State of Survival: Eva’s Memories: Prison Break

State of Survival Prison Break

Eva’s Memories: Prison Break is a one of the main event for Eva’s Memories Event in State of Survival to get a permanent Prison Chaos HQ Skin.


  • This is a one time event to get permanent HQ skin for the top 10 ranked players.
  • The event runs for the whole Eva’s Memories event for 8 days.
  • Use Ammo to unlock crates and at the same time go up in rank.


  1. Crate rewards

    • Unlock temporary Prison Chaos HQ Skin (3 days) at level 5 crate.
    • Buy Epic Crate for $5 to unlock more rewards including 50 Plasma Core, Festival Custom Crates and Lady Justice decoration.
    • Buy Legendary Crate for $10 to unlock better rewards including 112 Plasma Core, Festival Custom Crates and Prison Chaos HQ Skin (14 days).
  2. Ranking rewards

Rank HQ Skin Biocap Speedup
1 Prison Chaos HQ Skin (Permanent) 80,000 30 hour each for construction/research/training
2 Prison Chaos HQ Skin (Permanent) 48,000 21 hour each for construction/research/training
3 Prison Chaos HQ Skin (Permanent) 28,800 18 hour each for construction/research/training
4-5 Prison Chaos HQ Skin (Permanent) 18,000 14 hour each for construction/research/training
6-10 Prison Chaos HQ Skin (Permanent) 10,000 11 hour each for construction/research/training
11-25 Prison Chaos HQ Skin (30 days) 5,000 8 hour each for construction/research/training
26-50 3,000 5 hour each for construction/research/training