State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, March 19, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 19 03 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We bring more news from developers of State of Survival to respond to some of the players’ most concerned info today!

Can we have new stories in the SoS world? It would be even better if there are new gameplay and rewards!

Yes. In order to satisfy players’ needs for more stories, gameplay, and rewards, we will launch the "World Event" content in the near future, which is a series of new gameplay centered on M.I.G.O center, including Supply Hunting, Underground Shadow Exploration and a series of new stories.

    1. You can complete the tasks of the M.I.G.O center within a certain period of time to get the brand new cool headquarters skin, and even a set of skin for the headquarters, hero precinct, research lab and barricade.
    1. Also, the Underground Shadow Exploration is upgraded from Kamute Town, which is loved by our majority of players. We reworked the overall mechanism, added more team strategy, and focused on giving players a new experience of teamwork.
    1. What’s more, after completing the tasks of the M.I.G.O center you will get valuable M.I.G.O’s information points, which can be exchanged for various valuable materials and legendary hero fragments. Currently, we will gradually start testing World Event on some servers, and we hope you will enjoy our new content and give us more valuable feedback.

We have redundant same hero fragments and badges, can we replace them with some other heroes?

In the future, based on the recycling station, we may gradually roll out more ways to use hero fragments/badges so that these can be more fully utilized. At the same time, we are also planning to update the dropping of hero fragments in various activities, and players can get hero fragments that keep up with the times. Once the specific plan is determined, we will test it as soon as possible. We hope that players can wait patiently and keep looking forward to that.

Translation optimization

In order to improve the communication experience in the chat channel, we will add a one-click translation function soon, so that players can much easier to communicate with other players from different countries. At the same time, we will optimize and improve the translation quality and accuracy to reduce misleading expressions. We hope this will improve your experience and bring back positive feedback!

March interface

We already removed the second confirmation for switching formations by hotfix, and it will take effect immediately after restarting the game. In addition, the position changing of the formation button on the battle interface has been tested, and we will update it as soon as possible after testing.