Stratego ® Single Player

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Stratego ® Single Player


Stratego ® Single Player is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Youda Games Holding B.V., Stratego ® Single Player is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 28th October 2010 with the latest update 13th May 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Board, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


293 people have rated 1.10.07

You can download the game Stratego ® Single Player from APP STORE.


Play the best Strategy game ever!
Stratego® Official Single Player from Jumbo is all about good tactics, strategy and cold hard bluff, a combination of chess and poker. A Strategy battle game that has been played by millions of board game players and is now available for your iOS device.

This official single player Stratego comes with a new and improved AI opponent, with adjustable difficulty to match your skills. Play as many battles as you like, and keep track of your tactical skills in the overall battle statistics. Defeat the enemy in a ‘classic’ 40 v/s 40 battle game, a ‘quick’ 16 v/s 16 battle or play a full Stratego campaign. Attack and Defend your army and nation in this tactical war game and become a true hero in battle.

  • Unlimited Stratego battles
    Play as many Stratego games as you like, with unlimited enemy setups and strategies.
    You have to play tactical with a great defense or attack plan.

  • Single Player Stratego AI Engine
    A completely new Stratego engine to challenge beginners and veteran commanders alike.
    Refine tactics to match the countless playing styles of the opponents. Watch how they fall for your ultimate strategic bluff! Make sure you defend your flag, as opponents will send their armies to capture it!

  • Play offline Stratego any time and everywhere, no internet required for this Strategy game!
    No live internet connection is needed to play a thrilling game of Jumbo’s Stratego. So you can just play offline anywhere you want! Don’t wait for human players that don’t respond or quit the game halfway through. No internet, just like the official boardgame, but more fun and challenging battles than any other multiplayer defense game online.

  • Classic Stratego, Campaign and Quick battles
    Play Stratego in the classic 40 vs 40 setup. Battle through a war campaign map with great challenges and a good story. Or choose a Quick battle and prove you can fight with an army of only 16 soldiers.

  • Multiple Campaigns
    Show your Strategic skills in the campaign mode and win 10 battles in a row against unique enemy setups. Unlock new campaigns and fight against Napoleon Bonaparte and other great world leaders on the battlefield. This additional purchasable campaign features 15 exciting campaign levels that will take you all across the wars in Europe during the 19th century. Visit the city of Paris and ice cold Moscow, see the pyramids in Egypt and finish with the famous war battle of Waterloo.

  • New unit rank design
    You can battle with the official Stratego army units known from Jumbo’s board game or select the fun new unit styles that are optimized for mobile. The units have great HD Graphics and their ranks are made clear for easy playing on your mobile device. The graveyard menu will show stats off fallen units for easy gameplay.

  • Difficulty setting
    Set the engine to the mode that suits your strategic skills best.
    Are you a beginner or can you handle the clash in the star mode for true warfare leaders.
    This Stratego game also has a great tutorial that will teach Stratego and will help to improve tactical skills.

  • Customizable setups
    Select one of the army presets made by Stratego pros and champions. Or customize them to your liking for your best defense setup. Your customized board setup will be stored for future battles.

You don’t need an internet connection and you don’t need to wait for other players to join.
Are you a strategic player? Do you like board games and tower defense games? Interested in real time war games? You’ll love Stratego! Defend your Flag and don’t hesitate any longer. Download and Install NOW and prove your battle and strategy skills with Stratego® Single Player!

Please contact Youda at [email protected] if you have any issues or suggestions, we would love to help!

Get ready for the ultimate strategy war game and join the rapidly expanding group of Stratego fans :

Updated on 13th May 2019

Hello Marshals!
Stratego: Single Player – v1.10.07

  • Many fixes and tweaks have been done to improve your game experience!
  • New sound effects have been added!
  • UI elements have been simplified to give players a clear feel.
  • Support for newer devices and phones with notch screens!
  • Improvements have been made to Landscape mode!

Stratego ® Single Player Reviews

Please add traditional style units as found in the multiplayer game.

We love state go and when we’re on the road we can play it now to!

People Yes you can set up the board the way you want it, and you can also change the settings where the Marshall is 1, General 2, and so on. But then again, some people think walking and chewing gum is difficult.

Fantastic iPhone App!! So with our review there’s needs addressing and Suggested Tweaks. Needs Addressing/Fixing: Twice now we’ve depleted the Blue AI Enemy, leaving them with one sole card remaining in their Reserve (three cards in their hand; the stock pile has also been depleted). This is assumed to be the Flag, as once we get to their turn they simply click "Skip" each and every time. It’s so aggravating, because we’ve tried testing our patience and matching each of their "Skip" turns for one of our own, in hopes that either; (1) the game ends, declaring us the winner, or (2) the game forces the enemy to place their last remaining card into their front-line lineup so that we may capture it. Am we not aware of a "special move" that perhaps we still have remaining? Suggested Tweaks * ability to invite friends (not just multiplayer using the same device) * ability to adjust speed of Enemy’s moves (not their Difficulty settings; we enjoy that!) Now let us say the Computer AI opponent feature is fantastic, it’s just that their movements occur so fast one must pay close attention or lose a bit of time on the Learning Curve to digest just what happened in one 7 second turn. * ability to mute the sound effects and music overlay. We often play this on the elliptical or stationary bike, and it’s soundtrack overtakes our workout playlist; very loud and drowns out our own iTunes/other playlists).

Well, we love stratego, but we have some suggestions to make this costly classic game better. 1. Let us place where our pieces go. If this has already been fixed, great! 2. Include local multiplayer. We understand there is a separate game for multiplayer, but come on! At least local. 3. Some of the points ain’t right with the game. It’s confusing. 4. This would be fun. What if you made different options, like a future update and stuff. That would be awesome! Thanks!

This game is kinda fun but could be better! One thing we don’t like is that you can’t play multiplayer with people locally. We think this game should be 99.

Here is our story: Not one piece touched our bomb, but it was out in the open. Just so coincidentally, that bomb was concealing our flag. And maybe just lucky (For the AI) happened a level 8 miner (or level 2 we think for those who play it backwards) happened to stumble upon our bomb and broke it. Not one piece touched our bomb. Then the AI just so magically knew our flag was there and took it out. Also, we have been going back and forth with our level 3 piece (level 7 for others) and chasing level 7 and 8 pieces. It is like the AI knows exactly where our pieces are and what rank, also like the AI’s 1 piece just happening to know where our Spy was. Improvements: Fix the AI. Another improvement: Make it so a 1 can’t attack a spy and defeat a spy.

Now that we have your attention, the whole fun of the game was our AMAZING board set up as a kid, now you only can choose from 6 PRE MADE setups.. Booooooooo!!! Fix it and we’ll change to 5 stars!!!

How come the AI doesnt have to follow the rules? It can make the same back and forth moves multiple times while the human player can only do it twice.

Why can’t we pick where we want to place our pieces on the board at the beginning? We want to select: (1.) where we want our flag (2.) Were we want our powerful pieces (3.) were we want our bombs By taking that away you take away the beginning strategy, that’s half the battle. Bad move people… Still it’s Stratego and fun but you could do better.

No way to create setups. Buy heroic battle app instead. It has all one needs even local wifi multiple players. Dont make the mistake we made by buying this app. Want our money back.

Game is ok, but computer seems to know where the bombs are. Also computer is ok with just moving pieces without engaging. Ok for the price, but nothing to write home about.

To easy on the hardest setting. Also, you can’t set your own pieces where you want them. Very boring game.

This game could be fun however: 1. AI always knows who your hidden people are and where your flag is… So our spy barely ever kills their Marshall 2. You have to pay more to be able to play campaign, $1 per 15 levels… We ALREADY paid for this game…. Really??? 3. You cannot set up your pieces in campaign and in normal battle you have to choose a layout and swap 1 by 1 to customize…. Why not show all pieces and drag and drop?

Looks great, but no AI power at all. The AI is super easy to beat. Just make a strong assault at the top left corner and attempt to sweep the back row, using miners as needed. Even if you loose your top pieces you can still win. The AI plays in about 95% defense (and a weak defense at that.

Fun for a short while. One campaign, then you have to pay more. Classic mode works best. Campaign and Quick game don’t show captured pieces or allow you to change initial position of pieces. Sometimes pieces don’t move in the direction you indicate. Can be very frustrating especially when in close proximity to enemy pieces.

Maybe we’re unaware of another default setting but the marshal is #1 in the original game – not #10. The numbers are reversed so it’s gg to be a headache if you’re used to the original like I. Fix that and it’s a go.

Far too easy, even at top level. Computer makes dumb mistakes, very predictable. Stops being fun after 5-6 games.

We had an old version of this app on a previous iPad and was excited to download this on our new iPad. Compared to the version from years ago–awful.

You can’t play local multiplayer and we don’t want anyone to be disappointed! You also need wifi to play.

The AI is so passive, they never attack. We’ve started putting our flag on the front row completely exposed, not once has the AI grabbed it.

Even at the most difficult level, we can beat the computer quickly every time – and no we’re not that good. Our dad can beat us every time. The computer makes the most basic mistakes and is even predictable. Horrible. Another thing is that we have to pick from preconfigured board configurations and there is no option to setup own pieces in a custom way.

We already paid for the game and then after like 10 missions it wants you to spend more money for probably another 10 missions.

App is not optimized for the new iPhone Xs Max screen. The game looks small on the screen.

This game is a total sham, no fun to play at all. At low and medium difficulty the enemy is completely inept and we think it might be impossible to lose. On the difficult setting the increased difficulty is not due to a more capable enemy, but due to direct knowledge of your game piece locations. At this difficulty we have never once killed an enemy with a bomb – enemy pieces easily navigate through large blocks of unmoved pieces, destroying any lower ranked piece and circumnavigating every untested bomb. Will ask for our money back for sure. AVOID!

You cant place your own pieces the ai cheats and if you want to play the campaign for longer then 20 minutes you have to play extra. Deleting this game.

Way to easy. The AI does nothing but random moves or running away. Never attacks.

The game is lame. You can’t place the pieces and the play is slow and boring.

Game is great except the AI cheats to kill your spy. Every time they get a chance to attack it, they do. No matter the piece, previous moves or current setup.

If you like the board game, we think you will enjoy this electronic version. The one drawback is that when you are in Campaign mode, you can’t swap the pieces but this just adds to the challenge of the game. We thought it was fun!

Great game! Biggest problem is no multiplayer and it’s annoying to custom setup your board. Would be better to let the player put pieces on instead of have it start with presets.

AI got better with this update It is a little more challenging now. Good update. We’re raising our rating to 4 stars . We might go five stars let us play the game awhile.

At first it was fun, but after few games we learned all enemy tricks and was not challenging any more. The enemy was just trying to waste time. We cannot play with friends which should be accessiple in the future (hope so)

Needs multi-player. We want to challenge a friend.

The game is ok. The AI is not very good. It plays ultra defensively and waits for you to attack. It also makes plenty of stupid moves such as moving a piece that can be trapped using the 2-square rule or not making an attempt to get out of the way when one piece is charging a group of 3 of the AI’s. We mainly use the app as a way of wasting time.

The AI is too defensive. And the silly rule about not chasing your opponent endlessly is often used by the AI to pin you down since the computer doesn’t have to obey this rule but you do, so this sometimes leads to the game forbidding you from being able to run away. And the AI sometimes but not always uses pre-knowledge of your pieces to its advantage. It’s still an ok game to play, but could be a lot better.

Is it possible for the AI to hit a bomb with a unit other than a miner? We’ve played maybe 20 games and we don’t think they AI has hit a bomb. They always seem to know where they are. The nice thing about playing against humans is they make mistakes sometimes and hit bombs.

We liked the original numbering and pieces. Maybe put in an option to make them look more like the original game. The Ai got better but still has a long way to go.

The game is fun, and would be great if u could set up your own board. Everything is pre-setup – what’s the fun in that. Also, there should be a back function as the pieces often move to a different place than commanded.

On high difficulty- The AI is extremely boring and always defensively mind numbing. They literally just move two pieces back and forth while we attack… Every game and we play differently each time.

WAY too easy too move a piece in the wrong direction by mistake. This game really needs to give the option to take back a move or change the way the pieces are controlled.

How are you going to make us buy the continuation of the game when we bought the game in the first place? That’s nonsense.

We got three games into it and we already had decided it was a Bad game. The AI knows what your pieces are before they fight you and it just moves back and forth, the only thing that can beat a level 10 is a spy and before we get attacked we would move our supposed secret player out into the field and everything runs away from it Intel it traps you and the spy just so happens to take a chance and takes out your level 10 this is a complete failure of a game and a AI. We hope this all gets fixed!!!

Well, this app keeps playing with its pieces in the back rows back & forth and never initiates an attack! Not a good app at all …

The good animations and design of this game do not compensate for the ridiculous errors found in this app. The computer strategies are easy to predict, the computer knows where your pieces are before actually finding them, the computer will never play offensively… Ever. And there is no Bluetooth multiplayer or online multiplayer which is just pathetic considering how long this app is been around. Especially considering that playing with the AI is just brain damage due to the errors in the game. So if you want to play a game just to move pieces around with no meaning Then this is the game for you because playing with the AI is just awful and you cannot play against another person So if you want to take two dollars and burn it, we would suggest lighting it on fire because you will have more fun with your money that way than buying this game.

BUY BOARD GAME NEVER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrible app. Single player means no multiplayer, and the computer is way too easy to beat. Need to add online multiplayer. Only redeeming quality is that the animations are good.

Bring back old version, new one is not the same game.

This isn’t stratego! We can’t set our own board, the 3×10 lineup isn’t there and there are no spotters? The campaign took us 30 minutes to get through and then they want another dollar to get the next one? We already gave you 3 dollars and would expect more for that. Oh, and it would be nice if the AI didn’t know all of our pieces from the start!

Make it multiplayer. Agree with the others AI is too easy to predict.

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