Shieldwall Chronicles

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Shieldwall Chronicles


Shieldwall Chronicles is one of the best $9.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wave Light Games Inc., Shieldwall Chronicles is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd February 2019 with the latest update 2nd September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


28 people have rated 1.05

You can download the game Shieldwall Chronicles from APP STORE.


Languages: English
Supported Devices: iPad Air 2 and later, iPhone 7 and later – WILL NOT WORK ON EARLIER DEVICES

In Shieldwall Chronicles, you lead a mercenary band into the perilous and cold northlands of Tarren. Your search for fortune will see you pitch blade and spell book against a host of enemies including the undead, demons, and lizardmen and many other creatures. In a battle that is part game-book and part tactical RPG, you will build a powerful band of warriors and wizards and tilt the balance of power in the northern kingdoms.

Take part in deep, turn-based combat. Combat is realistic and incorporates details such as weapon range, damage effects, and counter attacks without slowing down gameplay. Players will also have to use cover and line of sight effectively to be successful.

Build a party from among 16 different classes. Choose a party of six heroes that range from scholarly wizards to hardened warriors. Using each character type to their fullest is vital to securing victory as most excel in only certain tasks. Wizards have massively destructive magic but will fall quickly to a simple spear thrust while great warriors can hold off a horde if properly supported.

A unique morale system adds an entirely new tactical layer to the combat. Warriors will fight far better if they believe the tide of battle is on their side and will begin to panic if they believe otherwise. Watching a friend fall or an enemy leader slain drastically affects morale. Arrows and spells, even when they miss, will affect the courage of both friends and foes in their area of effect. Finally, the bloodlust mechanic means certain warriors will find new sources of energy for each foe they slay.

Collect hundreds of powerful magic items to equip your party. Each character can equip up to nine items from swords, shields, cloaks, rings to helmets. Each item can range from a common item that grants only a small benefit to legendary items that can both boost stats and grant entirely new powers to its bearer. Fighters can equip magical rings that can allow them to conjure fireballs or summon undead guardians, for example. The magic item system allows you to customize your party even further and develop entirely new tactics and battle plans.

Enjoy over 40 hours of gameplay in the campaign. Your journey will see you lead your party across snow-covered wilderness, through dark caverns, ancient ruins and the bloody streets of great cities. Battles can be replayed at various difficulties and no level cap provides no end of enjoyment for the die-hard player.

Delve into a gritty, realistic world that blends dark age history and culture with fantasy races and monsters. The northern kingdoms of Tarren are places where men fight in shield walls with spear, axe and sword against elves, dwarfs, goblins and even dragons. Wizards and monsters are powerful but can still be defeated with sound tactics, armour and courage.

Updated on 2nd September 2020

  • Improved UI and text throughout the game to be more legible on smaller phone screens.
  • Improved performance.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Shieldwall Chronicles Reviews

Pretty much couldnt run the app right away it fails tun load and do anything. Unsure why store front would say our iPad could run it when it fails to do so! Cant even get go game menu! Refund is necessary.

We got this game because we are a big fan of the Demon Rise series and hoped this would be similar. It’s actually better than similar; this appears to be made by the same game artists. This game has a lot of ‘meat on it’s vones’ as there are a ton of levels and characters to choose from- you for try many many different strategies.

Great game, solid story, and many classes to choose from. Developer always response fast and adding new content, what more you want? Go and get this game, you wont regret it.

We were blown away by this game! From the narrative, classes, and gameplay, you can tell the creator is a massive fan of DnD. The story is compelling, leveling your characters is addictive, and choosing from a massive variety of items to equip is exciting. The combat is challenging but rewarding. 10/10 recommend this game!

We bought the pc version but wanted to play this on the go. A solid turn based game. Very easy interface and nice story line. We have both demons rise 1&2 and this is a nice addition to the genre::::update- as usual the developer is willing to talk daily with his base and adjusts things in the game. Game keeps getting better!!

Beautiful graphics and animation. We have all of wavelight games and this one is the best yet. More passives, spells and upgrades. All of the characters are good and you can use male or female characters. Generally males have more hit points, females more action points. Dev constantly adding new content and fixes. Try all the characters, you will be surprised how much fun they are. The centaur is highly mobile AND use either melee or range weapons. Nice to be able to manage team and move characters in and out of games. Best game rpg turnbased game for movile, get this game now!

This is an amazing game. The graphics are beautiful and the turn-based strategic battles are really fun to play. Also the developer is really responsive: we found a bug, and when we contacted the developer they found the bug immediately and sent out a bug fix the next day. And there are no in-app purchases. Just buy it once and you can play the entire game. We cant recommend this game highly enough.

Theres a bug with armor (the stat) where your armor rating goes negative. We havent found a way to fix it. This is led to our team having something like three and four armor instead of 37 to 40. We could probably farm and just change our stats on items to be evasion chance to avoid this, or try a new play through. Update: The proper rating is reflected in combat we really like the old interface of demons rise we think this new game is probably more iPad oriented. And we sort of understand the new task bar due to items being able to cast to expand capabilities. Despite the weird user interface for a mobile game or transport, we were very much enjoying this. Having action points be rare on the item pool is different, but we got used to it. Im not a huge fan of the melee skill and range skill, but its much less annoying with a bard and post level 5 or so. We love wave like games and we can recommend all of them including this one, but theres no reason to recommend it on mobile over any of the other ones that we have played. The assortment of how things look was much cooler in DR. Vampire/Knight/Polar Bear (PB the best). Love the branching here though.

We feel like the interface could have been done a little more creatively, having to navigate to a mini menu in order to select an ability is a little much, not to mention each character coming stacked with 4/5 abilities you know nothing about, we feel like there should be a natural slow character progression introducing those. We mean part of what makes TBS games cool is building a good team, and it not only takes the feeling of being close to the team you built, but also a progression for yourself learning the game. Throwing us in blind is how it feels. Also was somewhat disappointed this had little to nothing to do with shieldwalls, beyond having a couple shields in the game that would have been in one.

Like this game, its fun! Love that we pay up front and dont have ads or iap to deal with. Its worth the price :-). All of the text in the game is very small and quite difficult to read when playing on a phone – would love if that could be changed. Also, in the Demons Rise games there was an option to hide the display of the health and AP bars during combat, and we cant find a way to do that in Shieldwall Chronicles. The graphics look great, but are hidden behind these health bars and AP bars and movement indicators and such – it really takes away from the game. Would love an option to remove those from the display.

We have several games by this developer. While we like them, they tend to be buggy. Here, after playing for several hours, our characters stopped gaining experience to rise in level although we could see that there were skills that were still unlocked. Given the choice between restarting the entire game or just bagging it, we opted for the later as we are too frustrated to do it all over again.

Game wont load we give you 10 bucks your welcome.

Cant even start the app, crashes before loading. Disappointing waste of money.

Cant play. Crashes at 3% when loading. Should work, we have an iPad Air. Please fix or refund our money.

We have been playing for a while, and really started getting into it. Unfortunately our save game bugged and we lost everything, and went back to the start. Really annoying.

We have played both demon rise 1 and 2 and enjoyed both titles. The App Store said our iPhone and our iPad were compatible with this game but obviously they are not. Maybe someday Ill get to play but until then total waste of 10 :(

Basically donated $10 as this game is almost unplayable. Terrible interface and terrible tutorial as controls made no sense. Worst game play ever.

Provide a way to visually assess range and line of sight, and Ill bump this to 5.

Im picky about our turned based strategy games but must admit this one is solid all around. Solid graphics, classes and gameplay with tons of gear and abilities to use. If your familiar with demons rise this is similar only much better imo. Definitely worth the buy.

We love this game, the graphics are fun and the game play is challenging. With the many characters and items to choose from theres plenty of ways to mix up your game. But we cant give it more stars until the inventory bug is fixed. When in the shop if you dont equip an item before you leave it will delete the item completely. Its very frustrating to get a new item for your character only to lose it to a quirky bug. If this is fixed we would definitely give this game the 5 stars it deserves.

It gets to 3% on the loading screen and just dies.

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