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Solitaireᅠ is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Duncan Crawbuck, Solitaireᅠ is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 22nd August 2019 with the latest update 10th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


549 people have rated 2023.02.08

You can download the game Solitaireᅠ from APP STORE.


  • No ads, ever!
  • Simple design with powerful features
  • Universal app, one purchase to play on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
  • Hints available if you get stuck
  • Auto-Complete to quickly finish the game
  • Statistics to keep track of your performance

Pro Mode provides a customizable experience

  • Customizable Dark Mode
  • Undo/Redo swipe gestures
  • Choose one or three card deal
  • Quick Move gesture to automatically move card to available space
  • Left-hand Mode
  • And many more features to come in the future!

Native iOS Design

  • Supports all devices and orientations
  • Dark Mode enabled
  • Split View and Slide Over compatible
  • Keyboard shortcuts for most actions

Updated on 10th February 2023


  • Haptic and Sound Effects


  • Updated Settings design

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various UI issues

Solitaireᅠ Reviews

Runs great on our older iP7 on 15.7.3, the hint button can get into a loop of repeating the same 2 moves. We reset to a new game at that point. Once in a while moving a big stack will hang just before hitting its next spot and we gotta tap the deck or drag the stuck stack a little and let go to correct it. But other than that great little set of extra options under pro mode and runs great and is simple and an bargain at $1. No ads and smooth!

When we are stuck and hit the ? Button to ask for a hint, the suggested plays are useless. We would like this version more if it would alert us when there are no more possible solutions.

Begging for affirmation is unbecoming.

Needs to be at least 50/50 chance to win not 20/80.

If you are looking for a no frills app that doesn’t frustrate you with ads, this is it.

… Is troubling and confusing after a lifetime of playing on the conventional arrangement.

Very basic! Very few options, no sound. No sukpport response. We like it simple but this one is way too simple for us….. Yet, seldom or never win.

Hate that this version shows three cards every time one flips or uses a flipped card. ONE AT A TIME!

All three of the Simple & Classic solitaire games — Spider, Solitaire, Freecell — are well designed and fun to play. They are not bogged down by silly animations or graphics. They are exactly like playing with a real deck of cards. We really enjoy them, and you will, too!

We really love this game! Its one of our favourite card games anyway, and this app is super user- friendly and fun to play. We also like the updates. We wish you could save games to come back to, but otherwise its a really solid app that we enjoy.

Do not like the auto complete that pops up during play. Please create an option to turn that feature OFF. Thank you!!

Not enough new games have learned the ones you have thanks bogey.

To be honest, some of details seem to be missing. In the Spider game, there is no clock or move counter. In all 3 games, the cards are slow to respond and the hints dont show the best moves first. But the bundle was cheap and doesnt have any adds.

We bought this because we hate ads. However. The positioning and spacing of this screen is so uncomfortable. Cards are too small and when you switch to horizontal, the spacing is so wide we get eye aches. Please make the cards slightly larger and improve the ergonomics if screen placement. Until that is changed,I would not recommend buying this.

We were in the TestFlight but it recently expired and hasnt been renewed. There were a ton of new great features but now that its expired we’ve had to revert back to the App Store version, which is 8 months old. Hope it gets the update soon.

Sluggish, weird keyboard response. Hints are not hints. Not a good example of solitaire. Deleted after one play.

Thanks for the changes. The support link is terrific and the stats accuracy is much improved! Its everything we could ask for in a Solitaire game.

This is the most perfect game ever created.

Why, all of a sudden, has the display changed to be smaller and moved toward the center of the screen when the display was so clear during the first couple of games? How can this original display be restored please Duncan? Thanks, Betty.

We wanted an ad free game, and this certainly is one and at a good price, but we dont like the card design nor the board layout. It isnt possible to change anything on the board except 1-card or 3-card draw. At $.99 we guess you get what you pay for.

We would give it a five star rating if it had a few setting options like tap to move the card and 3 card draw.

Bought this for ad free. We had played 5 games after purchase and all ended in deadbeat. The funniest thing was the hint kept suggesting one move back forth. The game obviously lacks of enough functions.

Classic Solitaire without any ability to change the settings. Only single card option and you need to drag or double tap to move cards. There are hint, redo, and undo features. It seemed a bit laggy and the auto-win was very slow. Nice not to have ads though!

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