TapTap Match: Connect Tiles

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 01:35 am

TapTap Match: Connect Tiles

TapTap Match: Connect Tiles

TapTap Match: Connect Tiles is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, TapTap Match: Connect Tiles is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th October 2020 with the latest update 23rd April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of TapTap Match: Connect Tiles ?

16,678 people have rated 3.16

What is the price of the TapTap Match: Connect Tiles ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the TapTap Match: Connect Tiles released ?

TapTap Match: Connect Tiles was released on 5th October 2020.

When was the TapTap Match: Connect Tiles updated ?

The latest updated date of TapTap Match: Connect Tiles on 23rd April 2023.

Where can TapTap Match: Connect Tiles be downloaded ?

You can download the game TapTap Match: Connect Tiles from Apple Official App Store.



TapTap Match is a matching game where you need to pair tiles with identical pics. The task is simple – find identical images and link them together with three lines max. Try to solve each puzzle before the time runs out!

How to play
Tap one time to select a tile. Then find an alike tile to link it with. Try to imagine a future path between them. The puzzle allows to draw three lines maximum connected at a 90 degree angle. Can you link tiles like that? If yes, you’re good to tap for the second time. By the way, the longer the path – more bonuses you’ll get. Use your brain and logic!

Doesn’t sound challenging enough? Well, try the bomb mode, where certain tiles are blocked and very explosive! Or check out the sliding mode, where each row slides aside as you crush a pair of blocks.

Why we love TapTap Match:

  • Colorful collections of tiles with sweets, fruits and other cute images on them!
  • More than 1000 levels
  • Challenging extra modes
  • Various hints
  • Progress saving puzzle game

Such a simple and cool application to relax and train the brain! What else is needed?
Try to download and play now!

Terms of use and Privacy policy: https://aigames.ae/policy

Updated on 23rd April 2023

  1. Bug fixes.
  2. Other minor changes in the game.

TapTap Match: Connect Tiles Review

We like a simple game when Im tired and want to calm down.

WAY too many ads for the same product randomly popping up!! Thinking of deleting app.

Literally more adds than gameplay.

This games graphics are bright and easy to see. The title suits what the game is, Tap Tap Match! We are thrilled to be able to play it. Thank you for creating it.

What happened to the original version? It was GREAT. These puzzles are tiny we can only assume to make ads longer than game time. Theres also a lag that cant keep up with how fast we hit the tiles! Seriously the old version that has been gone for quite a while was fantastic. Even if it was just a different onnet game, if theres some way to get it back please let us know!!!

This is a good game and we really like it but it we spend more time watching ads than playing the game. There are times when one ad finishes and another one starts. It is just to frustrating so please fix it. You could cut half the ads and make players very happy.

Ads interrupt the game and its very annoying.

We couldnt get through one game without three ads for diet gummies from Oprah . We deleted it.

We really like the game but the adds are ridiculous. Adds pop up in the middle of each game multiple times and in between games as well. A 5 minute timed game produced 7 adds plus the ones at the beginning and end. Even turning off cellular data doesnt slow them down. They are built in. Ill be deleting it momentarily.

Fairly easy to play and win. Good way to waste time.

This game, and we have many on our phone, is in our top two favorites, by far. We love the challenges and the fact that the pictures change with each levelThank you. Song.

We love to play this game but it has way to many adds and it is constantly freezing in the middle of the game and sometimes you dont even get to finish the game because it is gone. Please fix this so we can play without getting so frustrated When are you going to make new games ? We play the same games over and over and it gets boring. You definitely need to add more to keep people interested thank you. We really do like to play this game.

We love the game but it freezes and stops completely frequently. It can happen at start of game middle of game or at end. Game wont start again. Really frustrating.

The game is fine but going to an ad before finishing a game is infuriating.

Too easy. Would like more challenging puzzles maybe have levels of difficulty.

We paid to get rid of ads. They DID NOT get rid of ads!!!!!

This game has time limits on it. We dont like it. Also we got blank page for an ad that wont clear off. We also dont like it because it says it has difficult levels. We had one similar to it that we kind of liked, but the items werent plain enough and hard on the eyes. We would of loved it if it was as plain as this one. We kept the other game for quite some time though.

Was a great game. Needed 2500 points for a chance to get more rewards. They changed it to 4,500 all of the sudden! Time to find a new game. Was fun, paid for the ad free, even watched ads after that for rewards but will not play it anymore.

Hit a match and then jumps to a different game and you have to wait till the x showed to get out of the game.

Far to many adds. There is darn near an add after every time you select a move for 30 seconds.

Too many ads, particularly ads for the same game that is being played. Interrupting the game when on pattern of a run of matches, losing momentum of the match. Would have given less than one star, but the fail system would not allow it.

Paid to remove adds and still getting same ads constantly.

Love the game but to many ads. We are deleting from our daily plays. Really am disappointed.

Great game but WAY TOO MANY ADS!

We’ve played this game for a week now, and its fun, with some challenges (i.e. Games which have so many tiny pieces) which are difficult to see. The other frustration is that the page flips suddenly to an ad and its irritating! That said, its fun to play. Were it not for so many darn interruptions, Id given it 5 stars.

Would be a fun game but have to watch ad after Every game , sometimes 2 in a row!! Adult games too.

This is the third match tiles by connecting with three lines or less games that we have downloaded and it is our favorite. The graphics are clear and easy to see. We went ahead and paid for the ad free option.

Not sure how to match unless there next to each other.

We love this game because it is fun and good you also get to sort it.

Lots of fun. How do you get your money.

Very fun game but it becomes almost impossible to play for the frequency and length of the ads.

We enjoy the game But the constant ads are so annoying. So we bought the no ad option, guess what? We still have to watch ads! This really pisses us off – we would like to report this rip off to someone but we dont know who to report it to. No ads means no ads & it is deceptive to the public. What do you have to say, developer? Stop the rip off!

You guys really need to work on this game.

Great helps memory and enjoyable.

Enjoy this gam we really do enjoy this game because it Is so relaxing. Joy.

The game is ok but theres way too many ads. Spent more time waiting for ads to play than actually playing the game. Im out.

We put up with ads on the games that we enjoy because we know that is how they make their $. This game is well thought out and could be more enjoyable than some of the aforementioned games. Note, this is the first review we have ever written. The ads in this game are just so frustrating. There are two specific scenarios of ads that make this so frustrating. First are the ads that pop up during the middle of a level where you take more than a certain amount of time between moves. We think this is about 2 minutes. The second is the ads that pop up if you are in the middle of a level and happen to walk away for a moment. It requires you to watch a video to resume the level. Another one that isnt so bad but we think is just a bad business decision by the developer is that you have to watch an ad before you can even begin play when opening the app.

Love the graphics but there is an ad after every round.

This app freezes every few seconds, shows several annoying ads frequently, and its nearly impossible to get through a game in a reasonable amount time. We hate it, and ITS GONE from our screen.

Icons too small, freezes too much, way too many ads. Otherwise just oodles of fun.

One minute of game time followed by 30 seconds of ad time followed by one minute of game time followed by 30 seconds of ad time Downloaded and deleted app in the same evening.

The game is fine but having to watch three sample games per ad is too much for us. We deleted it!

Too many interruptions with trying to get us to play other games.

We would have rated this a 5 up until 2 days ago when this machine gun fighting app appeared and now is a constant ad. You need to remove this before you lose more players. Very bad taste.

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