Tag with Ryan

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Tag with Ryan

Tag with Ryan

Tag with Ryan is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wildworks, Inc., Tag with Ryan is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 18th December 2018 with the latest update 16th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tag with Ryan ?

11,365 people have rated 1.30

What is the price of the Tag with Ryan ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tag with Ryan released ?

Tag with Ryan was released on 18th December 2018.

When was the Tag with Ryan updated ?

The latest updated date of Tag with Ryan on 16th March 2023.

Where can Tag with Ryan be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tag with Ryan from Apple Official App Store.



Official authorized app of Ryan’s World.

Do you have what it takes to outrun Combo Panda? Tag with Ryan is the coolest endless runner game for ALL AGES!

Combo Panda, the ultimate gamer, has challenged his friend Ryan to an endless game of tag! Combo Panda has hidden Ryan’s different costumes all over the game, and Gus the VTuber is helping guard them. It’s up to you and Ryan to unlock them all!

  • Collect all of Ryan’s cool costumes
  • Run through incredible landscapes
  • Unlock epic power-ups
  • Speed through levels in awesome vehicles
  • Complete new missions every day
  • Free to play!

Collect Suns and Pizzas, and use them to unlock awesome upgrades like power-ups, vehicles, and costumes! The farther you run, the more you collect! Can you unlock them all?

Join Ryan in his coolest running adventure, Tag with Ryan!

Updated on 16th March 2023

Soak up the sun with Island Adventures Ryan!

  • Run in a new Ryan outfit, Island Ryan!
  • Game improvements have been made and small bugs have been squashed.

Tag with Ryan Review

We personally like the game but it is rigged because it has a big slope and runner(Ryan Emma or Kate) cant jump that far. Our sister and us and our dad love this game but if you can fix that problem we will be happy. But if you cant fix that problem.

We love this game but you should add new characters, worlds and cars. You should add pizzas boxes that give you 5 pizzas.

We love this game because its so fun and you can run as far as you want we you can we also like the update that you can be combo. But we recommend that you please put Gus as a character and add more power ups.

We got this game when we were six years old it brought us joy.

We were just a lonely little capybara before we got tag with Ryan. We have now evolved into a giraffe. We have every skin including Smurf Ryan. We have every vehicle including Gus the gummy gator car. Download game.

This game is fun because were gonna play different levels and if you get low level Collett you kind of get pizza for this doesnt mean you are give it five stars is it the coolest game ever oh you play it and you get to the hard level just try to jump OK this is the hard one will get easier and easier. OK this will be so fun if you have any suggestions yes right on the railing.

Our little brother like to play tag with Ryan a lot every single day is depleted. This is favorite game. He will never stop playing this game nonstop.

We like how you created this game and we saw someone copyright this game and the other game had better ratings.

Love it but u should add where u can give people stuff and make multiplayer.

We really like it Makes our sis happy.

The game is really fun and our son loves watching Ryan and it is friendly and enjoyable!!!

It slays sooooo much. Even tho we rage at it it slays.

We think the game is so much fun but we wish that The vehicles or not so expensive because it took us forever to just get one vehicle and Gus needs to come more thank you for your time.

Tag and Ryan is fun and all but we need better updates. More skins and vehicles. Mostly vehicles because they dont have enough of them.

Its keep on showing ads for our child and once he clicks the x button he gets tagged!

We give this game a 4 stars because its very fun to play and all but.. Sometimes we keep getting bored of it thats why we dont really give this game a 5 star so maybe u guys should make a big update maybe people will get less bored or something but good luck!

The Game is SO Fun But The Adds VERY BORING Ad More Cars Make Them Lower Prices of Pizzas And Make A Spin Circle So U Can Get Fun Prizes Every Day.

This game is fun yet hard and easy. Sometimes it makes us loose when we did not get out. Does Ryan help/make the game?! Thanks Please respond fast.

Sometimes if Im in the middle of a game in Tag w/ Ryan an ad just popped out of nowhere and Im like is it us or is it the game? We really dont know so if you guys know, can you please tell us what is wrong with that?

We love this game its so entertaining to us. Its an amazing game. We love Ryans world. But some things are wrong. Almost every time you tag Gus you get a new costume.. But you are most likely to get the same costume like 3 or 4 times in a row. Its also frustrating bc pizzas dont show up often, so its hard to get the vehicles. And the treasure chests dont show up often either. And how can a child rank up 100 pizzas? Getting the pizzas are sometimes hard for the child to get bc of how fast Ryan runs. Those are some changes but we have more, on our other review that probably didnt show up we said WHY ARE PIZZAS INVOLVED well we get it but, why pizzas? Bc in one of it vids which was who knows us better a few years ago he chose burgers.. This game was probably made before that vid.. But you could just watch it again.. And Im positive he chose burgers -me Ps. We dont hate the game, we just dont like some things about it.

The game is great our son enjoyed it very much. Commercials like zigzog are not age-appropriate at all and Im thinking of deleting the game due to that one commercial.

The Game Is Fun, we got a Space Rover from a chest, But the ads dont work like imagine your watching an AD and you get something You Got! Nothing! Like we were trying to get a key and we got nothing.

Its a simple and cute game but it is a lot like dash tag like some of the assets are the same but there are many differences but Im not upset with the game Im just pointing it out.

Fun game to play with our kids. When a Ryan costume is complete, there ought to be some benefit to tagging he costume again (pizzas or suns) or those costumes ought to not be in the rotation for tagging.

We like the game but if your wondering what the title come on is its because the motions is not great once their was a not moving train our Character was in the middle of the three spaces we moved left because the left side is where the train was left we went not our finger moved left yet our character moved right you can go up the train so come on.

We really love Ryans world and we will keep the app but it is difficult we have to keep on asking our parents and they cant play so yeah make some changes.

The reason we give this game a true star is because when Im very very very very close to tagging Gus. A add pops out of nowhere and makes us lose. We are this close. (. ) two deleting this game so please fix if you want better reviews.

Its glitching all the time and when we open a chest and get pizzas the pizza amount stays the same.

We noticed that it sounds the same as the super Mario Bros two theme song.

Everything Ryans world is just a money grab. Everything including the toys are cheap and overpriced. They dont care about anything but money. We had bought a bunch of stuff for our son in this app and he deleted the app a while ago accidentally and there is no way to restore purchases. This is the only game we have ever had on his iPad that once you delete the app there is no getting anything back. We will be seeking a refund from apple. His family is a disgrace to other Asians and our culture.

  1. We got to 41000 and got no Gus bro like why 2. When we were playing we got faster Idk why but can you fix that pls.

When ever our son played this game it keep popping up ads and made him very angry.

Game froze and never could get it going on phone again.

It copied Dash Tag. They scam your money. Dont get this game for your own good. Even AJ is better then this.

Ok we thought this was a good game but it turns out to be a bad game there ads have so much racism in them and we do not like the way combo panda rubs everything in and Gus makes you not see and when you get a lot of characters like us Gus is impossible to get he is way faster than you and the game has so many bugs! SO DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME IT IS HORRIBLE JUST LIKE THERE CHANNEL AND RYAN IS SO SPOILED AND YOU GUYS FAKE CHALLENGES!!!!!!!!

He bullys us all the time because hes a monke.

You calling this game impossible to win?! We like tagged GUS like 4 times! So get this game now!!! Its super easy and fun ! When you tag GUS you get more Ryan you can play tag with! Just try not to fall into the Grand Canyon- OH! We forgot something! It is super easy to win and to get pizzas! This game is by the same people that made animal jam! BY WILDWORKS!!! Get this game now #We love Ryans world!

So this game has been great and we love this game because we always get new charcters like every day and we get new scores like every day and our sister loves this game too.

So we love the game honestly but we need more maps! All there is the starting map, Arizona, the Woodlands, and Antarctica or something. Only 4 maps. We think there should be more like a fort because we know Ryan makes many forts but any new map that you add would be fine ( if you add one ). Also one more thing can you add more costumes like Emma and Kate.

RyanRyanRyanRyan! Man your game got us good. When we tried to program an app like that tag one, It came horrible! We literally did not know how to make an app. Well anyways, your app is great! We wish the ratings & reviews list said all the people gave this app a five star! But we literally wish you did not have to pay for so many pizzas, that will literally literally literally help us. And also literally literally wish that there were no ads. Bye!

Ok, in summary, Tag With Ryan has not copied Dash Tag. They were both made by Wildworks so theres no difference.

Its so cool and very fun for kids love it.

The game is amazing! We spend so much time playing with it! But the thing is when we tag Gus it usually ends up giving the same character we already earned.

Good game but our only problem is that we get the same skin we already have pls fix this.

Why we left 3 stars its manly a ripoff of subway suffers. Im not leaving hate why subway suffers? And if anything else our sister had this game when we were 6 . She said it had glitches its been 5 years since we found this game at age 7 and forgot what she said but you didnt come here for our life story so our review is ripoff off subway suffers.

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