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SkiFree is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GearSprout LLC, SkiFree is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th January 2013 with the latest update 11th March 2019

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


155 people have rated 1.0.3

You can download the game SkiFree from APP STORE.


Hit the slopes in SkiFree, the official version of the retro skiing game, and show off your slalom and free styling skills! Engineered for all Apple devices, including iPhone 5 and the new iPad!

Dodge skiers, snowboarders, trees, rocks, and even the abominable snow man! Get some air with the ramps and rack up points! All scores are automatically submitted to the Apple Game Center leader boards. Compete with your friends to get the highest scores in each game mode (Slalom, Tree Slalom, and Free-Style)!

With nostalgic gameplay and retro visuals, SkiFree is a fantastic game to play on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad! Relive your childhood gaming experiences and speed down the slopes. Just stay away from the abominable snow man!

SkiFree App Features:

  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad compatible
  • Game Center enabled
  • Graphics designed for Retina displays – no fuzziness
  • Available for iOS 8.0+

Updated on 11th March 2019

Compatible with iOS 12 and new iPhone and iPad devices.

SkiFree Reviews

This runs GREAT on our iPhone 7 and surprisingly rubbish on our iPad Pro. We havent had it crash on either, but the weird thing is on the iPhone it defaults to landscape mode (makes sense) yet it works in portrait on our iPad. ONLY in portrait on our iPad, which seriously smooshes and distorts the look of the game. We do like that you can change the controls, but it unfortunately just isnt as addictive on a little phone as it was back in the day staring at a computer screen. Ps, yes there is no sound. Because the original never used sound either!

The second go the game crashes. 1-fine 2-bleeps out mid ski 1-fine…. 2. Annoying.

The screen is stuck in portrait orientation and is upside down. Why cant we turn the phone sideways to use this game?

It keeps crashing. Cmon update this for today wouldnt you please.

Dont waste your money, the app doesnt even open. Light a dollar on fire instead, its more entertaining.

Bought it. Downloaded it. Ran it. It doesnt run. Bought for nostalgia of the game not to remind us of Windows instability.

It crashes immediately on launch on our Xs Max.

App crashes on loading screen .

We been purchasing apps since 2008. This is the first one in over a decade of apps that doesnt even open. It goes to the launch screen and immediately crashes. We’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling to no avail Waste of money and time.

We need a refund. Like so many other reviewers, the app crashes the second we open it.

Opens a loading screen for less than a second and then its quits. IPhone 11. Current updates 12/30/2020.

It wont open. It starts up for a split second then it goes back to the home screen . We have the iPhone 11 and everything is updated but it wont start. Is there a way to fix this?

Crashes immediately on iPhone 14 pro max. Running iOS 16.

App does not load on iPhone 12 Pro Max whatsoever.

When we realized this game was on the App Store, we were SO EXCITED and immediately downloaded it. … Only to find that the app crashes the second we open it. This either needs to be fixed ASAP or we need a refund. Its a shame.

Wont even open, crashes immediately, what exactly did we pay for?!?!?

We wanted nostalgia and so we bought it. App wont even open on our iPhone 13.. We hope that this isnt a forgotten app and this will get fixed if not we want our dollar back!

Would be great if we could even open the game. In all our years of purchasing apps from the App Store, we’ve never had one that kept crashing without even loading. Waste of money.

We purchased and the app will not even work!!

App wont open on 13 Pro Max on iOS 15.0.2.

Dont bother buying the game dose not function and crashes every time you open it.

Robbing nostalgic skifree gamers of a buck. Couldnt even open the app.

Every time we try to open the app it crashes on our iPhone 12.

We downloaded it but cant open it at all on our iPhone 13 pro.

This just automatically closes right when we open it. Never got to play it once after paying for it. Was basically robbed lol. We’ve deleted and redownloaded like 5 times.

Force closes every time we try an open the app on our iPhone X.

It is NOT working on IOS now. October 19, 2022. We loved this a game a child. Now fix it.

It crashes as we try to launch the game.

Not only does it not work, at all, but Apple wont even refund you the money lol. Its .99so its not about the money but its the principal of it all. Tisk tisk Apple, tisk tisk.

Stop allowing this to be sold on the App Store. Wont open.

Doesnt work on iPhone 11 Pro. Refund please.

Bought the game and it wont even open. Running iOS 13.3 on an iPhone 8 Plus.

It wont even make it to a loading screen. Deeply disappointed we bothered paying for what would have been such a simple game.

It doesnt work and they just charged us a dollar. Reporting this app.

Such a waste! We used to love this game when we were a kid but the app wont even open, it automatically crashes. Dont even bother getting it.

App wont load. Continually crashes.

Doesnt even run. Cant play it.

Need a refund. What crap. Wont even open. Tried uninstalling reinstalling etc.

App does not even get past loading stage! Dont buy it! You cant even contact support about the issue anymore!

Paid for app and it doesnt even open.. Tried to get app support and it populated a 404 page :/

Pay inflated, heavily taxed money for this app and it doesnt even open. The QC person should be Clintond.

What gives? Its like losing your money to the vending machine. Itll take your money and then say the items out of order. Dont buy. We bought it and once opened, screen turns blank. We try go to app select/close screen and shows its running. Try open it but a black blank screen continues. We tried turning it off and on again. No luck. WOMT!!!

The app does not work at all and the developer site is error 404 down. Apple wont give a refund either. Someone is ripping people off and getting away with it.

Wont even load up. Write. On the description that it works in the new iPhones OS . Don’t buy.

Was so excited to buy, serious nostalgia right? Wrong! Doesnt even open, it immediately crashes and closes app. Dont waste your energy, time, or money.

We’ve purchased this game before and got a new phone and new icloud lol but its not the same? We have to flip our phone upside down to play.. What gives?

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