Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:44 am

Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games


Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wildlife Studios Limited, Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games is a Sports game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 23rd October 2019 with the latest update 29th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Action, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


348,415 people have rated 3.16.0

You can download the game Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games from APP STORE.


Fan of sports video games?? Then here is the ultimate tennis experience on mobile we all have been looking for!

Tennis Clash is an online, multiplayer tennis game with amazing 3D graphics and intuitive controls, all you have to do to score is to swipe.

Despite the simple controls, the game is anything but casual! High-tier gameplay is deep, engaging and yet hard to master.

To further improve your game, you can invite your Facebook friends and club peers to practice and discuss the best strategies to become the ultimate Tennis Clash player!

Tennis Clash features:

  • Intuitive controls which are easy to learn but hard to master.
  • Arenas with increasingly high stakes, all around the world: New York, Rome, Paris and many others!
  • Collect and upgrade all 10 exclusive characters and 54 special items to improve your skills.
  • Play and interact with your friends in fun, real-time matches.
  • Join a Club to get to meet thousands of other players, accelerate your progress and have private competitions.
  • Enter special tournaments to test your skills against the best!

Terms of Use (EULA):

Updated on 29th April 2022

Our latest patch is live!

  • Join a club and play with friends!
  • Play in Tournaments to prove you are the best!
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Tennis Clash:Multiplayer Games Review

Great game and graphics. A bit confusing understanding the different items the bags give you. Annoying are those players that only play to get the balls in the corners. Makes it frustrating. Over all love this game!

The one thing we would change is when we were at 5% it kicked us out.

We havent noticed any glitches. The only glitches are if you have a slow phone or dont have good service. So those complaining about glitches, get a better phone. Great game, lots of fun, addicting.

This game is pure gaming genius. From the graphics to the touch play, nothing out there comes close. Great job all around. Keep it up all.

We really like the game and that you rarely get ads but we would like to report people because we have been having hackers in our game because like the are hitting outs so we would give it five star if you would fix a few stuff.

There has to be better ways to make money. Its a fun game with good gameplay but if we want to go big and join an expensive tournament we lose all our money when we get paired up against people way better than us and its no longer a competition. We dont have enough coins to upgrade our gear and when we chose to upgrade our gear we cant play for the rest of the week so we can save up to play games again.

We have seen no condemnation of Russia from Wild Studios, and unlike most other sports organizations, has still not cancelled the Moscow tour. Time to be a stand-up developer, support the global community and withdraw all sponsorship. Other than that the game is super fun.

Sometimes we wish youll add cheats to the in game chats. Why will we hit a shot and itll delay for the opponent to get to it. This ALWAYS happens when Im playing in the lower tours. And the criteria for capping our abilities doesnt make sense too. This game can get soo annoying cos it seems like its everyone against you. Fix it. Make it fair.

When you can get a relatively fairly matched opponent (which has gotten rarer and rarer as we go along), its a ton of fun. Its extremely expensive, and a complete ripoff otherwise. Im not the best, but Im not a bad player. However, we once lost 9 in a row against players with less power, stamina, and only regular strings. I, of course, paid a lot of money for premium cords. And the scores werent even close, for the most part. We know app developers develop apps to make money, and we dont mind paying some. But this is ridiculous. Like when you buy an expensive string with a forehand counter, and 90% of your next opponents have huge backhands (or even just a few points above us in backhand). But when we bought strings with a backhand counter, the next 90% had strong forehands. And in some cases we have quite a bit more total power, stamina, and agility. But we lose big time, anyway. As soon as we play down our last purchase, Im deleting the app. Too frustrating, especially when you watch the ball hang in mid-air while they run over to get it.

The game has an unfair advantage, and unrealistic physics. Ads look no where near like the actual gameplay.

To just be on a level playing field with other cheaters in this game. Cheating in the Tournies is worst. Perhaps you dont want to cheat, and dont want others to cheat on you? Then dont play this game.

Awful music, annoying graphics, insufferable ads. Hate it.

First the physics and graphics are terrible like a ball literally just goes through a character dont waste your time on this game please.

Was a fun game but now you have to sit thru 58 ads before you get to your game.

After playing for about month now, this is pure pay to win game. We get matched with players with more than 150% of stats, and there is no skill that overcome such gap. It is meant only for paid player to feel good about their spent money by crashing F2Ps, and F2Ps to over rage with loss against paid player, so they start spending as well.

Massive cheating rampant. Players playing well above their capabilities consistently. Players like sinner and djoker massive cheating and nothing done about it. No customer service at all. Dont waste your money.

Game is very hard to advance. Controls and level of swing is very difficult. It became more frustrating then enjoyable at this rate.

The first week you will win almost every match. However, after that, the match making gets next to impossible as you are paired with people with more trophies and out rank you on every ability. We lost 6 in a row and not one match where we had a better ability than our opponent.

We love this game so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much we love tinis so much ty for whoever made this game.

Really fun and addicting best tennis game we played on our iPhone worth it.

The game was good but the updates too much.

If you want to be competitive your gonna have to spend a little money. For those who do its nice to be paired with scrubs who dont spend anything once in a while. We certainly get our fair share of very close competitive matchs. We’ve spent quite a bit and still only win 50%. It just shows we need to keep improving our cards.

Its a great game and it could be more fun if the matches were more evenly placed. Unless you spend a ton of money like some of these people do, you are no competition. We think matches should be more fair. Most of the times, we face players that are double or tripled our skills and its not even fun at this point anymore.

We need more control on camera when Im playing we need more wide camera.

  1. There should be a practice area that doesnt cost money for serve and volley, etc 2) It does seem odd that lesser opponents with low serve numbers suddenly serve like a rocket. Whats up with that? 3) we wish one could change players without piling up cards or using money in some way. Eg, as a female, we want to be a female player but we are stuck with Jonah.

The game is fun at first, but the system to match you against other players pushes you to spend money. You get a match or two with people at the same level, then quite a few with people at much higher levels. Just a way for them to make money.

It could be one of the best tennis game in gameplay since there arent many tennis games But the cheating in the game in out of control for more than 2 years. And the Devs only care about how to grind more money. Devs dont do anything to make this game fair. So frustrating, better to stay away from this game!

Definitely the most expensive gaming app we’ve ever seen. Constantly wanting you to upgrade to be able to compete with the mismatches they put you against. Money Pitt $$

This is a good economic and social game, telling us in a realistic way that capital (money) means everything and capitalists can win all the time. Thank you for your good lecture.

Dont waste your money on this game full of cheaters. Its a scam. Hopefully one day a class action law suit will set this and all the other clash games straight.

When you first get going the game is a blast, your building your character and so are the other players your playing. Matches are fair you win some you lose some. Then you get to level 5/6 and they start capping your abilities to play the lower levels and your extremely mismatched at the higher levels. Tournaments are the most expensive piece and you have no chance at placing. For example the tournament we just played we lost 200k in coins Ill get back maybe 40 if Im lucky, played 5 matches with players that had 50% greater stats and scored 3 points in 5 matches. Lastly you can contact customer service they answer initially and then they just stop. We’ve sent screenshots, comments, and questions for a month without a response. If your just playing occasionally download the game. If you spend any time or money on this game be prepared to want to throw your phone!

Entretiene pero es muy lenta la comunicacin entre los rivales. Le falta mucho en cunto a la jugabilidad en iphone por lo menos.

We rare write reviews, but this deserves a bad review. Skill can only take you so far then it comes down to dumb luck. Game is very poor design when you play tour 5 and above. It pauses, freeze and ball floats. Game has no balance. Look at their social media sites and youll see a hoard of angry players. They employ a bunch of social media admin to hide freedom of speech basically criticizing the game. Sad, sad, sad.

Unless you pay for upgrades, this app is fun for a few months until they basically wont let you win a match. Very slow upgrades to your avatar until you pay. We used to be ranked really high in playing level, but then all our shots seemed to land out of bounds unexpainedly?! We finally had to delete the app because it just became a joke if youre not willing to pay for play.

Really enjoy the multiplayer aspect and the game itself. But coins are very hard to come by without spending money and even events cost money. Has way more of a money grabbing feel than other free games. Disappointed.

Great game until you get matched against players with power ratings at 50 or above. For instance, when a player has high agility power, the ball pauses for the after you hit it as though you are playing a geriatric unit. Why do they need to freeze the ball so, like T-ball, the player can hit it? At some point its no longer fair or realistic (or fun).

They rope you into buying perks but as soon as you realize its a scam and stop buying stuff you start losing your games no matter how strong your player is. The players with much weaker attributes but with purchased outfits and strings dont give you any chance on the court. The game is rigged, stay away!!!

This is a game you call rigged when the ball is on the outside of the white line of the two boxes it is out not in if this was like tennis it would be out. Do not install the game because you cant move to hit the ball over the net when the other guy serves.

This game glitches so much and the game is unrealistic real life players dont rush to the net at lightning speed when you hit the ball the other player should not get to wait 4 or 5 seconds to hit the ball it shoulb be instant the game is designed for you to get addicted and spend hundreds of dollars just to get to the top and when you get to the top the game glitches so much the you lose when your not supposed to and players get to play at the lower levels to take advantage of the people who just started playing the prices are 5x higher than gas prices.

The game play is a lot of fun, but we got to a point where we couldnt improve our player without paying for it. So we were stuck at a level seemingly forever.

Cool a lot of buying with real money tho.