Space Run: Dash Music Saber

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 11:30 am

Space Run: Dash Music Saber

Space Run: Dash Music Saber

Space Run: Dash Music Saber is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dalian Jingmao Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd., Space Run: Dash Music Saber is a Music game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th July 2021 with the latest update 8th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Space Run: Dash Music Saber ?

2,653 people have rated 1.1.6

What is the price of the Space Run: Dash Music Saber ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Space Run: Dash Music Saber released ?

Space Run: Dash Music Saber was released on 30th July 2021.

When was the Space Run: Dash Music Saber updated ?

The latest updated date of Space Run: Dash Music Saber on 8th March 2022.

Where can Space Run: Dash Music Saber be downloaded ?

You can download the game Space Run: Dash Music Saber from Apple Official App Store.



Beat Rush is a rhythm running game.

How to play:
1 Choose your song
2 Control with one finger
3 Hit the notes with various weapons

Play with game, anime, EDM music.

Key features:
1 Massive hot songs
2 Exciting and challenging tracks
3 Different characters

Sabers with different weapons are available.

Free New Songs! Check the game!

Beat Rush is a music game from Jingmao Tec. Contact us by App Store or email below. We’re looking forward to your game feedback to improve our game!

[email protected]

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Updated on 8th March 2022

General bug fixed

Space Run: Dash Music Saber Review

Add new songs. We were playing FNF QUIZ the other day, and an ad came up. We saw the one we wanted to listen to. The anime mod. Please add it.

This game is a fun game whenever we play we get so not bored its a really fun game play it it is so fun imposter run get it today oh and we forgot to tell you that this game also has Friday night Funkin songs get it today imposter run.

We bought this game like a year ago and we absolutely love it but we think theres one thing missing.. Dave and bambi. We love dave and bambi and we feel like this game should have dave and bamb songs bc its a super popular fnf mod and yeah.

Can you make it so the like white lines and the red lights are not in the game thank you otherwise its good.

Please add a option were you can pay like 1$ or 5$ to get rid of ads please and thank you!!! Thats the only problem with this game honestly everything else is good.

Could you add a sonic related song but It has to have with fnf please.

Its amazing bc we like the skins they have and the songs! And we like how the skin you are wearing has a thing that you can hit the impostor with.

This is a great game very smooth two major issues is that one there is way too many Friday night funk in songs and two we would like to make our own songs like we wanna make our own level that other users can play! So sorry but it is a great game! Dont mind the ads.

Playground awesome, pretty creepy.

When we downloaded the game, it was perfect but then we clicked a song AD! We played a song AD! Lose a song you know what then when we clicked x because we didnt want a revival guess what we got. ANOTHER ONE. NOT TO MENTION THEY ARE 30 SECONDS BRING THEM DOWN.

It is fun! We play all time. It has good songs but needs animal but everyone sings it and termination but everyone sings it. Sorry for bad anglish we com from Russia.

We find this game to be a fine distraction. The game has no major bugs that we have found as of yet, and the difficulty level is at a fine level, especially for ones who are less experienced with rhythm games. One drawback that we do have is that the song selection is a little scarce, many songs just being remixes of other songs. We do not find the ads to be a drawback in any case seeing as this is a free game with little to no micro transactions, many people do make games for the App Store to make money, and we have no quarrels with those who are trying to make a living. All in all, the game is fine with a minor detail that drops it to 4.

We love how fnf songs are in it.

Can you make Full of Carol mod Flippy mod And Shaggy Mod.

We love having this game Because it has Friday night funkin.

This game is so good we like how it show the real Friday night funkin songs and we like how its o little hard we love this game because it as among us and Friday night funken good game just good game.

We love it you can put bendy songs and alll.

Love a combination of fnf and amogus.

Enough…. We’ve been running from an endless cycle that we cannot control. Jk we think this is the best game Ever. Btw we hope you liked our whitty impression.

Is amazing we always love among us that we played the original app do all tasks crewmate, impostor so it is the best among us.

This game is great in all but it needs the song animal but everyone sings it.


This game is an awesome game and Im pretty sure its the first one that actually has FNF in it because every time when theres an ad and it has everything thats in it we try it but theres no Fnf so great job for making a game that actually has things that says it has in the ad but theres one mod we want you to add to it and it is called Wednesdays infidelity and Im pretty sure there is four songsAnd its going to get updated on a Wednesday we only know that because one of the Youtubers we watch said that it was made on Wednesday and playable so yeah thats the only thing we want you to add you dont have to if you dont want to if you dont want to but Im just saying its a pretty cool mod and that your game is amazing. But also we read some of the other reviews and some of them is right that you need to remove a lot of ads all of them or 30 seconds and for every song you have to watch an ad and earth to you done with the song you get another ad and its been annoying us so please just make all the ads go away like no more ads. We HATE ADS REMOVE ALL THEM.

We first played the game and we liked it at first but there are so many adds and not to mention they are ALL 30 seconds long.

While the game was fun, there were so much ads that it become unplayable. There was an ad for picking a song. There was an ad for reviving, there is an ad for existing a song. Also sometimes the ads became hard to exit. Leading to overall bad taste.

The game is awesome and we love the music but we really want release to be added!! Short review.

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