Sandwich Runner

Last updated on May 18th, 2023 at 01:55 am

Sandwich Runner

Sandwich Runner

Sandwich Runner is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dwango Co., Ltd., Sandwich Runner is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 23rd December 2021 with the latest update 9th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Sandwich Runner ?

37,658 people have rated 0.3.28

What is the price of the Sandwich Runner ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Sandwich Runner released ?

Sandwich Runner was released on 23rd December 2021.

When was the Sandwich Runner updated ?

The latest updated date of Sandwich Runner on 9th March 2023.

Where can Sandwich Runner be downloaded ?

You can download the game Sandwich Runner from Apple Official App Store.



Pick up ingredients on the way to goal, how high will it get?
Sandwich will be eaten on goal and person who eat it reacts differently depending on the ingredients you picked up.
Red pepper makes eater breathe fire!

Super fun Sandwich Runner game!

Updated on 9th March 2023

Updated SDK used in game.

Sandwich Runner Review

We dont like the adds we get 1 each game so we give it a 4.

Decent game. Our 3 year old loves it but doesnt know how to skip ads. Would gladly pay a small free for ad free version.

Theres a big blackSurrounding by the game so you can easily drag your finger off literally just downloaded this worst game ever theres an ad between every level and after worst game ever wouldnt recommend downloading this seriously if you do you be so unhappy with the results.

This game IS EPIC crazzzzzzyy cooooool.

We love that u can only feed him peppers.

We think sandwich runner is a good game because there is not a lot of ads and you can get through the ads very quickly since theres a lot of food in it it makes us hungry sandwich Runner is a very good game.

We absolutely love love love this game. When we saw the ad we loved it, then we told our dad download it. But when there was an ad we couldnt get out.

Every time we open the app it just kicks us out.

The amount of ads in this game is ridiculous stop it. It is not fun when you finish one of the rounds and then an ad we just think dont put to many ads and also for the expressions you should add more characters you can feed the sandwiches too and what they like and dont like. You should also add more expressions like when you add a little bit to much peppers there face gets red a little bit and start sweating and say if you ad some other characters and someone puts something the character does not like they can make a disgusted face.

Very fun game, you can collect foods, make sandwiches, and even torture the guy with a spicy at sandwich. But there are quite a few bugs, lots of adds, and occasionally the game will freeze. Very fun but if you dont have the patience, do not get.

Too difficult for our child to navigate with all the ads. Deleting this.

So many ads that we cant play enough to decide if we like it.

We downloaded this game onto our sons iPad. But it doesnt launch. It opens to an empty black screen and seconds later, it kicks us out. Our ISO is up to date.

We got this game cause our 5 year old saw it on ad, but its just a platform full of poop that youre supposed to try to collect sandwich parts off of, without getting the poop on the sandwich, and thus feeding poop to the guy. Basically you end up making poop sandwiches. Its gross and not fun at all.

Way too many ads that are so hard to get past.

We love this game because the hot peppers look as spicy as blue takis.

We like it when we put a lot of spicy things on.

We think sandwich runner is a great game because if you are bored at night and you have nothing to do you can just go to your phone or iPad and play Sandwich Runner you can make super super delicious sandwiches or you can make devil spicy sandwiches and make people go crazy and we laugh at them thats why we think sandwich runner is a great game.

So when you only do peppers in his only he will letterly spit out fire.

This game is not bad for kids under twelve because we are seven years old and we are playing it so dont hesitate to get the game.

First of we want to continue but it goes to a ad doesnt even say ad.

Ads every five seconds and when we click X on the top right it still routes to App Store unethically to get paid. Nothing but a bunch of scams.

Our son was playing this game and we saw him FORCE A ####### SANDWICH INTO A PERSONS MOUTH!!! Then he went on fire! Then this inappropriate VIDEO popped up on his screen so we BANNED him from his electronics for 30 ####### DAYS. We would rate this 0 stars if Icould!

Please make a option to pay for ad free. Our kid likes this but he cannot continue due to too many ads.

More ads than a college textbook.

Our child is playing this and girls greased in school girl clothes appears as the ad. Are you serious?!?!

Downloaded for our kids the amount of ads is ridiculous! Not recommend.

Out of nowhere the game wouldnt load, and then we got non stop notifications.

20 seconds of gameplay followed by 200 seconds of advertisements.

So we downloaded this game , & then we only played for like 10 minutes & every round we finished theres always an ad there , theres way to many ads every round u play ,ur gonna see a ad . & theres no such thing as Remove Ads either way if there was we wouldnt pay for it . & when ur on the first levels the bread goes so slow . This game is js wasting ur time . The main problem is the ads , if u remove the ads a little more there wouldnt be a problem & we would maybe give it a 4/5 .

  1. Chill 2. Cheese 3. Pepper 4. Pepper 1 5. Poop 6. Toilet Monster 7. Banana 8. Egg 9. Meat 10. Beaf.

First of all, the ads are downright hostile. We completed the first level and had to sit through three 30 seconds ads in a row. Got through those, clicked somewhere, and got 3 more. The ads are awful and theres no way to purchase an ad-free option. Second, scroll down and take a look at what this app is collecting on your phone. What game needs your contact info? Purchase history? Browsing history? Sensitive info? Dont download this game.

This game is so much fun we love playing it can play it for until Im 12. We think we will get done with it. Anyway we love this game you should try it to.

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