Team Canada Table Hockey

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Team Canada Table Hockey


Team Canada Table Hockey is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Blaine Hodge, Team Canada Table Hockey is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st December 2011 with the latest update 22nd December 2017

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Casual, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


169 people have rated 1.2.0

You can download the game Team Canada Table Hockey from APP STORE.


Team Canada Table Hockey
Officially licensed by Hockey Canada.

Based off Stinger Table Hockey, which was the No. 1 selling Paid App in Canada, Team Canada Table Hockey makes improvements in every area of the game making it a new experience. Improved physics, control and AI takes table hockey to the next level.

Bullet Physics provides physics simulation that recreates the speed and challenge of real table hockey, featuring a puck that has a life of its own. Used extensively on next generation consoles, Bullet Physics provides a unique gameplay experience for iOS devices.

Challenge a friend to a game of table hockey over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Improve your skills with a selection of fun and simple mini-games, competing against other players worldwide to see who has the best skills using OpenFeint and Game Center Leaderboards. Track your table hockey career stats and earn achievements for your milestones.

Updated on 22nd December 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

iOS 11 update
iPhone X support

Team Canada Table Hockey Reviews

This is the game that we used to play on our dads fine when we were little, and it took us until we were 13 to find it. But it is still the best gem in the whole world to us! Thank you so much for making it!

Please update so we can make our own team like the STHL game offers you.. Dont change ANYTHING else bcuz its perfect!! LOVE this game.. And fyi (advertise better) we told alot of people about this game that didnt even know it was available and now they love it , and they all said it would be super cool if u could make your own team jerseys like STHL.. Also having issues with instant replay everytime we replay a play we cant get out of that screen and then we have to end the game..

So glad we found this -was not easy to see in the App Store either! Stumbled on it by accident. Really enjoying playing it. Sometimes the controls can be awkward but the physics are basically how we remember table hockey. AI is beatable after some practice. Would be nice to have degree of difficulty, as well as online player vs player – so we can play friends or randoms. We are ok with it being just Canada jerseys as we know they funded it, and we are Canadian anyway. The developer has a non-Team Canada app if you want to choose NHL colors.

Best hockey game out there. Can you add a tournament mode or something that has standings?

Now the players dont have numbers like on the Android version. Stinger must have sold the rights. We recently updated to this version and wish it was the same as when we bought it.

We love this game and it is EASILY our favorite iPhone game. We’re hooked on it, but only because it is THAT fun. (That, and climbing the leader board is fun. As of now we’re ranked 6th in the world… It’s THAT addicting.) So yeah, if you’re reading this, stop mulling it over. It’s the best dollar you will ever spend.

This app is amazing but we would like an update that fixes the way the goalie is. We have lost several games because the goalie is at one side of the net and doesn’t move when the puck is shot in at the other side. Please fix that and the players are a little sensitive when you touch but otherwise this is a great app!

We don’t ask for much in life… But we’re begging u to update this for IOS 11. And plz charge us/me. I’d pay a lot for some awesome features we know ur capable of.

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun.

Good game! Universal! Simple and nice graphic!

It awesome but we wish we can use the goaly.

Best game on the market for rod/table hockey players!

We’re not going to lie, we have a hard time putting this down. It’s pretty realistic. Sticks get stuck when they come together, just like in the real game. The puck physics are pretty good too. Being able to use both thumbs is a good feature as well. We have nothing bad to say about this game. Along with Patrick Kane Hockey, this is the best hockey game in the App Store.

Love this game… Its hard to put down once you get the controls down. We just wish there was maybe a season mode an you could customize players names and team jerseys. This one is way better than the original.

Like the title says, this game is definitely worth buying. The controls are hard at first but as you play you get used to it. We also like how you can play goalie, too. Great game!

It’s hard at first but you get use to it easily but there should be a season mode.

So much fun. Great gfx! Music is lame, but you can turn it off :-)

We love this game we play it all the time you should buy it its worth $.99.

Great game, just like real bubble hockey.

Take a little bit to get use to the controls, but once you do it’s a great game!!

This is our favourite sports app ever!!!

We love playing this game, since we can play a game of Bubble Hockey whenever we can. The only drawbacks we see are not having difficulty for the opponent and the lack of being able to play music/podcasts while we’re playing. Other than that we couldn’t recommend this enough if you’re a fan of the arcade table/foosball hockey.

Best game ever. A little hard at first, but gets way easier later on. They should make an NHL one where you can choose your team. You should also add the player names after they score. An maybe a save replay option.

Not quite like the old game a used to play but as close as it’s been since. We wish there were a few more options and a way to save replays but it’s still very cool.

Very hard when you first start once you get the hang of it it’s awesome.

So much Fun one you get the hang of it.

Just like the regular table hockey game. A classic. Worth every cent. Have every Blane Hodge game.

You can not get bored,but can you add com level rookie.

You guys should make an NHL table hockey game with all the goal horns, be able to make teams, choose home or away, or just watch 2 computers go at it, have a Stanley cup playoffs mode on it, include all players names, when the person scores their photo comes up with their name and all of that. We would buy it immediately, also update rosters and use physics from Canada table hockey.

So I’ve. Played this game for. 2 days so far and we love it, but it’s so difficult and unsatisfying to win. We love this game but considering this game is the hardest game ever played we want a little bit more of a celebration or a sense of accomplishment when we win. Other than that, great game, it’s. Difficult at. First but. Once you get used to its its eay.

We really like the game. It has a good running possibilities but sometimes it’s not the best. Otherwise we love the game.

This is a great game!!! We just wish there were more teams, a tournament mode, or even possibly a season mode. We do recommend downloading it! Keep up the good work.

Great game. Takes a little time to learn, but worth it!

Our childhood game relived on a tablet. One player is a blast but playing against a friend or family member over WIFI/BLUETOOTH is beyond rad – it’s cowabunga T-U-R-T-L-E POWER!!!!! Buy it.

It’s a great game but its not anything we thought it would be Like we mean your face off guy gets stuck to the goalie sometimes Witch makes the face off so easy all we have to say after that Is please try to fix that and other wise it’s a great game.

It’s a awesome game but you need to learn how to play then you can totally win.

The controls are a little tricky, but this game is a lot of fun to play. We wish the player spin wasn’t quite so sensitive, but it’s still a great game overall.

Awesome game. We liked the controls in the free version better. Players keep moving when you lift your finger off the screen. Players move too fast. No way to slow them down either. Please tweak this awesome game.

This game we like the real thing.

We’ve always wanted a bubble hockey… Now we can afford one!!! Needs a practice mode or different levels of competition. Fun after getting beat down for the first 5 games. Like to change team colors too to match favorite nhl team.

Great Game, please update for iOS11…

It’s a great game but, the controls to change your player is pretty tough. Controlling your goalie is ok.

Nice enough game but needs smoother controls like the original Stinger Table Hockey game. Hard to see what’s happening at the bottom of the screen because it takes a while to get down there.

Really fun, but when we host on our iPhone against our friend with a droid, our goalie quits moving himself (auto goalie is on) and we lose every time. Also, in all instances only one phone/tablet can host and does not work the other way around.

As realistic as this table/rod hockey game sounds and looks, the control leaves a lot to be desired and is one of its biggest drawbacks. If you don’t mind mindless frustration in a video game than you will most likely enjoy it. We found myself trying to master controlling the players more of the object of the game than actually playing hockey. It’s a nice attempt but ultimately misses the mark as the point of table hockey is its easy and fun to control players guided by slots in a table.

It’s impossible to score because the controls are so poor.

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