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SpadesSC is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kevin Bowes, SpadesSC is a Utilities game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th January 2009 with the latest update 14th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Utilities, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3 people have rated 7.3

You can download the game SpadesSC from APP STORE.


This is not a Spades game. Spades Scorecard is a simple application that lets you keep track of your Spades game scores without paper. Always know who the next dealer is, what the bids were, and who is winning.


  • 4 Players (can rename)
  • Nils
  • Blind Bids (with or without trailing)
  • 10-4-200
  • Renege Penalties
  • Double Over/Double Back
  • Bag Outs/Progressive Bag Outs
  • Configurable Bonus/Penalties
  • Undo

Updated on 14th November 2022

Bug fixes and Live Activities

SpadesSC Reviews

This app used to be amazing. We hope it can get fixed it was the go to for our spade parties.

Has been broken in a long long long time. Not sure why this developer cant either fix it or take it out of the store. Its useless. Especially bad since we paid for it.

Crashes every time you try to adjust penalties/bonuses.

It is a bit confusing on the biding. We dont like having to put everyones individual bid on the number of tricks they are going to take. Could an update be made to make this feature an option? We would like to be able to input a team bid and not an individual bid. When it comes to inputing the scores, it counts a total for the team, not the individual. Please update.

How do you know how many sandbags you have at any given time? We dont see a tally…

We can live without the bags calculation, which we agree would be a nice feature; however, the app subtracts from one side when the other successfully makes a nil bid. That makes the app useless. Somebody please explain scoring to us if Im wrong!

Great features but unusable if the score isnt right or ability to manually correct it.

Kevin… Thanks so much for this app. Please make it possible to make changes to options during game play though. In the middle of a game all of a sudden we learn what renegade is… Not cool.

We love this app! The scoring works great! There are a couple features we would love. We like to play with bags, where they count against you once you get 10 of them but where they don’t add the 1 point. Also, we would love to be able to see team bids while bidding. We love that it shows you how many bids are still out there! Again, this is a great scoring app!

Not ready for prime time. For example, Nil bid is set to 50 points but we’ve always seen it at 100. We go to options to change it, but it’s "grayed out" and can’t be changed.

Works on iPhone but not on iPad. App crashes when trying to add users. Support site is no help.

Great app. Took a few minutes to figure out, and has become our standard scoring app. To those reviewers that can’t make changes in the Options menu, you just need to quit the current game. Once you quit, go back to preferences and make your changes.

There needs to be an option that allows for cut-throat play … No teams, just every man for himself. The app is great for teams but when we want to play cut-throat style we have use pencil and paper. Please add this feature!

We bought the app after viewing the free version due to the advertised ability to change the names from North, South, East, West in options. We went through everything in options and this ability is not there.

We’ve been very happy with this app and use it quite often. We’ve found one or two issues in the last year or so and the developer has been very responsive. It doesn’t handle every scoring variation that we’ve seen but it handles more than we use. It makes keeping score much easier but you should determine if it handles your particular scoring variation.

The options are not useable. We were unable to turn on blind bidding and could not change any penalties or preferences, no matter how hard we tried. This app does not work.

Since the most recent update, the option to undo scoring or bidding is missing. We can’t even figure out how to start a new score sheet.

Glitch in the software, we have it where nil bags don’t count but it counted them anyway. Please fix that.

Great scoring sheet. However, when you click on the blind button, there is no way to do anything else, except click misdeal & that’s not good. It would also be very helpful if a user could set it up to play by house rules. Our family has always played with blind6 rather than blind nil. But there’s no way {that we can tell} to score that. Basically, if your looking for a straightforward scorecard, this is it, but we need more. One more thought… We always bid as a team, not individually, that option would be great, too…

Keeps perfect score! Can change names and undo! Way better then pen and paper.

If it kept a correct spades score. The first hand we tried using it we had a bid of 4 that was set but instead of -40 points it registered -90 we quickly deleted the app and used notes. Please fix this bug and Ill change our review. The ability to manually enter a players name instead of being forced to use a contact would be nice too. This app has a long way to go but it’s a good concept.

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