Rope And Balls

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Rope And Balls

Rope And Balls

Rope And Balls is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Rope And Balls is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th May 2022 with the latest update 20th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Rope And Balls ?

22,963 people have rated 1.0.17

What is the price of the Rope And Balls ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Rope And Balls released ?

Rope And Balls was released on 27th May 2022.

When was the Rope And Balls updated ?

The latest updated date of Rope And Balls on 20th April 2023.

Where can Rope And Balls be downloaded ?

You can download the game Rope And Balls from Apple Official App Store.




A great puzzle needs only a few simple elements to toy with the rules of physics and create a truly challenging and absorbing test of your logic. That’s certainly true for this addictive and original puzzle game that will have you racking your brain and trying over and over again to complete each level with nothing more than a pile of balls and a few pieces of rope. Challenge your logic and your spatial awareness on every single level in this simply fascinating mobile game.

  • Two stages for double the fun: Each level involves two stages, each an individual puzzle in its own right. First you need to draw a rope in the correct shape to draw all the large balls together without snagging the rope on any of the obstacles. The original balls then explode into a shower of smaller balls, and you have to use a set number of rope pieces to guide them all around further obstacles and into the cup waiting at the bottom of the board.

  • My cup runneth over… There’s a set number of balls that have to reach the cup for you to pass each level in the game, so make sure you give careful consideration to the laws of physics and put the ropes in exactly the right place before the balls are released. Otherwise, it’s back to the (rope) drawing board for a little more serious thinking…

  • Simple doesn’t mean easy: The concept may be straightforward, but intelligent game design in every level means that, soon enough as you progress through the game, each puzzle becomes a real challenge that will test your spatial awareness, your logical thinking and your understanding of physics to the max.

  • Try, try and try again: There’s no penalty for trying – if you mess up the level you’re on, just tap the reload button and have another go. The puzzles may be taxing, but you’ll never have to worry about running out of lives or waiting for the opportunity to test your latest genius theory. So don’t get stressed, just go ahead and try one more time. The solution’s bound to be just around the corner…


Get the balls to walk the tightrope and fill the cup up till it smiles. This addictive and original puzzle game may look simple at first glance, but the further you progress the more each level will require both serious thinking and real dexterity, giving your brain a great workout and ensuring you’ll be deeply satisfied, and thoroughly entertained for hour after hour.

Download the game now and start learning the ropes in this unusual and immensely fun puzzle extravaganza.

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Updated on 20th April 2023

Bug fixes.
New balls!
Feel improvements
Ability to turn off ads!
Visual improvements!

Rope And Balls Review

Yeah these people are terrible we can do better in the app its already downloading.

Have u ever played rope and balls it.

This game is fun, but it is nothing like the add.

We know lots of games have advertisements that are different from the actual game, but we are still disappointed with the app. The game we thought we were getting and the game we actually got are two different things. We dont hate the game itself, but if we wanted a game where you direct balls into a cup we wouldve downloaded a game that advertises that it does that. Its an ok game, though.

We love the game what Little we got to play it. There are much more ads than there is game which makes this game very frustrating. Listen up the ads and the game will be fine.

We saw an add for this game in another game we were playing and we thought it would be fun, so we got it. After level 2 or 3 ITS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME!!!! So disappointed and upset.

There should be a way to get rid of the ads like every other app has. We would totally pay the few dollars to remove them. There are WAY TOO MANY ads in this game. Im deleting this app due to the ads being almost after every level. We really like the game, but the ads are just too much.

More advertisement time than game time.

As the title to our review says, this game repeats the same boring concepts, is not challenging in the slightest, and is certainly not interesting either. This game bombards you with ads all the time, even requiring you to watch an ad to get or ‘accept’ a complete cup of balls. We are rating this 1 star because this game isn’t even original, we’ve seen and played games nearly identical to this one before, and the ads on this game make it so that it’s nearly 50% active game-playing time, and 50% watching stupid ads for other crappy games similar to this one. We both installed this game and uninstalled it within an hour.

How do you expect anyone to play your game if it wont even load without crashing.

We try to play the game but there are too many ads so we cant play.

Ok so we choose adds but this is ridiculous! We did the first seven levels and deleted. An ad after every level that take 2 second to do. Not even enough time on the game to get addicted in to purchasing the one without ads!

Its nothing like the ad stop false advertising.

An add after every single level is ridiculous and makes this game very unenjoyable. The level takes 5 seconds and the adds are at least 30 seconds. We will be removing this game.

This game is not challenging at all and like everybody has said it has too many ads and gives away all the answers on every level. We just go the game and ended up deleting it because of all of this. Please fix this creators.

We are at like Lvl 12 in like 3 minutes.

So far, so good. We just started playing so not sure how hard it will get. Hooghly.

VERY easy! Super calming to play!

Its a cute game, but every time a new obstacle is introduced, the game shows you how to get past it. As a result, Im at level 40 and the game has been no challenge at all.

We like the game, we wish we could choose commercial free!!! Way to many ads!! If it was ad free Id be at 5 stars !!

When Im playing.. Your game is always giving the answers! What do u think we are? 4 year olds? NO!! We dont like it! Its meant to be a fun game to solve things! Not to give all the answers away! And now the adds. Like every time we fail we always get the ads where its just the ad like games look so much fun on the ad but when u download it its whole different game. Like, we know that! And every level we move on to its just, ads and ads! Its so annoying! So like can you make a pass where you can not have ads? Like.. There so annoying! Thank you for listening.

Started out okay, even had some challenging puzzles. However, puzzles started repeating. Already bored with it and Im not even to level 200.

Please offer a no ad version, it gets so frustrating to be enjoying the game but there are ads popping up continuously.

Mildly entertaining until levels quickly start to repeat themselves. A lot.

It is fun to start, but progression of difficulty is nonexistent. After about 100 levels, it just starts repeating levels from the beginning. Better suited for lower aged players who want a mindless game to waste time. Like with most apps these days, it is heavy on the advertising side.

This is a fun way to kill time, but the amount of ads is overbearing. We deleted the app for that reason.

Its a pretty good game and if u play on airplane mode no adds however the levels loop after a while u start noticing like it does from hard back to like the same thing you did on level one until maybe after the second loop your like we’ve played this level before.

As many others have said, the game is certainly entertaining to start. The main problem is it never gets more difficult. Im made it upwards of level 150 and the levels never really got more difficult, so it got boring quickly.

We’re not saying it was the worst game but it wasn’t what it showed in the ads or on the app photos. There are so many other games like this one and we were hoping to have a new form of game to play. Another dislike is the amount of ads you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. We don’t recommend.

Cant even enjoy the game, too many ads. Im out.

We went in the app, and thought it was going to be hard. It most certainly was NOT! And the adds. If you do anything wrong you get an add!!!

Why is there a freaking add every other level!!! Stop doing that.

We love this game so much we can overlook the ads. However, we’ve played over 500 of them and theyre so repetitive! Same games over and over. We really thought at some point, there would be something new and was a total disappointment!! We’ve deleted the game as it just wasnt for us! And the ad for this game it totally misleading! The first pictures showed in the ad, we never even played. Dont waste your time!!

Give us an option to pay to remove ads like most other apps. This game is basically unplayable otherwise.

This will annoy the heck out of you!!

After playing two levels it went from capturing the balls to dunking them into the cup.

If you hate as in the middle of critical moving games pieces, do not get this app.

Each game level take a few seconds, followed by a 30 second ad. No option to remove ads.

It bad it have repeated levels and not even the same thing from the ad it so bad.

Played this game for maybe 15 minutes and it is very redundantsame play time after time. The amount of ads was nauseating! We gave up and deleted.

This has the potential to be a really great game however with on screen ads and an ad after every completed level horrible idea!!! An ad-free version might fix the problem.

It almost instantly becomes a completely different game than advertised, so dont expect to play the game you downloaded. It might be a fine way to kill time if every short level werent, as many reviewers have mentioned, punctuated by long and obnoxious ads. Dont waste your time.

The game is OK and certainly a distraction if thats what youre looking forproblem is preschool difficulty (that never truly increases and ads.. Ads. Ads. And more. Ads.. Ads. Ads. If these guys knew half as much about customer retention as they do in customer acquisition. Theyd let you play 4 or 5 levels and then place an ad. Instead of us being here 1 hour and seeing 50 ads. Id be here for several months (if the levels were to increase in difficulty) and wind up seeing hundreds and hundreds of ads. Anywayanother to the delete file. Good luck out there. And BTWthe games not good enough to pay to remove ads. Sorry to hit you in the Ropes and Balls.

This is the most boring game is is not like the adds at alli dont recommend Im so annoyed.

What a waste of our time. What a waste of your imagination and thought. Why so b many ads so b you can make money seems a bit one sided. So Im n be out.

We really do like playing the game and would continue playing except the ads just wear us out. Every 1 or 2 times of play there is another ad. We think you could get more players if there werent so many. Give players a few more times to play before hitting them with another ad. We will be deleting the game just because of the ads.

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