State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, February 26, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 26 02 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We bring more news from developers of State of Survival to respond to some of the player’s most concerned info today!

Is it possible to put the formation button somewhere else? It’s hard to do formation when notifications above pop up, especially during the Influencer Trap?

Yes, we received a lot of feedback about the pop-up notification blocking the formation button, and it has an impact on the Influencer Trap game experience. According to our players’ requests, developers have finalized a specific optimizing plan. The top pop-up window may not be changed, but the formation button will be moved, and this change will be implemented in the coming weeks, please keep following our updates.

Improvement on Infected Horde:

In response to a large number of feedback from players on the duration and point gathering of the Infection Horde, we have greatly optimized the gameplay of the Infection Horde event recently. By reducing the event duration and changing the waypoints are earned (Points of the reinforced players will not be "stolen" and reinforcers will get extra points), so as to solve the player’s bad experience in the event duration and points acquisition. The new Infection Horde is currently being tested on some servers. We will evaluate the test and implement it on all servers as soon as possible, please look forward to it.

Can we have more new heroes and with more strategies but won’t they be too expensive?

The big news here! In order to satisfy player’s needs for more new heroes and heroes in different scenarios, reducing the cost of hero training, we will release our first Resonating Hero Wacko soon. Wacko can be obtained via in-game events for free. He can show off his capabilities in certain events/environments and bring a new game experience.

Devs hope that through the release of the new hero type, players will have more choices in how to match heroes and more strategies during different events. In addition, we will adopt a special training mechanism on this new hero to significantly reduce the cost of hero training and bring a better experience to players. We will introduce more about the hero soon, please keep an eye on our next posts!

P.S: The dev team has received feedback about hero fragments and badges, and will talk more about the design direction in the next Dev’s Feed!