⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 06:45 am

⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games

⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games

⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brainium Studios LLC, ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st November 2011 with the latest update 24th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casino, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games ?

885,557 people have rated 1.9.10

What is the price of the ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games released ?

⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games was released on 21st November 2011.

When was the ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games updated ?

The latest updated date of ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games on 24th May 2023.

Where can ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game ⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games from Apple Official App Store.



Free solitaire fun awaits with the classic and challenging Solitaire gameplay you know and love. Discover solitaire card games in a beautiful, modern design with easy-to-read cards for a refreshing take on classic solitaire. Jump into fun solitaire games in a space that is completely your own with exuberant backgrounds and stunning card decks. Play solitaire free, train your brain, and improve your card game skills in no time with Solitaire by Brainium!

Our free solitaire games bring you the most user-friendly version of Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience). Join the millions around the world in classic solitaire fun with this top-rated solitaire app. Brainium Solitaire games have been thoughtfully designed to bring you ease and enjoyment while you play. Enjoy clean, uncluttered playing cards and game boards, intuitive controls, crisp animations, and relaxing audio. Now you can play solitaire free of stress and distractions — there is no other card game like it!

Solitaire by Brainium provides card game fans with an unparalleled classic solitaire experience. Choose from dozens of card styles and cheery backgrounds for your solitaire games or upload your own custom photo to create the perfect place for you to escape, relax, and sharpen your brain.

Enjoy stress free solitaire card games today with Solitaire by Brainium. Download now for endless classic solitaire fun!

Solitaire by Brainium Features:


  • Solitaire game modes include Draw-1 and Draw-3 to help train your brain
  • Free solitaire hints and undos let you improve your skills
  • Auto-complete your card games to speed up gameplay whenever you want
  • Classic solitaire with fun yet challenging achievements waiting to be discovered
  • Play real solitaire games with true random shuffling for an authentic experience
  • Track your progress after your solitaire games with in-app statistics


  • Customizable card games and radiant backgrounds offer a unique solitaire experience
  • Play solitaire games in Portrait or Landscape orientation
  • Choose from Classic Solitaire or Vegas Scoring
  • Left-handed Mode available
  • iPhone and iPad support
  • Supports Dark Mode

Brainium has been producing world class card games and logic puzzles for over a decade.Our focus is to provide players with games that are visually stunning, easy to use, and incredibly fun to play. Download Solitaire by Brainium today!

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Updated on 24th May 2023

We made some changes we hope you’ll enjoy! Thanks for playing.

  • Bug fixes and improvements

⋆Solitaire: Classic Card Games Review

We dont know whats going on – we managed to get it to work to play one game and then it went right back to just crashing.

This app used to not have ads. Then, about a year ago, they started having occasional 1 second ads. The last time we played, there were long ads after each game! Thats it, no more, HATE ads, and now theyve made this game intolerable! When we have to tap out 5 times, and finally quit the app because it cycles back and forth, its time to go. Apparently no one monitors the ads, so Frontier internet ads trap people.

Relaxing game UNTIL, despite phone being on silent and game settings being on silent, a random ad blares out at higher than normal volume. Once with music, once with bra sizes!!?? What the heck???

Enjoy game. Its fun and relaxing.

Its a very interesting games. We love it.

This game always you to enjoy what you are doing while keeping your brain active.

Great game Really like graphics.

We love solitaire but we hate when you pop up those other games. Stop it!

Its so smooth and easy to see clearly. Easy on the eyes!,,,

Terrific game for our relaxation time at home !

Have had the game for awhile now. Isnt there supposed to be sound with it? If so ours does not have sound. Please advise. Thank .

Our favorite game; after readying for bed we lye and relax while enjoy playing. We think it helps keep our mind sharp.

Brain challenging , lots of random situations.

Fun to pass time to relax. Played this as s little kid. Not distracted with bells and whistles. Not everyone likes sll of that noise. Thanks for an old fashioned card game.

We love this game it is litterly fire! The only thing that we would change is the ads. We love the game other wise though!!!!

This game is full of ads. Every time we play, there are 2 long ads before the next game. For us the game is not a joy to play because of the numerous ads! 03/14/2023 update we reloaded this game. They now have an ad that turns upside down and leaves everything upside down. How unbelievably irritating! We deleted it again.

We can spend the hours playing Solitaire and we love the game because it calms us by reducing our stress in various situations. We use it to help us fall asleep and most importantly it helps us reduce our stress and anxiety. We live the same!! Ec.

They give to many losing games.

Good game but too many frustrating ads make game not so fun.

Not a bad app but way to many adds and so predictable remove a card the next card is the same happens almost every time far from random.

We really love the interface of this solitaire version and the new slide undo feature is excellent HOWEVER we now have ads popping up in the middle of a game and when the ad is over it starts a new game of solitaire?! Also, some ads now have sound that you cannot turn off.

Get rid of the UNDEROUTFIT adsits horrible and its every ad and they are soo long. We’ve had this app for years and now we want to delete.

Great game but no respect for the sound being muted. Noisy ads pop up quite frequently.

We love it. Its a great way to relax.

This solitaire game used to be decent, but the ads have just gotten out of hand. The silent ones requiring multiple screens and closures were bad enough, but when some came along that failed to respect the silent mode on our phone, we knew we had had enough. Bye.

The game locked up. We had over 49000 points. Deleting and reinstalling would not work. So we ended up totally deleting it from our device. Very disappointing as we loved playing it. Now its gone.

Do NOT subscribe to this Solitaire game if you do not want to see ads for other games. You will still get annoying pop-ups prompting you to play other games.

Your app has too many invasive ads, and as a result, we are deleting the app and never will use it ever again. We will not pay to stop the ads as thats what youre trying to do. Have a blessed day.

Seriously!!! Have you done ANY user research? People play games when bored in meetings, in bed when they cant sleep and any number of other locations where an obnoxious ad full of sound about womens bras is embarrassing. It runs, loudly, even when your sound is off on your phone. Im done with this app. We would have supported the app for a dollar or two, but not 11.99.

We want the developers to get paid. But the number of ads is finally become too much to handle. You have to sit through extended animated ads, and then often times the only option is to click through to the Apple Store (you cant just dismiss the ad It forces you to go to the store first). The ads run for an extended period of time, and they are targeted (some referred specifically to the name of our employer when we were in a lunch break at work). So clearly they are tracking their users. This is solitaire, not some critical app. After watching this specific app get worse over the past five years, its time for it to go. There are alternatives. We would not recommend downloading this version.

We have played this game for years. Lately the ads have gone from annoying to mind destroying. Not worth the aggravation.

Lately our love-us-cuz-were-small phrenz have been featuring ads for assorted junk that hijack the device and launch webpages. They are not trustworthy.

Keeps opening google web search, deleting and will not play again.

Something happened when Brainium sold. To many adds, and doesnt feel random any more. Played for 4 years, now deleted.

We’ve used this solitaire app on and off for years and years because it is our favorite for gameplay, but the ads are a serious problem that is so bad they cause us to stop playing for extended periods of time and try back later hoping they are gone. But they always come back eventually. These are ads that PLAY SOUND EVEN WHEN YOUR PHONE IS MUTED! It is absolutely unacceptable to get suddenly blasted with loud music, talk about bras, weight loss, whatever it is, when Im just trying to play a quick round of solitaire in a space where quiet is expected. Horrible and not worth the risk.

We love this version of solitaire. We really dont notice many ads at all and can get out of them unless Im interested. Thanks for that. We actually feel guilty and should probably pay for the privilege but we cant so Im grateful!!

It is not just there are lots of adverts, but most have nothing to do with this type of game and we find them strange if they are meant to appeal to card games. That said, it is a lot of fun.

We have had an impaired neurological system. Your version has helped us to redirect our racing thoughts and or emotions. We dont have it down to a science but Im thankful to be able to rely on the app to slow down our Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, tremors, impaired memory, agoraphobia, fibromyalgia, migraines, skeletal decay, night terrors, impaired hearing and vision severe sleep deprivation. The above listed issues began over 40 years ago. We were participating in a medical study but was fired with out cause during medical leave related to HEPC treatment. With much more related to our childrens loss.

Perfect and challenging version of a classic game. We love that you could change the background and cards depending on mood or season.

Its a lot of fun. It makes use our mind. It also relaxes us.

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