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Shisen-Sho is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Teruaki Onoda, Shisen-Sho is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 6th June 2009 with the latest update 30th November 2021

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1 people have rated 2.5.1

You can download the game Shisen-Sho from APP STORE.


"Shisen-Sho" is simple and deep solitaire game that uses the mah-jong tile. Everyone can readily enjoy it.

"One of My Favorite Puzzles, Brought to the iPhone" – Macgasm

The rule is very easy. (!! NOT "Shanghai Mahjong" rule !!)
If two mah-jong tiles of the same design that queues up in the screen are taken by one pair, and all tiles are taken, it becomes clear.
The selection of the tile does the tile with the finger by touching directly. The tile that can be taken has the condition like the under.

  • It is not possible to take it when there is a tile of another design between two tiles.
  • The tile that length and breadth adjoins can be taken.
  • The tile at the position that can be connected by the straight line in length and breadth can be taken.
  • The tile at the position where the straight line bends up to two times can be taken, too.

It becomes "GameOver" when the tile that can be taken is lost.
Of not becoming "GameOver", there is a tile that can surely be taken.
(Please refer to the web page for a detailed rule)

If you can not find a pair of tile that can be taken, do shake the iPhone/iPod touch about two times. You will begin a new game. (Only Endless-Mode)

There are some game modes in "Shisen-Sho".
"Endless-Mode" that can be slowly enjoyed indefinitely. Attack mode etc. that compete for time and score. It is possible to play by various styles.

About the Challenge Mode:
The tile of a full screen is taken in the time limit. The tile is erased before the timer gauge disappears and the score is earned.
It is game over when all the remainder gauge tanks are lost.
A special stage sometimes comes out. When you clear a special stage, the reserve tank increases or a special bonus can be gotten.

Updated on 30th November 2021

Update for iOS Compatibility

Shisen-Sho Reviews

This app is enjoyable but starting to show cracks. It is low res, looks bad and, on iOS 10, we are now greeted with a warning that the app is not optimized and will slow down our iPhone. Fix or remove. There are other options.

Great game, wish it had choice of different tiles.

We have played this since taking a class on Linux and it is an easy stress free time killer BUT it does not offer the different variation found in PC and Linux. Stick with the free version, not much different.

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