Scan it!!

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 07:45 am

Scan it!!

Scan it!!

Scan it!! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Akatsuki Buddy K.K., Scan it!! is a game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th May 2020 with the latest update 28th April 2021

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Scan it!! ?

12,190 people have rated 5.7.1

What is the price of the Scan it!! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Scan it!! released ?

Scan it!! was released on 16th May 2020.

When was the Scan it!! updated ?

The latest updated date of Scan it!! on 28th April 2021.

Where can Scan it!! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Scan it!! from Apple Official App Store.



Can you be the top of clerks?

Welcome to the shopping paradise!
Every wondered how that amazing clerk works in supermarket.
It is time to perfect your professionally.
Wow your customers with your amazing skills!
Help your customers shop and get ready for some fun!

  • Simple and easy controls
  • Realistic groceries in supermarket
  • Fun gameplay and varied games each levels

Updated on 28th April 2021

Release note:
AppTrackingTransparency permission request will appear after the first app launching in only iOS 14.5 or newer device.
Specifically the permission request is displayed after a permission request for notification, when the permission status of the AppTrackingTransparency is notdetermined.

Scan it!! Review

This game gives us joy and happiness it is also very.

We think it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so cool becase you get to scan the stuff all by yourself it was a little hard at first it is a great so great job !

It prepares you too be an adult.

We love this game its fun to us..

Okay so good a game is good and dont get the boss bat is bad.

At first it was fun but then there were ads when we didnt even press the add button. So then we pressed random places and it still has ads. Soooo yea.

We dont like how it has games we just like scanning it and maybe 1 or 2 games on it scan it.

We like the game but it is a bit to much.

So we literally just downloaded it like 3 minutes ago and It gave us like 12 ads already! Like first Im scanningad. Whenever Im in the middle of somethingad! LIKE-If you wanna learn to make a better game,start our taking away ads. -Emma.

We were very interested at firstbut the annoying ads block the way.

Every time you finish your level theres another add. But in all its a fun game.

It is not that bad of a game but there are sooo much adds just do a update and Ill play the game and their dose need to be some directions because we dont know what to do in some mini games and ya thats it we dont know why we are typing all of this Im bord now so bye.

Every time we complete a level It makes us watch a add it does not let us skip the add so you guys should work better on that.

We just got this app today. And we’ve been noticing every 10 SECONDS you get stupid commercials! REMOVE THESE PLEASE IF YOU WANT MORE PEOPLE TO PLAY IT!!!

So its fun and its easy to play but every single time you finish a level you get an ad and its annoying.

This is a good game but it has to many commercials.

The game is very fun but it doesnt let you click the right button. And if you mistake you have to do it all over again. And when you get the prize its sus because you need to watch a add so thats why they must be losing a lost of players. Just take out the adds and we will appreciate the game more. That takes of points.

Very fun game. Has a lot of different activities to do and including scan the items but after you do one small activitie you have 1-2 adds between every activitie so there is lots of adds which is really annoying. Otherwise this game is fun.

There is to many adds every round we hit no double but it gives us an add any way so we could have gotten extra coins.

The game is great but it has too many ads and u think it should add more levels. We literally played this game for only a day or two, and its already giving us the same task. Yeah. Thats all we needed to say about this game.

There are just so many ads their is in ad the j do one thing then their is other ad.

Yes the game it really fun it has to way to many adds we think that they should take away some of the adds it would make the game way funnier and most of the adds you cant skip.

Its kinda of fun, but if it had less ads it would be ok. There is an ad after every task, we had to delete it because there was to many. Please remove most of the ads.

The trick to get no adds is to put airplane mode and second the game when you get to chairman it levels up and then it goes like this chairman 1, chairman 2, and then chairman 3 and 4! It keeps going up and we hate it because it does not have another level it just adds the numbers!!!! We KINDA DONT LIKE THIS GAME!!!

Hi, before you read this do not get the game. Anyways about the game, it is the worst. If is fun at first because you can do stuff but then there are so many ADDS which if so annoying. You do not even get to play the game there are so many ADDS. If the developers see this this is a not to them. Hi, developers so can you not have as much ADDS anymore, it would be great you know why? So we could play the game. Thank you for reading. Other then all of this, this is a great game. Have a nice day.

It was fine it was fine but the only thing is that it does everything for you.

First of all their are so much ads and there no even that short. And its to not really scan ittheres so much other things and when you do scan it theres not much to scan Im not trying to put this game down but some of the other parts of this game are BORING and it needs to be more fun maybe take some of the games out and just put most of it as scan it This is in our opinion maybe in yours its more fun but in ours we have not really enjoyed it… Maybe u will like it more than others…

Before you play you watch an ad. You play for 2 seconds and watch an ad for 1 minute . Too many ads.

We want to scan not do other jobs.

First of all the graphics are terrible they look nothing like the video showed. Second of all the whole game is not like the video showed the video showed things that are not even in the game. Third of all what the heck why is there so many adds as soon as we started playing boom an add. So who ever made this game you have a lot of improving.

When we ran the game for the first time, we were exposed to THREE consecutive ads that we had to watch through. Then a pop came up asking us to pick wallpapers. It persisted and wouldnt go away, forcing us to spend all the gold we had (as shown at the top of the screen), and when our gold got depleted, it offered us to watch ads to get the next level of wallpaper for free. We’ve seen enough. We’ve never had a game make us go through ads this way. Uninstalled!

So when we first joined we thought we would be a cashier. Because thats what we saw in the add the persuaded us to download it. But there was a bunch of random stuff that was nothing like what the add showed. Its like task you do around the building, again nothing like the video. But after every task there is a add. This game was honestly a waste of time so we would never recommend this game. The amount of adds is quite ridiculously high. If we could give this 0 stars we would. If the creators of this game are reader this you need to improve or we will spread negativity about this game. So dont waste you time downloading this app.


Its 5 sec of game for 1 min of ads.

The cane might be fun. Not sure because every 3 clicks there is an ad that takes longer than the 2 second session you played. The absolute worse!

This game has entirely too many ads to even enjoy the game. Deleting after we write this review for sure.

Hi! This is insane to many ads. Like can you not put so many ads. You are like losing so many players because you are showing people ads. We cant believe how many ads there are. We are starting not to play this game.


Okay let us get this started dont get us wrong games make Money off of adds but this is not okay ever time you do something like lets say scan something you jace an add its ridiculously not okay but the adds are so bad the only thing you need to do is get rid of the adds and your all set yes you need adds but not so MANY.

The game was fun but there where too much adds and the adds were the same adds over and over this tan is horrible and we suggest that you dont get this app.

This game has way too many adds!

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