Spiral Roll

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:34 am

Spiral Roll


Spiral Roll is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Spiral Roll is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th January 2020 with the latest update 24th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Racing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


243,977 people have rated 1.14.0

You can download the game Spiral Roll from APP STORE.


Dig wood to form spirals and use them to destroy obstacles !

Have Fun :)

Updated on 24th January 2022

Minor bug fixes

Spiral Roll Review

We love this game but it needs more upgrades.

This game is fine we like that its very like calming and we hope you like it to.

We love it its a challenge for seeing how which is which.

One problem is there is a little to many adds but we think this game is our favorite game Isall divices.

So Since There were to many ads we decided to turn of the WiFi and the ads were gone it was awesome From RainbowPlayz.

Game is really really really fun we love it so much you should download it to it is really satisfying and if you get to like the gold stuff you get lots of coins.

This awesome we mean it is so much fun.

Best game ever you should try it.

We wanted to tell you a story and here it isit was we nice summer Monday and our dad was teaching us how to use a chisel. And when he left we took the chisel and we used it the wrong way and we had to get a stitch on our finger for two weeks then once we took our bandage off we felt our scar and it tickled thats our story bye.

This is such a satisfying game whenever we feel so stressed we just go on this app and we feel so good SoGo ahead and download it.

This game is really cool and so relaxing and the sound omg just so relaxing.

When we get upset we go on your game we really really like it You guys call us down make more games like this cause we really like it thank you for making it so easy and beautiful.

Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing Amazing satisfying.

This app is amazing and they sell good soup.

Very fun we loooooove this game.

We love this game it is so so much fun.

We love spiral roll because its like ur actually scraping wood.

The game is okay but it could have some changes to the game like better ratings better applications but the good part is that we know a trick but its a secret.

This game is pretty good. We mean it could be other games that you would enjoy but it is kind of satisfying. We hope you enjoy it!

Hi This game was fun but Theres ads every single round. There Really annoying take away the fun of the game.

Love the game but we paid to get rid of ads and it didnt work ads are still popping up.

Im on level 648. Its getting boring. Need to add more backgrounds, obstacles, etc.

Not a bad game but we get tired of ads.

………… …………. …… …….. . ……. Idk.

We love this game but we were at 5 million + and then it froze out and reset our score. It was infuriating and if you are able to fix that could you please!! Lol.

This is a great game but there are far too many ads on it that take too long and no option to upgrade to remove ads! We ended up deleting because of it.

Even tho Im just a kid pls take this seriously so first of all this game is not challenging its very easy to get coins and it also has a lot of adds maybe you should add like more skins and even game modes like team or races etc.. We also think this game is just to basic so yeah Thanks,Have a great day!

We like the game but its glitchy a lot and theres so many ads we mean you barely get to play because theres ads its so glitchy but otherwise its aight.

OK this game is fine but theres literally way too many ads like you can say you dont want an ad but it still gives it to you and its so freaking frustrating the only reason Im giving it two stars is because its kind of satisfying.

We were being nice and gave them two instead of one and the reason why is cause we picked up our finger and we stayed on the ground and died so this game is a scam so DONT PLAY IT.

There is an add after every level so we would not recommend this game!

After every round we finish there is an ad.

Its okay to say that its isnt good.

We give this app a 0 it is horrible.