State of Survival Speed Healing Trick

State of Survival Speed Healing Trick

State of Survival is a PvP focused mobile game. So there is no doubt you will have troops injured and we will share with you this trick to speed heal all your troops.


You will have injured troops after fighting with other players be it an event like Capital Clash, Fortress Fight or just from a normal attack. There is a maximum capacity in your Hospital and as long as the limit is not reached, you can have more injured troops sent into the Hospital. But once the Hospital is full, you will lose some of the troops permanently. For this reason, you will want to keep the Hospital capacity as low as possible.

Let us look at a battle report. State of Survival Battle Report After a battle, your troops could be:

  • Lightly wounded and will be fully healed once return to settlement.
  • Wounded which are injured troops that will be sent to the Hospital and needs to be healed unless the Hospital capacity is full. If Hospital is full:
    • 70% of troops will be sent to Enlistment Office.
    • 30% of troops will be counted as losses.
  • Lost troops are considered killed. This will only happen if you are the attacker or if you defend with a full hospital capacity.

Speed Healing Trick

  • Speed healing trick is used by veteran players all the time.
  • The method is to heal troops in small amounts and use the alliance timer help.
  • Depending on the number of people online in alliance and able to tap assist, you would want to heal in 30 minutes or 1 hour batches.
  • This trick would work extremely well during Capital Clash event when everyone needs healing so everyone online can help each other to speed heal.

Tips to Make Speed Heal Work Better

  • Alliance tech Timer Help Duration will further increase the alliance help time each time someone taps on help and Timer Help will increase the number of people that can help.
  • Battle Dressing in Economic Talent will increase your healing speed. So if you have a full hospital and need healing fast, it’s best to switch to Economic Talent and use Speed Healing trick before switching back to War Talent.
  • Move your Hospital and Assembly Point buildings next to each other so that you may help your allies while waiting for their help. Remember this trick would work better if everyone works together.

Advanced Speed Healing

If you want to automate those healing and helping your alliance actions, you may have your mobile phone or PC doing the automated actions depending whether you are playing State of Survival on your mobile device or PC.

For PC and if you use BlueStacks to play State of Survival, there is Repeated tap and Macro functions in BlueStacks itself. For this post, we will go share how to setup a macro for Android devices.

  1. Download Clickmate from the Play Store. We have tested few macro apps and this one runs without crashes, is free of charge unless you need those extra features like able to save more macros, and does not need to root your device.
  2. Move your Hospital and Assembly Point buildings right next to each other so it will be easier to tap on both buildings. Preferably with empty spaces around both buildings to prevent accidental taps on other buildings. State of Survival Speed Healing Record
  3. Launch Clickmate app and select Record mode (as a free up, we are limited to 30 seconds of recording). We just need to record a few taps so it’ll take less than 30 seconds.
  4. Recording macro. First, tap on Hospital to go in and tap on Quick Select to clear troops. then tap on the first box of troop and enter the amount to heal; eg. 1000. Then tap Heal to start healing troops. Remember to tap on the handshake symbol above hospital so your allies can help you heal. Now tap on the symbol on top of Assembly Point to help your allies. Stop recording. You have successfully recorded your macro. State of Survival Speed Healing Setup Macro
  5. Setup macro. In Clickmate app, set:
    • Repeat count: the number of times you want the macro to repeat.
    • Pause time before repeat: the delay time between each repetition (this is in milli second so if you want to set 5 seconds, enter 5000 into the box). Test around to see how long it takes your allies to finish helping you. If it takes too long then you might want to reduce the amount of troops set to heal.
    • Playback speed: ignore this as only pro version can set the playback speed.
  6. Start automation. Go back into State of Survival and tap on Play button to start macro. Any time you want to stop the macro, you can tap on the Pause button to stop repetition.