State of Survival: Developer Feedback, January 15, 2022

State of Survival Dev Feedback 15 1 2022

Welcome to Developer Feedback time. We have share some info about high-frequency issues as well as future developments plans, updates and changes that will be implemented in-game, State of Survival soon. Let’s learn more about the latest changes and development of the game.

First of all, the high-frequency issues that have long been a concern are: ​​

  1. Unfair SVS & RR matchmaking
  • We have taken note of the players’ voices, and since the design of this part is rather complicated, the related functions are being optimized step by step.
  1. Increase the trading function
  • Considering that this function will cause unfairness in the game, we will not consider this function for the time being.
  1. Can you consider the survival of f2p players, the loss of players in the game is too serious
  • We will add more new content to the gameplay, and at the same time, we will pay attention to the survival and growth of f2p players, and add more free drops.
  1. Expand the shelters / remove unused buildings, such as MIGO, YITH building
  • We expect to add features to store the buildings in 1.14.40, so stay tuned!
  1. Events rewards and store rewards are not needed
  • We have been working on that recently. So far we have improved the rewards for the throwdown, MIGO, RR, and Fortress Fight.
  1. Exchanging unused VIP points in the backpack for other items.
  • This improvement has been implemented in the 1.14.20 recycling event
  1. Why are both Zach and Julie on the hero list now?
  • Sorry for the confusion. This issue has been fixed in the new 1.14.20 update.
  1. If players have many same permanent skins, after clicking "use all", players will use more than one of the same permanent skin at a time. Plz, change it.
  • To solve this problem, we will need to make some changes and specific scheduling will be announced later.
  1. The number of registrants for a battle of the Arzutane Heist is too small
  • The first round of the AH fight is a test. It will be changed further on since this is an informal design.
  1. The match at Arzutane Heist is not fair
  • It will be optimized later, please stay tuned.
  1. Are you going to update new medals for upgrading heroes and even new red type of heroes?
  • This is fake news. This is a design that has been abandoned, please refer to the official announcement of the specific activity arrangements
  1. Increase chief level cap, chief experience is too much
  • The subsequent will be recycled.
  1. The laughing gas bomb is very good, can you reopen it?
  • This is a very good suggestion, we will consider it.
  1. The recruitment is too slow to increase the score
  • The natural recovery rate will be increased significantly!
  1. Can chat be automatically translated?
  • This is a very good suggestion, we will consider it.
  1. When reaching 800 glory points in MIGO, it says you need 500 more points to unlock, it’s not fair.
  • We will clarify this in the rules later.
  1. Allow players to delete unused characters on their own.
  • This is a very good suggestion, we will consider it.
  1. Automatic acceptance of tasks when the number of challenges is increased in the Throwdown event.
  • It will be optimized but the schedule is not yet determined, we will let you know.
  1. Decorations have a build limit but can be purchased repeatedly.
  • This issue has been improved in the 1.14.20 update.
  1. Can you re-open the Daryl bundle?
  • We are glad to hear that you enjoyed this event, due to copyright restrictions, we can not re-open the bundle. But we will provide other resonating heroes for you to choose from, stay tuned!
  1. The event end dates are unclear
  • We will follow up with more clarity in time marking.

State Merge was successfully online with the 1.14.20 version already. We’ve received a lot of feedback and useful data and we highly appreciate it.

We sincerely apologize that some states that in this round of merge were unable to join events such as Alliance Throwdown, Alliance Showdown, and Reservoir Raid during the Merger. The compensation for the inconvenience will be sent to the relevant players in-game.