wish this game can do is allowing your friends to play along with you like the actual escape room.

We love escape rooms and when we found this game, we were hooked. We wish they would have created more chapters and levels.

We would give it a 5 but, every so often we would see an item in our inventory bag go away before we can use it. We would have to reset the level and redo it.

We woke up this morning to 0% on No Honor Among Thieves. We had completed level 15 Restaurant before this update happened. Im extremely annoyed, but whatever, at least our coins are still there (the only reason Im not giving a 1 star). Other than that blunder, its a fun game. Im just frustrated that we’ve lost several days worth of progress.

Im addicted to this game, but Im giving a 4 in hopes that they will fix the main playing screen layout. Maybe we just have fat palms, but we cant tell you how many times we have used our coins for a hint without meaning to not wanting to. At least if they would have a prompt that would ask if you want to use your coins for a clue before taking them. We just got an achievement for collecting 2500 coins and we literally only have 150 and about 22 wasted clues.

Like the game. Waiting for more levels!!!

We enjoy playing but the hints are basically predefined. If we’ve already solved something we still get that hint and end up using coins over and over for the same thing. Theres no checklist and sometimes you have the information but theres no clarity on order. We guess it makes sense if youre trying to solve a mystery but paying for the same hint brings additional frustration.

This is a really fun escape room game. It is not overly filled with ads at all and the energy is a fair amount of time for quality game playing. It needs improvement when played on an iPhone however because some of the areas to explore are too small to see on the iPhone screen. The player needs to be able to zoom in more.

The app is telling us to update the game to the current version. The problem with that is, its already at the current version. We’ve already gone through all the first levels and we know there are other levels. We were hoping to play those. Very frustrating.

Doesnt always save inventory. Freezes frequently. Gives hints even when not requested, thus taking your coins without you choosing to spend them. At times does not respond even if you have entered the correct number or word or whatever. We dont have a huge phone, so many items are too small to really see well. Can be extremely frustrating.

Pretty fun game but its a pain to play on a phone. Im on the print shop now and we got stuck because we couldnt find anything else to click on so we get a hint. The hint says the numbers on the mousepad look familiar. There are numbers on the mousepad? Sure enough, we take a screenshot and zoom in all the way and there are numbers that cant possibly be read without doing this. We also feel like the hit boxes for items and objects are too small.

The concept of the game is fun. It is a very challenging game! Our biggest complaint is that we hit the hint button and got a clue. We’ve clicked everywhere trying to figure out where the clue was leading us and couldnt find it. We hit the clue button again to get another clue and it gave us the same one again and took our coins again. Didnt realize there was an icon next to it to reread the clue you got and hit the hint button again to reread the clue and got coins taken away again! So we paid for at least 3 hints and only got 1. And still cant get through the stage. Now Im going to have to either watch a buttload of ads or pay money to get enough coins to completely the level.

We’ve been trying to wait out for new levels since the first two packages were lots of fun.. But Im about ready to delete since updates are for the rewards which we wont get if we have no new levels to play.

Enjoyed the games. Clues seem to be out of order or only shows location even if already found wasting coins. We completed the two levels available and now nothing more to do% except delete the game.

Love the game!!! Would give 5 stars but Waiting on new levels!!!!! Its been a while since any new games! Ready to delete game, its just taking up space on our phone now.

The game was fun for what we could play if it. Challenging/new things around every corner. Until we got to the candy shop. On the board with the multiple colored pieces that need to be arranged, the red wouldnt sit in its designated spot, therefore we couldnt complete. It would just hover over the spot but never lock into place. Therefore we can no longer play or go any further.

We paid this game and we were on level 3 and when we tried to get a key , it wont let us so we dont like this game and we like puzzle games sometimes but yall really need to update this game and not make it glitching . The first two levels were fun but level 3 was awful so anyone who likes this game then nice but you have to pay for coins with your own money.

Made it to the optical shop level. We found out the code for the vault but the wheel cant be turned. Theres nothing else left on that level. The game is a frustrating piece of junk.

When does the rest of chapter 3 come out? For months now it say coming soon. Please finish up so we can enjoy the rest of the game.

This game is the challenge we need in an escape room game. So many different levels, memes you really use your critical thinking and think about the clues given to put it all together best escape room game ever!!!

This game is the best. The only downside is there arent many levels and the new ones come out very slowly. When are more levels coming?

They like to try to make you pay for coins to play. Watch the ads for easy coins and such. Good escape room game though.

Love the puzzles and trying to figure out how to work the clues.

Anxiously awaiting new levels. It sounds like others have been waiting months hopefully we can continue playing soon.

Challenging game, but in a fun way. Rooms are all very different, some more challenging than others. Good work.

We found our newest obsession. Levels are hard though- we’ve had to find walkthroughs online just to get us to the next step sometimes.

Great critical thinking game. Enjoying it very much!

We beat all the current levels. Please make more!!

Great game, keeps the brain active.

Some levels are just too hard and you are trying to get people to buy coins . We want to enjoy a game and the challenge without spending a fortune.

There are a wide variety of puzzles to figure out in each room. They get progressively harder as you go and it happens quickly. There are some puzzles where there isnt quite enough information to move forward or at least point in the right direction so walkthroughs are helpful when you can find them. Though occasionally the walkthrough answer will be different than the right answer. We’ve run into issues where parts of the puzzle dont work properly which is why we didnt give 5 stars. If the bugs were worked out, that would be awesome. The cupboard in chapter two in the guest room doesnt always work on the left side.

We really like the concept of this game, but there are some technical bugs that prevent us from progressing through different levels. Its frustrating when we know Im doing what Im supposed to be doing but the game does not respond. And then we waste a hint to be told to do what Im already trying to do. Sometimes a full game restart helps or sometimes it doesnt. We hope they can clear up these issues.

As others have said, this could be great if the game actually responded when you attempt a move. We literally have everything we need to exit a room but cant progress because the final code isnt working. This is day 2 of trying. When its happened other times in the game it lasted a couple hoursstill ridiculous but manageable. We finally waste coins on a hint that tells us we have everything we need to exit. Too frustrating, Im deleting.

If youre like us and love to be able to continuously play the game and dont have money to spend on energy or coins this is not for you. You only have enough energy to play 3 levels and thats only if youre energy bar is full. It takes 15 minutes for just 1 energy which means if youre at 0 energy it takes 12 and a half hours to get back fully filled. Like what? Could at least do 5 every 15 minutes or the option to earn your energy spent back by completing the level in a certain amount of time. It make us not want to play having to wait almost 4 hours just for enough energy to play one level.

The puzzles are great in concept. Some of the gameplay is glitchy/broken. Was able to complete the game by accidentally getting around some puzzles. When we contacted support, they basically said we were just dumb.

Just like other reviews saymany things dont work until you use a hint so its either put up some money or watch at least 5 videos for one hint. Hey we know you dont do this for free and we actually enjoy some videos and try them but this game is just too much to be fun. Has great potential but youre greedy. Im deleting.

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