Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 02:05 am

Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends

Tap Titans 2 - Hero Legends

Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Game Hive Corporation, Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th December 2016 with the latest update 16th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Entertainment, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends ?

76,563 people have rated 5.29.1

What is the price of the Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends released ?

Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends was released on 13th December 2016.

When was the Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends updated ?

The latest updated date of Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends on 16th May 2023.

Where can Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends from Apple Official App Store.



Tap to play one of the most downloaded idle RPG game with +10,000,000 installs.

Winner of 2016 Overall Awards – Best Mobile Game of 2016 based on Best Mobile App Awards.

Grab your sword, assemble a team of heroes, and join Sword Master on an epic adventure to defeat the mighty Titan Lords in over 150,000 levels.

Tap to slay hundreds of Titans with your sword as you journey through the land in this clicker RPG adventure. Upgrade your blade for new gear, gather pets, and enter multiplayer clan raids with users across the globe to leave your legacy as the Ultimate Sword Master.

Strategically progress your heroes and Sword Master’s skills to attack legendary Titans and fight nonstop monsters in this quest to bring peace back to the land.

▶ PLAY the full idle RPG game experience offline and on the go.
▶ TAP to defeat +150 all-new Titans in 14 gorgeous, hand-drawn realms
▶ RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you withstand the endless Titan onslaught
▶ UNLOCK unique skills to power up strategically to fight monsters
▶ PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful old artifacts and become stronger
▶ COLLECT equipment to customize your hero’s blade & armour to suit your play style
▶ CREATE or join clans to defeat the almighty Titan Lords in multiplayer mode.
▶ ADVENTURE down scenic paths during seasonal events to collect rewards and exclusive gear
▶ COMPETE against other players from around the world in global tournaments to show off your strength and earn amazing prizes

▶ RAIDS introduce a whole new way to fight multiplayer with your clan, featuring new titan bosses with unique abilities, powerful rewards, and a new combat system.
▶ HERO SCROLLS granted from completing raids allow you to upgrade your Sword Master further than previously possible.
▶ TITAN LORDS have entered the raid arena with a brand new way to fight! Break off individual armour segments to expose the weaker skeleton underneath these super monsters.
▶ CARD COLLECTING is the newest way to increase your Swordmaster’s power, granting powerful passive and active abilities to slay Titan foes in this idle clicker game.
▶ DUST is your new collectible currency for upgrading and crafting collectible cards to battle.
▶ CLAN UPGRADES including clan XP and Raid Tickets give you more reasons to connect and play with fellow Sword Masters and fight online.

Swinging a mighty blade, Sword Master rose from his eternal slumber to find monstrous Titans wreaking havoc across the realm. As he broke the chains that bound him, he vowed to wage war with the Dark Lord and hunt any Titan that stood in his path. With ninja-like reflexes and an army of heroes at his aid, Sword Master is on a new nonstop tapping adventure.

As you charge across the land in this idle action game, assemble a team of heroes with unique abilities like Lance, the Knight of Cobalt Steel, to fight beside Sword Master as he faces any monster in battle. Tap tap alongside your heroes as you strategically power up to make your way across 14 hand-drawn realms. Upgrade or craft custom gear and unlock unique hero abilities in this incremental action RPG. Trade-in your blade for lethal weapons and cause maximum damage to Titan Lords in raids or through tournaments. Tap tap tap to victory as you adventure through event takeovers and unlock extraordinary prizes. Along the way, join or build your clan with Sword Masters worldwide in this free to play clicker game.

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Updated on 16th May 2023

  • Fixed visual issues with Clan Loyalty
  • Fixed Video Chests incorrectly displaying Alchemy Ingredients
  • Fixed Transmog errors, ability to tap through panel, and aura displays
  • Fixed double purchase of Season Pass for some players
  • Fixed Bear and Dust Shop Reset notification options resetting

Tap Titans 2 – Hero Legends Review

We very much like this game. Unlike other idle games, this one has a very unique spin on it, allowing you to have something to grind for, which most idle games seem to lack.

Its a good game but our game glitches overtime we get 500,000,000 raw coins on the floor and we have the new iPhone 13.

Great game. Hard to go far without money or grinding, but you always basically pick up where you left off, so that’s nice.

So many hours at work lost! Or..

This game cool but can you add a auto tapper mode? Plz Im bored THERES no updates.

This game is so amazing. And fun :). And prestige is a whole lot easier!

We love all the features and the customization and we think its really cool!

This is a very well designed game especially for a mobile game 10/10 would recommend playing. The devs are also very involved in making their game better with polls, tournaments and monthly events. All around awesome game and great community and very caring devs.

Im actually so obsessed with this game, maybe give a better tutorial? Im MS2000 and still dont know what the gold gun is.

Good game good game good game good game good game good game good game good graphics and game game good graphics and fun to see you game good game love you.

You can level up so easily instead of waiting a very long time.

We play a lot of games most of them get boring in a while. In this game we feel like we can do anything. It is one of the best games we have ever played we love it.

Making changes without reasons to back them and expecting players to understand Your way of thinking! Is wrong. Its also wrong to expect players to set up their style of play the way you think they should then place them in tournaments with other players who are much higher advanced and expect everyone to be able to compete. We’ve been playing this game for over 4 years and it has been going down hill the last year. If it werent for the friends we have made on our clan Id tell you what you could do with the game. Stop trying to shove your Firestone events down our throats just to try to get us to spend more money. Your prizes are not worth it and the goals you have set (like prestiging 99 times per day) are so unrealistic its not even funny. Im retired and we can still find other things to do in our day.

So the Titans chest was 4100 diamonds. So we spend the 10 dollars to get to that. After we did that the game jumped the diamonds up to 4800. So that kind of not ok should look into it please.

We’ve been playing for over 3y and Im back to 0. Was playing just a couple of hours ago and now all our progress is wiped our max level was over 45K. Seriously disappointed.

When we hit a billion it rested our money to a Million.

At first we were playing fine, just having fun. After about 2 hours total of play time, we clicked to prestige the 3rd time. It said it was having trouble connecting so we closed the app an reopened. All our progress got reset. Gems, perks, equipment, you name it.

Rating for diamonds its not giving sad :(

This actually a very fun game.

We like this game but its just a bit to ez and you dont have to do much but tap but its good for your fingers :>

Its a fun game. We’ve been playing for quite some time. However its incredibly annoying having our skill tree reset after every update. Some times we just want to hop on and play for a bit but we cant because we have 1,500 skill points to figure out how to spend again. Its a chore; if we wanted to reset our skill tree we would just spend the diamonds to do it.

Too many skill tree resets and abilities. Our progression from 85k to 90k while youre doing all these upgrades has taken us a month. Game balance is off. Our clan suffers from the same symptoms around 90k.

Terrible- ruins the sensitivity and burns your screen!!! It is sad that the art is better than the game… 100% wish was the other way around. Horrible on every level… Burns your screen- the SAME image for 5000+ hours to get to the end That same 5k+ hours, rinse, repeat x8000+ prestiges $1000+ (or double the above numbers) Update means more $ grabbing are just a few of the most glaring terrible we would not be surprised to see TT3 come out in the next couple months… The Devs ruined this game into such a cash grab; anyone left will get a SURPRISE!! TT2 is done/unsupported. Worst game design ever… Good lord, is it SO repetitive SO boring, SO NOT idle. Not for nothing… We prefer TT1… Less dev messing around with formulas and changing the ENTIRE game strategies on you. At least we wasnt the low man at Gamehive that had to put in 50k 5 star reviews. All the random letters with 1 word reviews. Look up on Reddit… For proof if you want to know more of the terri-bad.

We have been playing since the first game came out, and we just got back into it. We love it so much. The only issue is that Im on iOS, and there seems to be no audio. That might just be client-side, though.

We find so much of the bad ones but this one is the best we’ve seen.

This game is great we found it on penguinz0 sponsee and now we cant stop playing it helps you waste time and the grind is great with a unique game style.

This game makes us lose our time and be able to play when our mom is blasting music Overall 10/10.

We clinically hate miths and fake gods but we are in love with this game.

Great game, loved the first and loving the second.

We would give a 5 star rating if we were able to get inactive gold, thats the only thing that doesnt make us rate this a 5 star. We were a prestige 5 or 6 and we would be gone for the night and would come back in the morning and we didnt get our inactive gold, and the next day or Ill be gone for a few hours and no inactive gold. And it became harder to upgrade heroes if we dont get any gold, then the game got boring and we deleted it. We just recently reinstalled it and Im still not getting any inactive gold.

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