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Rummikub® is one of the best $6.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kinkajoo Ltd, Rummikub® is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st April 2015 with the latest update 30th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


499 people have rated 4.5.22

You can download the game Rummikub® from APP STORE.


The original Rummikub version (not Rummy nor Rummy Cube or Okey) is one of the most popular family games in the world.
The unique combination of tactical thinking, luck and tense competition has made this classic family game to one of the most successful games for the past 70 years! Arrange the tiles to create the smartest color and numbers combinations.
Will you be the first player to place all tiles and win the match?

  • Download now and play as much as you want. Get free access to all game modes and features.
  • No ads! No commercials!
  • Play the classic Rummikub game online with your friends, family or players from all around the World.
  • You can choose to connect with your Facebook account, Game Center or as a guest.

Play against computer players (also available OFFLINE). Set the turn time, opponents number and difficulty level.

Play ONLINE with millions of Rummikub players from all around the world and try to win as many points as you can to become the Rummikub Master!

CREATE a public table with your own preferences; number of players, turn time and entry fee.

INVITE FRIENDS and family members to play!
Create private tables and choose your own personal game settings.
You can see which of your friends are online from your Facebook’s friendlist and invite them to join you to play a fun classic Rummikub game.

Includes 10 supported languages – English, German, French, Dutch, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish and Portuguese.

Experienced a problem? Got a suggestion? You can reach us at [email protected]

Updated on 30th March 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Rummikub® Reviews

A friend turned us onto this game. We’ve not been able to put it down.

When people wouldnt play with us IRL, we decided to download the virtual game. We love it. Its so much fun!!

LOVE IT!!!! Whatever glitches it had, we have not had an issue with it.

We’ve been playing Rummikub for 30 years!

We remember playing Rummikub as a kid with our family, and now recently our mom and we play together through this app. Its very fun, and we really appreciate how thoughtfully designed it is. Thanks for making it!

Read reviews about glitchiness, but the current version that we’ve started on plays really well. On the very rare occasion that a bug disrupts our gameplay, closing the app and restarting fixes it and brings us back to our in-progress game. Also, the developers are pretty responsive to direct messages.

Love it. Just like the real board game!

Love it. Just like the real board game!

We finally got off of level one and up to level three with some points to spare. We had to restart our phone, and when we came back to the game, we were dropped back to level one.

Often the tiles have a mind of their own and they just go everywhere or you cant make them stick or do what you want them to do and then you run out of time. It makes us furious every time.

The game plays as expected. But we can no longer connect to Facebook.

Im so tired of the computer making MANY moves to go out when the number is completely impossible. What not let the game play out normally. Whats the harm, its our time.

Between iPhone and iPad points don’t sync well. We lose points when we use a device that has the lowest points.

Missing some play options from the white free. Please refund.

Love this game but you need to redo the fix you sent 4 days ago. You now can not connect with your friends. Please fix this problem. Thanks.

Bought this and it wont connect to Facebook.

Used to able to play with our kids by using private game mode and sending code. Now, it doesnt work any more.

Its strange because you sign in every time you play on either device but it rarely updates the scores so if you gained 5k points on the iPhone and then you decide to play the next game on the iPad your account will honor the iPads current score and not update with the 5k increase. Tldr, youre losing points all the time.

The best version! Save your time and download this one. There is a help desk if needed. They restored the scores that we have lost after the update on iOS. Played on the plane, time flies by.

So many apps lack the same feel as the physical game, but other than the fun of having players around you, this app feels just like the real thing. And unlike other Rummikub apps, there is nobody dictating where you place your tiles. No placement police! So go ahead, make a mess! See you there!

This is a totally absorbing game that builds patience and requires focus and close attention. One poorly thought out move can result in an embarrassing loss. Over time, proficiency; speed, and an analytical approach develop. The board, with multiple players becomes less and less confusing and intimidating It is not a mindless game. We love it. The professional support staff are always readily available in case of malfunctions which are largely now worked out as the current version has evolved. Thanks, Kinkajoo; Ltd. For an amazing gaming journey, and a game that can be played as enjoyably as the actual board game with friends at the table.

Love this game. If you are looking for a game that will test you deductive powers, and that will keep you coming backyouve found it here.

Got this so we could play with our family members when we get together. They all play all the time so they are pretty good at it. Now we are hooked and play way more than we should.

Very addictive. We got our wife and son hooked on it.

Very difficult to move tiles from bottom of tray without touching the bar that minimizes/pauses the app. Take 3-5 attempts. Very frustrating.

On the free version you play with fake money. Its fun to see how much money you have earned. In the paid version you dont play for any money. So there is nothing to work for. Very boring!

The big issue is the ai/computer players hoarding jokers till the very last move. We realize this is legal in many Rummikub circles but can you just give us a Boolean slider option somewhere to allow/disallow this behavior so the user can decide how they want to play? Its frustrating. Otherwise great!

The essentials are here for a really good version of this game. We would like to see more time allotments. Additionally, the game could use the mirror wild and the color changing wild. We enjoy this as a classic tile game but as a time-limited speed game (even for single player), its a bit intense.

We love this app and play with groups of friends. It would be fun and useful to develop a chat window so we can converse while playing.

Im tired of the cheaters using whatever it is so that they can lay down 10 tiles in 30 seconds.

We enjoy playing this game until the computer clears ALL of its tiles by completely rearranging the entire board in a matter of a few seconds. These moves are done at a rate that is not humanly possible. Annoying.

It is clear that the algorithms in the app pick a level of difficulty, and whenever any game chooses a level of difficulty it means that tiles are not given out at random. In each game, playing against the computer, it is pretty clear by the 10th round which tiles are being reserved by the algorithm until the end of the game. We find this very frustrating. Also, when playing against the app, near the end of the game sometimes the computer will make a superhuman sequence sequence of moves, sometimes putting down 15 tiles in a row, to win the game. This is not random either. We wish the app developers would just make a version where tiles are dispensed in truly random fashion, rather than manipulating the outcome of each game. Fix this and you get a 5 star rating!

We like to play online, but there are times that the players are moving and placing their tiles faster than your eye can follow. Clearly, this is not a real person. When a player is actually AI, they need to not have them move tiles two or three times faster than a live person can. Their speed needs to be modified so that the computer plays at an average speed of a live playerPLEASE! Its totally unfair to the players that stay in the game to have AI place twenty tiles in 10 seconds.

They can put down 20 tiles during their turn and move the board with multiple sets moving at a time. This is not isolated. Its every game with the computer.

First, there are issues inviting friends to play a game with you. Second, it randomly puts your tiles in the wrong place, causing you to lose your turn and draw a card. Theres always a player who plays at lightning speed compared to the rest of us. And lastly, it randomly loses connection and you miss your turn or two. Dont spend your money on this app. Its beyond frustrating!

Game is rigged. If you draw a wild tile, opponent goes out next play. Had it happen too many times to be a coincidence. Deleted and got another game.

This app is trash. You cant bet any money. You dont win any trophies. Theres absolutely nothing VIP about it. Im going to ask Apple for a refund.

We wish there was something in settings that allowed you to play without the wild cards. They usually arent use the way they were meant to. Whoever has them holds them the entire game and then uses them on their last turn, and almost always the same person has both of them. Aside from not being very sportsmanlike, its a very unfair advantage. We understand many people like to use them, but we think theres a purpose and would appreciate if we were able to choose not to play with them.

We recently updated and now we cannot invite friends to play with a code. Is this going to be fixed soon?

Love the game but hate the bots. Theres no way a human can play 30 tiles in 15 seconds, yet thats exactly what happens repeatedly. We just exit the game each time that happens.

Once you know the rules… Perfect game for all ages!

Love it. Great digital recreation of the board game.

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