State of Survival: Down with the Workaholic!

State of Survival Down With The Workaholic

Down with the Workaholic! is a time limited event for Doomsday Theme Park Event event in State of Survival.

Work is all he has. Work is all he does.

I… hate working… I… I Wanna go… go to the theme park…


  • Locate Corporate Slave by consuming item Briefcase.
  • Each attack on Corporate Slave will consume one attempt and 10 stamina.
  • You may accumulate up to 20 attempts with a little over an hour to refresh one attempt.
  • Attacking Corporate Slave will be like explore mode.


State of Survival Briefcase

Obtain Briefcase from the following in order to locate Corporate Slave and defeat him:

  • Infected Fiends
  • Alliance Donations
  • Alliance Timer Help


State of Survival Down with the Workaholic Reward

Attacking Corporate Slave will give numerous rewards depending on damage dealt. What’s obtainable is listed below:

  • Carnival Balloon
  • Biocaps
  • Chief EXP
  • Combat Manual

Defeating Corporate Slave will have additional reward

  • Carnival Balloon x 2
  • 1k Gas x 1
  • 1k Metal x 1
  • 10k Wood x 1

Tips to Deal Higher Damage to Corporate Slave

  • Try using Mike, Maddie & Frank, and a brawler hero that can tank the damage.
  • At the beginning of combat, move brawler one spot forward so Corporate Slave does not need to walk so far. Mike’s skill will deal additional damage when Brawler hero takes damage.