Spades – Classic Card Game

Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 06:10 am

Spades – Classic Card Game

Spades - Classic Card Game

Spades – Classic Card Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by NewPubCo, Inc, Spades – Classic Card Game is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 6th August 2020 with the latest update 1st June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Spades – Classic Card Game ?

1,043 people have rated 1.0.61

What is the price of the Spades – Classic Card Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Spades – Classic Card Game released ?

Spades – Classic Card Game was released on 6th August 2020.

When was the Spades – Classic Card Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Spades – Classic Card Game on 1st June 2022.

Where can Spades – Classic Card Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Spades – Classic Card Game from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome, Spades players! Time to take a break and play a good old Classic Spades free game round on your mobile. Install this free parlor cards game to enjoy one of the best spades game challenges for free, anytime you need to relax, anywhere you may be.

NewPub’s Spades Card Game can be the best online spades multiplayer alternative to the classic cards game we all love to play. Here’s why:

  • 100% Spades – Free cards game playing online or offline.
  • Testing your classic spades knowledge against skilled AI opponents .
  • Easy to play and to learn the Spades card game and trick-turning
  • Spades Tournaments and Leaderboards – are you up for the challenge?
  • Delightful spades game themes and card styles that will enhance your online spades experience
  • Simple, clean and clear, user-friendly interface, a cool online spades rendering of the tabletop game experience for free
  • Smooth gameplay, without the useless game add-ons and fancy ornaments
  • The addictive, fun, challenging spades free pastime you’ll want to recur to whenever stress hits

Spades is an addictive card game in which players must declare the number of tricks they expect to win in a game. You can play it in pairs or individually, but it’s in fact a free cards game for at least two players.
Are you a beginner player or a Spades game pro? Here are some tips on how to play a challenging Spades round online or offline:

  • It’s a standard 52-card game pack in which the spades card is always the trump
  • If you’re a beginner, take a look at what your opponents are doing and how they’re bidding
  • Read the Spades Rules and find out more about how to play in our Spades app settings first
  • Change the cards animation to “slow” from the same Spades app settings, it may help you keep track of your opponents moves more easily
  • Assess the card suits you were dealt and aim at winning at least the number of spades tricks bid
  • The player who wins the trick leads next, but spades cannot be led unless the player has nothing but spades cards in hand.
    Practice makes perfect, so return to this classic Spades app often and keep playing to gain experience and master this online card game like a pro!

Do you miss playing Spades offline with friends and family? You’re in luck – Spades app was designed by NewPub with you in mind and is offering you right here, right now, the skillful opponents you need for a realistic mind game challenge.
Bid and play like you mean it and with some luck and skills, you’ll score points, win bonuses, lead the game and win the game in no time.

There are many cool Spades cards games variants out there – Partnership Spades, the Standard Spades plus Whiz and Suicide Spades. No matter which variant of the popular card game you love best, you’ll surely enjoy a free simple, classic Spades game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Much like other traditional trick-taking card games such as Bridge, Hearts, Euchre, Canasta, Spades is all about captivating gameplay that will make players return for more. Keep in mind – there are no 2 spades card games alike, each round is full of surprises and fun. You simply have to keep playing.

If you need to reach us with requests or questions, feel free to do so by accessing the ‘Contact us’ option in our Spades app settings.

Install the Spades app today, feel the Spades vibe and tell us all about it!
Leave a review, share your feedback with us, we’ll be happy to keep enhancing your game experience and make you love the game even more.

Don’t forget, playing Spades by NwPubCo means you agree to these Terms and Conditions of usage:

Updated on 1st June 2022

Welcome back, Spades fans! Here’s what’s new:

  • In-game customization improved to enable players to make better use of it
  • Small bugs were fixed
    Thanks for playing and don’t forget to rate us!

Spades – Classic Card Game Review

So far Im enjoying this game other than the ads.

A very fun game our dads friend tought me.

We love how easy this game is to view and play but over and over again the opponent or even your partner does not make logical choices that you would assume a computer program would make. The other players being erratic in play and/or bidding make this somewhat unrealistic.

Some versions are fixed! It feels like three versus one!

There are too many ads. The more you play, the longer the ads. Its distracting and interferes with the momentum.

We enjoyed this game. We dont know if the ads are targeted to us, but we are tired of seeing the same one EVERY TIME about a gummy to take (only ONE a day) and youll be a slim, sexy woman in one month (week?), it seems no matter how big you were to start with. Please. Stupidest ever. Dont need. And we are not paying for no ads. Deleted app.

Why is the game so heavy? We checked the storage and its over a Gb of data. What is that? The game isnt that intense.

We enjoy playing this game but refuse to allow myself to be bombarded by the offensive ads connected to this update so we will delete the game. If it was more in tune with wholesome appropriate ads we would keep the game.

We thought this was one of the free play games. Being that we didnt read something along the way we will be canceling out this game.

Why is it stuck in up and down view and not side view?

Used to play spades weekly with family and friends, was happy to see in App Store. Had annoying problems the first one we noticed immediatelyI understand the need to make money via advertising but the advertisements are located in a way that makes it difficult not to click on them and the fact some of the ads are scams and carry viruses makes it even worse. The second problem we noticed latersometimes the scores are accurate and sometimes they are not. We sent them an email regarding our concerns and they never responded. We deleted the app and hope this review will spare others from the frustration.

Im playing spades and love the one we have and you come in to UPDATE BULL !! If this is not the same one being up dated Im goneDITTO STOP SHOWING THAT FANCY ONE we LOVE THE ONE we HAVE WE DO HAVE OUR OWN RIGHT YOU JUST ADDED IT ON MY SCREEN we DONT LIKE IT.

This app runs an ad after every hand.

Absolutely the worst spades game we have ever played. Must be designed by people who only read about spades.

Its ridiculous what the bot partner bids. 5 tricks when they dont have cards to get 2, trumps their partner and then okays a lower card next play. Makes playing not that enjoyable.

We’ve been playing the old spade version for years, this revision is certainly Not an improvement. Im deleting this.

We like the old version. Why did you mess it up?

This game gives you an idiot for a partner. Why would you do this? The bids the partner make are unsound and at time baffling. It is extremely difficult and useless playing this game. If it was a real human we would have changed partner. Your game also drain our battery.

To flashy just want a simple card game!

Spades plus is much better, especially if you like playing a more realistic game and with real people. Also this app has adds literally after every round, thats about every 1-2 minutes! Super annoying. Not sure why it says upgrade but its definitely not.

The computer partner is an idiot. Makes no logical moves, continually misses tricks by overbidding, steals our hands often when it has lower value cards to play, and doesnt know how to cover you when you bid nil or blind nil. The computer opponents trump our trumps, always seem to have the right card when they need it, always play the right card at the exact moment to give you a trick when you bid nil or blind nil. The card balance is terrible. You get an exorbitant amount of high cards with almost zero spades or an exorbitant amount of spades with almost zero high cards making it impossible to accurately bid. Who ever wrote the code for this game has got to be the worst spades player in history. This literally just happened. We bid blind nil. Opponent on right throws 2 clubs. We play our lowest club which is the 6 clubs. Opponent on left throws 5 clubs. Our partner throws 4 clubs. Our blind bill is busted. We throw 8 clubs to start the very next hand our partner throws ace clubs.. SMGDH.

We were playing a no digital crap with music nostalgic and relaxing and you took it away Not playing any more spades because we have to listen to that digital garbage that was designed for little kids. Why. Why. Why.

Why cant we purchase an ad free version.

Look, why for heavens sake play a King on an Ace when you have another card in that suit?? Why cut with the Ace when you are the last player & you have another spade to use?? We cant tell you how many hands we lost because our partner did those two things & we lost needless books!!

Dont always get credit for winning the hand. Which caused us to lose the bid. Also wish game had an undo feature. Sometimes touch the wrong card.

But when we tap to update it wont. All we get is a frozen blank screen. Help.

We dont understand why this game is called gangster spades then all of the players seem to be black or some kind of minority black or brown characters with nothing but the projection of guns andViolence. We refuse to believe we are the only one that brought this up..

Statically it is definitely not a fair game. We’ve been playing this game off and on for a couple of years. We can tolerate this game in waves. We’ve been keeping track of our wins and loses when we make a purchase we start losing more frequently.. Just saying.

The new version is a disappointment and we will no longer be using the app. Visuals are smaller. The hands are structured differently, i.e., poorly. Hand results are reported differently and poorly. Why must developers keep developing? Change for change sake? To reiterate this new version belongs on the junk heap of the past not on our tablet. There are lots of other apps that can play spades. Those apps now get an opportunity for our business. This is why we refuse paid apps like Microsoft and NewPubCo, Inc.

This is not what we were looking for. Before downloading it said gangster spades with a guy with a gun on table. Why do you have this advertising? When this game does not have any of that. We were tricked into downloading this game and we will be reporting it.

So another game in which they bring up ads of almost naked movie stars or Biden, Kamala. We avoid TV programs with this smut, and now have to cancel another game that was fun till they throw this garbage at us. Having to see this is disgusting to put it mildly. Get a life people, and if this is where you get your $$ to make these apps, you will be going broke. Now if you want to get forgiveness, you better ask God who is in control of this world for forgiveness. That would be a great start.

The fonts are smaller, it is working faster and it is not enjoyable anymore. Can we upload previous version back? Thanks.

The bots here are smarter making for better play but the ads between hands is maddening. We get the need for ads but between games makes more sense rather than after every freaking hand. Would rather have a dumber algo for our partner and watch less ads. Deleting this one.

Hate the update deleting the game.

For some reason we have to keep deleting and reinstalling the game to play everyday.

We have been playing this game for about 4 months without any issues. But for that last week we have to uninstall an reinstall in order to play. This isnt happening with the other games we play. The only thing different is that we purchased the ad free for 1.99 a month. Can you let us know another way to play without having these issues?

We liked the old card faces much better. They were much easier to read and remember.

Since last week we have to continually delete and reinstall game, daily. We have paid for a subscription and had no issues until recently. Please help. Thank you.

Dont want the new version – how can we keep the old version ?

We understand apps need to have ads but when they affect the game, a change is needed. An ad plays during every deal so if you havent memorized the previous deal, you cant tell who has already bid (if they went nil). Easy enough to designate who dealt with a D or delay the deal until after the ad plays. Otherwise a fun game.

We are not happy with the changes. The font is harder to read and the suits are displayed backwards as if designed by a left handed individual. The whole layout is harder on the eyes and it wont let us play the old version.

We have been enjoying the app , and have been playing it for over a year. We do have to say we have spent hundreds of dollars on ads on and the new reboot a month or two ago drain our coins They have it where if you play. 1000 game u lose triple if you lose bg many points That is a scam and not acceptable to take our money like that.

This game is ok but we feel like Im playing against 3 people. Our computer partner is terrible. Whoever wrote this program must be the worst spades player in history. We win nearly every game, but must allow for our teammates stupidity.

It stopped working for us on our iPhone. Not sure why.

You Lose money twice as fast as you can make it. We do not like that new way to make the coins.

Thats app has not opened since we up dated it. Is.

Thanks for the update (not ). You took a perfectly good game and ruined it. But youve saved us hours of enjoyment that we now have to spend on other activities.

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