Shadow Hunter: Premium

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Shadow Hunter: Premium

Shadow Hunter: Premium

Shadow Hunter: Premium is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ENIGMA SOFTWARE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, Shadow Hunter: Premium is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th October 2021 with the latest update 8th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Shadow Hunter: Premium ?

1,396 people have rated 11.81.10

What is the price of the Shadow Hunter: Premium ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Shadow Hunter: Premium released ?

Shadow Hunter: Premium was released on 6th October 2021.

When was the Shadow Hunter: Premium updated ?

The latest updated date of Shadow Hunter: Premium on 8th June 2023.

Where can Shadow Hunter: Premium be downloaded ?

You can download the game Shadow Hunter: Premium from Apple Official App Store.



Ultimate pack perks:

  • Unlock Ace and Claire right away
  • 500 diamonds
  • 5 random tickets
    Hardcore Hack’n Slash Action-RPG.

The must try game for any real hack and slash fan who already got bored with just mindlessly smashing buttons on the screen.

Shadow hunter is an action-packed dark fantasy hack and slash game with an incredible combat system and awesome boss fights, assisted by a one of a kind character control mechanism and a perfect mix of RPG elements to make your adventure super immersive.


As the mortal world got invaded and destroyed by the horde of dark demons and shadow monsters, everything was covered in the darkness of hell and the constant insufferable noises that were the combination of the endless scream from those evils and the crying and mourning of the lucky few that manage to survive through this nightmare.

The player will be a Shadow Hunter in this world, which is someone who got blessed by the Ancient One with a special power to fight off those dark demons.

Through countless battles and obstacles, shadow hunters are destined to bring the light back to this mortal world.


Shadow Hunter’s most exciting moments must be it’s epic boss battle, in which the Hunters must defeat dark giant demons to collect their souls and advance to the darkest dungeon and the highest floor of the evil tower.

Without a decent set of equipment and highly trained techniques, any player could easily get wrecked by those big bosses.

However, the incredible feelings that players get from successfully overcoming those challenges will make it all worth it.

Furthermore, those dark demon souls are the key to upgrade hundreds of shadow equipment and weapons, turning them from just a common warrior sword to a legendary hero’s blade that would be worshiped by the generations to come.


Shadow Hunter will have 4+ different PVE sections with multiple difficulty modes and a PVP arena for players to explore and conquer.

“Adventure” is where players start the game with. It may not be the most challenging part, but it is the most essential section in the game since you need to keep advancing through it to unlock further sections of the game.

Once you have passed a certain dungeon level, you can unlock “Altar of the Darkness” , “Boss Mode” and “Clock Tower of Challenges”. Those are where the true test of skill and power happens. For our shadow hunters to overcome those challenges, mastering the fighting technique is a must, understanding the characteristics of each demon and preparing a suitable strategy is needed and strengthening the shadow equipment is a huge plus.

At the end of the day, shadow hunters can not only liberate the mortal world from those dark demons but also can test their skills and mastery against other fellows of the shadow.


Players will get to play as multiple different characters, each has its own unique skills, gameplay and assets. Each character is going to be a distinct way to play the game, a distinct approach to the strategy and the combat.


Intense hack and slash combat.

Epic Boss Fights.

Multiple characters to play.

Hundreds of equipment and weapons to loot and upgrade.

4+ PVE modes and PVP.

Play anytime, anywhere even when offline.

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Updated on 8th June 2023

  • June exclusive equipment banners: Moonfang, The Ember King and The Sacred Blessing
  • June exclusive spirit banners: Cold Etheral Necro, Fire Hollow Death and Brute Shivana
  • June exclusive ancient weapon banner: Blood Ancestor
  • Rebalance Moonfang and Sacred Blessing equipment set
  • Rebalance Freya’s Ancient Form
  • Increase equipment and spirit level cap to 90 in WR8
  • Fix localization issues for Fire Hollow Death
  • Fix bugs

Shadow Hunter: Premium Review

We’ve been looking for a game like thins and this is great. We pretty impressed with the game play. The movement is simple and fun. The fighting feels great. The feature of the being able to connect a controller is great. We do have one sauce though, you cant bind certain buttons to the buttons In game. But you can just get used to the games preset controller buttons.

This game is ok but what makes it bad is the fact that this app over charges us and been over charging for 3months we been trying to report the problem for a while but getting an response is like finding a needle in a hay stack and this app will automatically make consecutive reg payments from whatever bank card or PayPal you use 1purchase of an item and it will overcharge you up to 3 times maybe more for every 1purchase you make we need our refund back we had to lock our card to stop the app from taking money from our account.

Guns are literally op in every mode bro, all we need to do is spam shots and throw grenades. We love it bro. Please dont fix it.

Once you get to about the 3rd node its game over unless you spend. Paid about $50 and it didnt get us anywhere. On top of that, theres 4 or 5 different season passes in here. Dont bother playing it.

Please add this game. Thank you.

This game have a lot of potential and is really fun playing offline when u dont have internet we really like it and we recomend you to try it.

Its a good, fun, and easy game to play to pass time.

This is a genuinely good game. Great combat, doesnt get boring in 5 minutes, fun bosses, and just in general fun.

1-What the deference between shadow hunter:premium and shadow hunter:lost world 2- Im beginner and need to know some channels or something to learn about the game.

We dont know its our phone or the game because when we play the game it kick us out of the game and idk is the lagging or something So please help fix the lagging Thank you.

The games campaign is nice until chapter 3, you need to spend money just to get at least some decent items. Regardless if you cant pay for anything in game then you have almost no luck at all and the only chance of getting decent items is grinding for the mystic store. As for the arena mode its something fun to do but the bots make it unenjoyable and sometimes unplayable. This game has potential but its being wasted all because you need to pay for sets and weapons.

Great game but it very much needs an update to play with a controller/backbone. Probably wont play or spend money on this game until there is.

The pvp mode is this game has the worst matchmaking we’ve ever witnessed. Facing over leveled players in the lowest bracket every match with no chance to win because of ability spam and stunlocking we’ve never had a more frustrating experience in our entirety of playing video games period. If you want to break your phone and destroy some blood vessels by all means indulge in this sad excuse of a pvp mode but this completely killed the game for us, unacceptable.

This is the most fun we have had with a mobile game in a long time and have had little to no problems with it.

This is the greatest phone game we have ever played. The Retro feel, the abilities and characters are so perfect. We play this game EVERYDAY. We love it!!!!!

This game is awesome hands down but the only real issue we have is being a new player at lvl 28 with a 8k power but as soon as we go play pvp arena we go against lvl 50 or higher with a 30k+ power its really annoying :(

Hurry up and finish the game please Im tired of waiting to finish chapter 5 so we can see whats in chapter 6 and probably 7.

Reminds us of blashphemous and the concept of 2d hack and slashs are just so cool! Love this game hope you keep working on this.

Two updates we hate the most: the rework of the hallowslayer set and the addition of the bloodfallen set. It was fun before these update but we guess now its just a bad game. Not playing anymore, and we dont recommend anyone to play either.

After the blood fallen set came out, the game never felt the same anymore. You are guaranteed to win if you have that set. The skill level is crazy.

We love this game tbh we jss wish there was armor customization and a combo meter tbh.

Game is awesome. We have a new phone and dont know how to get our character back.

We love this game .. Probably our favorite iPhone gameI just got the Backbone controller and id wish it supported this game because it would make the entire experience that much better.

Whatever you guys just updated crashed the app.

What is the major difference between shadow hunter lost world and shadow hunters premium?

For some reason one of our characters is stuck at level 50, all the work we put into this character. This Aug22 update came with bugs and more bugs. We think its worth playing anymore.

Nice game really and adventure.

This game is so good it keeps us entertained for most of our day its like dark souls.

Beware of th gun girl in pvp.

So our only issues are id like a little more adjustability with the controls theres only a preset with slightly bigger buttons and the reason it bothers us is because sometimes it jumps when we dont want it to an it can ruin fights but otherwise its a really good game we were surprised also id like to be able to buy an outfit without having to use real money like at least one outfit it gets tedious looking at the same outfit when im constantly picking up gear we cant even see but we can understand not being able to put every single armor in the game haha.

We cannt get dust when we buy a monthly package. Always is 0.

Game obviously gives you lack of gear and materials to progress pushing you to spend. The DAILY login is only a week long and resets at the end of the MONTH. Probably the most idiotic choice by any mobile game we’ve played. The PvP is broken beyond belief. Youre either fighting bots or someone who spent money on the game and has a broken character. There is numerous bugs and seemingly no effort to improve the game. Obvious cash grab. Combat is fun but is ruined by poor and greedy choice. DO NOT INSTALL.

Its high time you guys unlock chapter 4, we mean what are you still waiting for were tired of repeating the game unlock chapter 4 lets move on… Its becoming boring repeat the game continuously.

This game is our new addiction.

Great Game Im not a bot, the games actually goodso far.

Sadly it will not let us use our sliver cards in the shop to get a random equipment.

You ARE NOT PLAYING WITH OTHER PEOPLE IN THE ARENA you are playing against a bot. Heres a reason, first of all, you can play the battle offline(cut the wifi mid fight) second, you can pause the game and the opponent and you freezes in place and this is the funniest one but you can actually restart the match (I tried it and you can restart the match up to hundred lol). Anyway, there is no such a thing as p v p and unrank and ranked are all bots.

We mean its fun to play around when u aint got nothing to do which was the aim of getting an app like this so we feel like its definitely serving that purpose.

OK. To start off this game is amazing. We’ve already played it for about an hour or two. We must say that it is really fun and on top of that this review is pretty much we think maybe the third or fourth review that we have ever written invite 10 years. This game is super fun do you have air combos and jump up in the air with the dual sword chick. We cant wait to try out the one with guns. Amazing game. But what we want to know is if it has controller support. We have an iphone XR with ios 14.1.(something like that) and we were hoping that if it doesnt have that could you add it? Other than that its fun. Definitely tho seems lile an we pad game to play cus of the button setup. Oh and if controller support isnt possible (which we hope it is) then maybe could the devs add the ability to move the buttons wherever you want on the screen?

So good like wow omg wow for free no way man.

Whats the difference between this one (version 11.x) and the game with the dark red icon (version 10.x). We got that one first and am level 20 but this one we have to start over but the game looks identical.

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