Spades Royale

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 01:20 am

Spades Royale

Spades Royale

Spades Royale is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Beach Bum Ltd., Spades Royale is a Card game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 3rd January 2018 with the latest update 18th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Card, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Spades Royale ?

158,956 people have rated 2.32.0

What is the price of the Spades Royale ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Spades Royale released ?

Spades Royale was released on 3rd January 2018.

When was the Spades Royale updated ?

The latest updated date of Spades Royale on 18th April 2023.

Where can Spades Royale be downloaded ?

You can download the game Spades Royale from Apple Official App Store.



Card Games fan? Join SPADES ROYALE – THE #1 SPADES APP, and play one of the most exclusive trick-taking card games live with millions of online Spades players!

Play Spades Royale and enjoy one of the most popular online multiplayer video card games,
discover the classic game of Spades with unique tables, different modes, and designs.

From the creators of the best, leading free online games, Spades Royale brings you a top-notch social experience as you play cards with friends and millions of online players and chat in-game.

Pick up the game cards and choose between 4 player card game with Spades players from around the world, two-player mode, or solo (‘ cutthroat mode’). Start playing Spades for free today to discover how many card tricks you can take!

Get ready to train your brain and overcome the challenges to become the King or Queen of Spades! Go to multiplayer mode to play live, plus chat with other Spades Players from all around the world!

If you’re familiar with popular card games and know ‘queen of spades’ or ‘ace of spades,’ you’ll quickly get the hang of Ace of Spades Royale!

Social Trick-taking game

Spades Royale is a 52-card trick-taking game similar to the top card games.
However, in this game, spades always trump! It’s not another Solitaire game, so you better sharpen your strategy skills and plan your moves to outbid your opponents.

The best card game with Jokers

From the creators of some of the top free online games – Online Spades Royale lets you play cards with friends and other Spades players and chat in-game. You will feel like you’re playing card games in Vegas!


  • Enjoy this social game with live players worldwide!
  • Play Solo Spades or in Partner mode in this 4 players card game
  • Competitive Leaderboards – Become the KING or QUEEN of spades!
  • HD Graphics and a Slick Design
  • Unique trick-taking card games with chat


  • Free Coin Bonuses Hourly & Daily!
  • Play Spades with Blind Nil & Nil Bets
  • Master Game Challenges & Collect Royal Gems!


  • Exciting Game Progression, Unlock New Features as you Level Up!
  • Unlock Challenging Achievements


  • Invite your Facebook contacts to play with friends and get bonuses!
  • Unique Interactive & Custom Avatars

How to Play Spades Royale:

Live Spades is a 4 player game where all four players bid on a number of card tricks. If a player bids Blind nil, this top-card game goes crazy! It is a Vegas card game you can also play in solo ‘cutthroat’ mode without a partner.

If you’re familiar with popular card games, you’ll quickly get the hang of Ace of Spades Royale!

Hurry up and play THE #1 VIDEO SPADES APP today!

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This game is intended for adults and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this game does not imply future success with real money.

Updated on 18th April 2023

This version includes some enhancements and bug fixes. Enjoy!

Spades Royale Review

We havent played Spades in about 32 years. We love this game and really enjoy this app. Try it out and enjoy.

Lovin them AK And Yhe one handed of Both Jokers!!$

Even though it glitches on ad screens sometimes, its a lot of fun! Every version of spades in one app makes this the ! 10/10.

Very fun game reminds us of our childhood.

Its online so fights cant break out.

Love this game its amazing. THE END!

What a great creative app. Lots of fun.

This games the everything yeassssss.

Love it good game better then all other apps for this game hands down.

Its a very fun, challenging game. You get to play with very competitive players which is great for the memory. The game is exciting and exceptionally fun .

Will you guys be bringing back the game of whiz ? We really enjoyed the other games.

We’ve been playing this game for at least 4 yrs. Its our go to game when ever we have free time.

We think the game is exciting . Wish we could play with others.

Window opened to update Spades Royale, but when we clicked the link a window opened to download Spades Classic Card Game. Very misleading. Aside from that, we like the game.

Its great we havent played in years.

We love the game but theres no way possible if its random deal we have gotta hand we can go nill with so many times in a row. Always the same people (bots) with great hands. Why only 50 points in singles for going nill. The point system is horrific. Absolutely no skill needed to win with such short games. Let us play the right way and fairly.

The multipliers where you basically lose all your coins if you lose if dumb!!!! A pot too but coins! Its also too many ads that pop up!!!!!

The ad is racist but the game is cool.

Every time we open the app, we got one pop-up for the spinner, another for the free coin if you watch this, another for card pack, second one for another card pack, etc.

Once upon a time this game allowed you to bet certain amount to play games ( example: Play a game that costs $1000 in game coins ) and if you lost you lost that set amount. But if you win, youd come up. Since they changed the game however you can now play a $1000 game and lose 5x more than you actually bet. Based on the losing difference. Yet somehow when you win by large margins its still a fraction of what you win compared to what they take when you lose. For example we played a game that cost us $5000 in coins and our partner and we beat the opposing team by 200+ points we won about $12000 for that game. Shortly after we played another game for $5000 , lost by a much smaller margin about 40 points we think and we ended up getting all our coins taken away paying for that loss. Our bank was about 20k at the time. And trust us, you lose way more than you win due to their dumb Nill rule where a person goes nill and if they get the nill ( no books) its almost guaranteed that they win the game in one round. Lame. Another issue is you often get paired with people ( or bots) that have such poor win/ lose ratios that its very unfair. Its like a set up to lose. If you make the mistake we’ve made enough times and purchased coins youll be sure to go on a mini win streak ( like 2-3 games) then suddenly lose almost every single game until you hit zero again. No matter how much you have or bet. If the creators are going to make it that easy to lose then at least go back to the ways of losing as much as you bet, not having players lose triple the amount with hands that had no chance of winning anyway. We mean if you want people actually on and playing your game that is.

Great game , great app in the beginning. When we play now , and the round is over . It shows you how many points you got. And then it freezes, and we cant do nothing about it . No other game does that on our device, find the bug in your game and fix it please: Thanks.

Free portion: The more games worth more coins seem to be more rigged to take you coins quicker – the ones for less are more fair. Paid/Live: There is no real benefit to playing, except the fact you see people and can talk to them. $7.99 for 10 tickets and if you win a game, you still lose your tickets and are not rewarded for winning. So its the same as if you lost.

Look love playing spades. And we’ve liked using this app for a while however it seems to glitch and freeze so often now. (Something that no other games or apps do by the way.) Due to this issue you can get thrown out of games and have huge coin amounts deducted from your total. We once bought a game package that then charged our bank account 3x what we initially purchased this for it. Yes we’ve reached out multiple times to the staff who have refunded partial tokens or offered us a free game, but honestly its a drop in the bucket for what you will continue to loose. We really wanted to stick this out, but honestly its so frustrating to work with its best to go else where to enjoy a game of spades.

At this point the game is frustrating. We’ve contacted support multiple times and have yet to receive our coins back or even hear back from them. We’ve had this game for years and have always loved it, but Im tired of getting robbed for our coins as of late. Definitely on the verge of installing. Besides the coins good game though.

The interface runs great, however 100pt games are stupid especially with nil incorporated. Playing in party mode but needing tickets is backwards. Nobody will play especially because tickets are purchase only & getting 4 players takes forever. This game is really a in game purchase game. Now we remember why we uninstalled the first time.

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