Spite & Malice HD

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Spite & Malice HD


Spite & Malice HD is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WildCard Classics Inc, Spite & Malice HD is a Card game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th June 2010 with the latest update 7th August 2018

Whether you are a fan of Card, Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,475 people have rated 2.13.6

You can download the game Spite & Malice HD from APP STORE.


Spite & Malice HD, the fiendishly addictive father of Skip-Bo™

The competition is heating up with online multiplayer! Play in real time against friends or strangers and show them how devious you can be!

Race your opponent to play cards from your pile. Block your opponent when you can. Play now and unleash your inner Spite!

Awesome Features:

-Play online against friends or strangers

-Show you’re a pro by earning all 34 achievements

-Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards

-Single player has four levels of deviousness (easy, medium, hard, and SPITEFUL)

-Personalize your cards and background

-Universal! Designed for iPhone and iPad.

Customer Reviews:

“This game is addictive. I have deleted it twice because I was getting eye strain but I keep re-installing it”

“I can’t put it down, and it’s been about a week…”

“Super addicting and just plain fun.”

Updated on 7th August 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Thank you for all your wonderful support! This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

Spite & Malice HD Reviews

Great for our brain!! We truly enjoy!! Thank you for a challenging game Really fun with more practice maybe we can beat our daughter in law and her mom… Thanks once again for no pesky ads. Nov, 23, still a challenging game. Thanks Still enjoying your game. December 8, 2017. March 7, 2021, still playing this great game, continues to be challenging… The only game we play and still enjoy… God bless you all At Amazon. Connie Short thank you once again,thank you once again!!!!! May 22, 2022. Thank you for this app. Fun and great for our brain. July 20th 2022. Our daily grind, which we love flor body and soul. Thank you again for being there! August 1, 2022. Ill play one more game, tired. Thank you Sprirt!!!!! !! C Short. Okay Do we care, YES!!!

Like the new updates, except we cannot play with a friend. Please fix this. Thank Love this game! Agree.

One of the best card games out there!!

Great game. Great way to be connected with family who do not live nearby.

Like the new updates, except we cannot play with a friend. Please fix this. Thank Love this game! Agree.

Found this game before Skip-Bo was available. Actually like this game better than the newer Skip-Bo app.

Reminds us of playing skip-bo with our Mimi. Fun game.

Sure meets the need on a long train ride. Set the level of challenge you want. Rules are somewhat different than we learned but as long as you learn them, its the play that counts. Enjoy! Still enjoying! And still enjoying! And Im still enjoying!

Love playing this game when we have some time to kill or just need to unwind.

Really enjoy playing this game!

Fast paced. Can play whole game in short amount of time.

Great game, and can be a challenge to win. We have played this game for years and it remains fun.

We really love this game. It is our go to game.

Always want to play just one more time!

We’ve been playing this app for several years. It doesn’t get old and it’s challenging. Also, it does not require money to continue playing.

This game is how we learned math. We love playing it as an adult.

Love how fast the game play is and how easy it was to figure out how to play.

We love playing this game. If you like Skip-Bo, you will love this game!

App works great and this game has us addicted! So much fun!

Love the game it can be addictive. And fun. Keep s our mind working. Excellent game. Love this game. We play the game for hours and it keeps us entertained.

Enjoy playing this game. Very similar to the card game we played with our grandmother as a child.

We enjoy playing this when winding down from work on the commuter train.

Enjoyed it for a few years now. Worth getting it without the ads.

Spite and Malice is a great way to pass the time!

This game is how we learned math. We love playing it as an adult.

Our Great Aunt Marie taught us how to play Spite and Malice when we were very young and we played cards together. She was the best, but she passed away at the young age of 100 and we miss her. When we saw this game it brought back memories and we’ve been playing it ever since. We even got our 89 year old mom playing it too! Thanks for keeping the memories alive.

We grew up with Spite and Malice and it’s always been one of our favorites. We’ve been waiting for years for an electronic version so was thrilled when we found this a few years ago. The updates have improved the game and this version is wonderful The game play is one of the best out there of any card game, the graphics pretty and the movement smooth and fast. The option to play with peers over the network works really well and we’ve used it often. Our complaints are: 1. Even at the hardest level, the computer makes stupid mistakes like playing from the discard piles when the same number is on the pile to get rid of. 2. The new goals thing is annoying and we though it was an ad at first. We want the option to turn it off. 3. I’d like more options to customize the patterns on the cards and table. We’re getting really tried of these. This is one of the few apps we’ve actually purchased because we play it so much, every time we play a game on our phone it’s the first or second we choose, and we want to support the developers. We highly recommend this fun and addictive game.

Play this on a rainy day when you have nothing else to do, because you cant stop:)

We love this game. Its very addicting.

A large amount of strategy is able to be utilized in this simple game. The decision making to be able to block your phone opponent from playing their hole card is predicated upon looking at all the options that you have present and future, the options your phone opponent has present and future, the unknown vagarities of what card may turn up in your own hole pile, the possibilities of what our turn up in the opponent hole pile, can you go on a run before the opponent goes on a run, how long may the runs last, etc. Also, dont make a false step in choosing where to place a card because the game does not allow you to go back and fix a mistake.

Engaging & plays as fast as you like. Almost as much fun as bridge!

Best Game Ever !!!!!!!! Never miss a day !!!!!!!!

We called it something quite different when we learned to play it in college, but it is the same frustrating and engaging game. Good job,developers. It still hangs up now and then, and had to be deleted and restarted, but if you dont care about your level its a minor inconvenience.

This is a good game, fast moving and challenging.

Weather you call it Skip Bo, Spite and Malaises with our large family loved playing Its so simple. When it was just our family alone there were always someone to play. Our six children are grown and have families of their own. Im bedridden now, but wanted to play on our iPad. So we went through dozens . This stood far about all others.

Requires accurate play but not overly challenging. We’ve had many hours of enjoyment over several years.

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