Scribble Rider

Last updated on August 8th, 2022 at 09:00 am

Scribble Rider

Scribble Rider

Scribble Rider is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Scribble Rider is a game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th June 2020 with the latest update 22nd June 2022

Whether you are a fan of games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


303,902 people have rated 1.991

You can download the game Scribble Rider from APP STORE.


Roll, Swim, Stick and Fly with the ultimate ‘All-Terrain’ vehicle

Updated on 22nd June 2022

Bug fixes :)

Scribble Rider Review

We hav spent years playing this but all of a sudden it starts lagging and glitching.

We love this game it makes us think faster but there is a ton of ads. Every single level we pass it just gives us ads. So for us there is more ads than the game itself.

8 pointed stars always win. Need the AI to be able to generate tires that are pointy / star-like to make it more challenging.

This game is fun for a certain amount of time, then it gets boring. It starts when you lose a lot, then you start using your brain a lot, then it just its boring. So in our opinion this is a decent mediocre game.

(Hold-touch screen and click thumbs up for others to see this review) Be aware of games made by this company. Not only are they full of deceiving ads which are difficult to skip, but they give the impression that you are playing with other players. You are not playing with any other player, you are playing with scripted bots. This is not a type of game company should support. Please ensure that others see this ad so that it goes to the top. We will re-post this review with every update.

Fun game paid for AD free, However still see AD videos every single time!

Cool game too many ads. 10 seconds of gameplay yields 30 seconds of ads. Unplayable.

We understand free to play includes ads, but this is next level terrible.

Thats all you do is make a line so that you can watch an ad.

We have trouble shot the app and our phone. We logged out and logged back in and we still cant restore our purchases.. We paid for ad free and even when we restore our purchase the ads dont go away.. We cant request anything from apple because the purchase was made last year and doesn’t show up in our history.. Why dont you guys fix that bug.. Because this is complete B.S. Its a shame because we enjoyed playing it and wanted to play it again.. Didnt know the devs just want to steal your money.

So many ads. Game lagging constantly and doesnt even work properly. Waste of time.

The ads are longer than the levels along with an ad after every single level. Good game but thats a huge turn off.

So many ads the game is not playable.

This game pisses you off the first second you play it, ads after every level (20 second long levels) (30 second long ads) it was desighned horribly and doesnt change a single bit after the first level. The scribble climber game is 299% better than this game, which had to get reviewed by bots (which btw the play store allows) in order to get anyone to play (and if you thought that was crazy they have so many other ways to scam you)

Literally only add. These developers are trash.

By level 3 we had to watch 5 ads. We understand some ads, but ads before and after every level is crazy. Especially when the ads range from 30sec – over a minute.

Deleted after 3 rounds. There is an ad every round and rounds are about 5 to 10 seconds. Garbage. Avoid!

Deleted in 2 minutes adds every 5 seconds. Whatever business man thought people would still play a game thats mostly adds must have cheated his way through college or has a few screws loose. Absolutely pathetic.

Half the skins are from gun raiders on vr.

Would be a fun game, but why do all these games have to have so many ads? We end up just deleting them because its not worth it. Obviously the devs gotta make money but at least balance it out. Theres more ads than there is play time. Instant delete.

You get an ad at the end of every level or any time you restart a level. You can never see whats upcoming on the level youre on so if you mess up and have to restart that level.. Theres your next ad You will spend more time watching ads than in the level. 10 second course with a 15 second ad.

Scribble ride is clearly our fav game. U guys are five stars!

We froze our opponent right before they crossed the finish line but it said that we lost we only rated 5 stars because we want it to be seen so dont play if glitches aggravate you.

Just draw wheels with curvy spikes with a cross in the middle and win every time.

We see theres a glitch where if you click any of the items in the shop it gives you coins. We have over a million coins from just clicking on them without racing or buying anything. Pretty interesting.

Cut back on the adds, amazing game but just way way to many adds plz cut back on the adds. Thx Person.

Why has’nt any one brought this up. Some times the emoji’s and the unlucky screne at the end with the cloud raining on you and getting nothing, unlike other games when you lose. Don’t it feal kind of toxic? Or is it just us?

Ok so we like downloaded this app for fun just to kill time and MY GOD it is so good. We loved how the game works and the concept. Our only thing for this is the fact of how glitchy it is and how it tries to just launch ads here and there for NO REAL REASON, but other than that we enjoyed the game! Thank you for reading this and we hope you think of the things we wrote!

Game good ads bad we dont want to spend money for no ads.

It is a good game, and we like the idea. But there is A LOT of bugs and glitches. We really do like the game, but every 5 sec it freezes or gets glitchy. Also lots of adds. Like a lot of them.

Love this game!! We can see this being the next big addicting game !! But the ads in between the rounds is so long and time consuming. Deleted the game after couple days .

We did like this game,, in the very beginning of getting it. But when we got in it a bit more, it just to repetitive. The rounds are to easy, for one, for two, you cant name your avatar, (from what we know) three, the person your up against, Im pretty sure is a bot, (because he has a name, and a country) and you almost always win. And theres also a few glitches, like sometimes, it might just put you in a round. But, we do love the avatars, the wheels and motor bikes, we just think it could maybe have longer rounds, harder rounds, and, real people to go against, or at least the bots, could maybe try harder. (Not to be rude or anything.) and yeah, there are some adds, but they only happen after each round, but that actually doesnt bug us as much as it sounds like it would. So yeah, if your someone who likes to play games now and then, this is probably good for you, though, if you play games often, then, this might not us the game for you. Thanks for reading!

Way too many ads. It takes away from any of the enjoyment of the app when you have to watch 2 videos after each round. Deleted.

Way too many ads. Game is fun but ads after every single thing you do is too much. Spend more time watching ads than playing.

They need to fix it, we dont see any bug fixes.

Great game, pretty much unplayable due to adds. Each level takes maybe 9-15 seconds, and every time you must watch a 30 second add. Moving on.

This app has potential to be a great game, but there are so many ads. Its one thing to have the option to watch an ad for extra rewards, but pop up ads make this app so annoying.

Purchased the add free version , but still getting adds , could we get a refund or support on this ?

Wow you spend the majority of your time on this game watching ads. We even clicked the remove ad button but it only gave us an option to buy with out even telling us how much. Seems super sketchy.

What is a fun app is ruined by how much time youll spending on loading screens waiting for ads. No joke every other screen is an ad to be watched. Need to restart levelwatch an adneed to progress levelan adPlease dont waste your time.

You spend more time having to sit through ads than you do actually playing the game!

The ad to gameplay ratio is absolute madness. Plainly predatory and evil.

Bru! These days its crazy! You cant play any game without an add! And this game! We seen it and we tried it bc it looked interesting but after every single race its an add! No! Not cool at all! We removed it!

We cant play for longer then 5 seconds without having to waste minutes on ads was fun for the minute and a half we played definitely dont recommend this game or any games like this.

Game is unplayable with the amount of ads.

Couldnt even enjoy it because of the ads after every single stage. We might have bought the no-ads micro transaction if we actually had a chance to get hooked on the game.